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Best Basketball Games Online(Updated 2022)

Basketball is a game that you enjoy, whether online or offline. The NBA, too, has contributed to the basketball fandom. Since school, putting the ball in the basket always brings a surge of adrenaline. In today’s times, the game has significantly moved from the court to the mobile phones. With the innumerable basketball games that you have on Android and iOS, you can often be unclear about which of these games you would really enjoy.

What are the best basketball games, you ask? We have compiled an updated list of the best online basketball games for you. Read on to play them!

Best Basketball Games To Play on Your Mobile Devices

1. MPL Fantasy Basketball

Create your team and with your favourite characters- a dream team, that is what the MPL Fantasy Basketball game entails. One of the few basketball games where you can select the player of your choice and test your basketball knowledge. Choose players from teams like Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat & more. Choose your Point-Guards, Shooting Guards, Small Forwards, Power Forwards & Centres carefully, and later pick the Star Player for your fantasy basketball team and proceed with your registration. MPL gives you the chance to do that and win money.

2. NBA 2K20

One of the most popular basketball simulations games online. In terms of user reviews, it is the highest-rated basketball game online. It has a wide variety of gaming modes like play now, my career, and my GM2.0. With this game’s graphics, it is easily one of the best basketball games so far. The players are equipped with advanced moves like behind-back wrap escapes, shutter chops steps, fake step back (Luka Donica’s trademark), new sham gods, etc. It has appropriate upgrades for better foot planting, momentum, and movement. The enhancements also help in responding better, coming up with better reactions.

You can play with characters based on real players and choose national teams. Choose the franchise, team, location, club, players, jersey, etc. Among other features, it also introduces the Women National Basketball Association (WNBA) team. You can opt for exhibition mode and WNBA season mode. Play exhibition games with the current NBA team, women team, historical team, and an all-time NBA team of basketball stars. Even after building a small team, go for a street basketball match.

3. Basketball Battle

This one is a good basketball arcade game that needs to be on your gaming list. It is a PvP game that has two players on a court. You have to score more than the opponent before the timer. With graphics are the best, but it is all about the powerful slam dunk and tap shots. Presently available on Android and iOS devices, it is a perfect game for mobile. It also has the split-screen option, which is an added bonus for tablets. With numerous customizations and upgrades, this game is bound to engage you. Even though the graphics are not top-notch, Basketball Battle is worth the attention.

4. Basketball Skills

One among the best basketball games, especially in the arcade genre. Test your basketball skills with different game modes like arcade, time attack, and distance mode.

Each round has ten balls to use. Scoring becomes more challenging as you progress through the rounds, making slam dunk. Score as many baskets as possible within the timer in the Time Attack mode. You’ll have an unlimited supply of basketballs; however, you’ll have to make maximum dunks as possible.

5. Basketball Stars

It is among the most popular basketball games online for android devices is Basketball Stars. It has remained consistent, thanks to regular updates. You want to try this game without a doubt. You simply choose a player from across the world, challenge them in a one-to-one battle, and display your skills. You can customize your character according to your liking. It has two game modes, the 1v1 fight and shootout. In the racing shooting mode, you have to outscore your opponent within a timer. In online basketball, the graphics are something that needs to catch your eye, and Basketball Stars has just that. It is a free-to-play game where you can access some levels, but you can unlock much more after paying.

6. NBA Live Mobile Basketball

If you have religiously followed basketball games online or otherwise, you are familiar with the names of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and the like. One of Android’s most popular online basketball games, you can choose basketball legends and teams like Bull, Lakes, etc. Hence, like your basketball idols, being an expert on the basketball moves like dribble, transfer, and block. The graphics are smooth, fast, and impressive. There are five gaming modes: Showdown, Season, League, campaigns, and Arena. It has every aspect of the real NBA. Another striking feature is that you can create your character with your face. This makes a realistic appeal to your game. It is slightly more difficult to manage on the controls front compared to other online basketball games.

Produced by EA sports, they also have several tutorials teaching you the know-how of the game.

7. Swipe Basketball

A game where your only opponent is the time. This time, you’re not challenging a player; instead, you’ll simply swipe the basketball with your finger and push it through the hoop. You need to score the maximum points within the given time(according to the timer).

There are 60 levels in total, so you’ll be engaged for a long time. As you progress through the levels, Swipe Basketball becomes more challenging. It has fantastic 3D graphics. You can swipe and control your basketball smoothly. Since your game is stored in the cloud memory, you can easily pick up the game where you left off. Improved throwing style makes it more innovative and effective.

8. Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect falls in those categories where it deals with sports accuracies. You have to shoot various things (not necessarily basketball) through, over, or around obstacles to get the perfect shot. The other features comprise challenges, unlocking more characters, and more. It’s not your typical basketball game, but you do shoot a basketball into baskets with this game, so it counts.

9. Street Basketball Association

A street-style basketball game that stands out is this one. The game modes are a quick game mode, league games, special events as well as a training mode. The controls and mechanics are elementary and therefore popular. You play half-court ball with varying difficulty levels. With the online and local multiplayer, you can challenge anyone online or even your friend who lives in the area. For a quick game, there are three modes- Leagues, Cups, and Three-Point Contest. It is the closest game for mobile street basketball games.

10. Real Basketball

One of the basketball games that you should look out for on the Android is Real Basketball. It is a reasonably straightforward basketball game that helps in upgrading basketball abilities. There are six different game modes to pick from. It may be single or multiplayer. You can either play a live match with your pals or play with an unknown player online. What’s more, you also have complete control over the players and the characters’ looks and have the option of forty different uniforms, balls, four basketball courts, and surroundings. Also, this game has a real-time experience because of its unparalleled 3D graphics, staying true to its name.

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FAQs for Basketball

What basketball games are for free?

Most of these games are freemium; that is, most of the best basketball games are free to play, but you can unlock more characters and levels if you pay. Some of the free-to-play games are

  • Basketball.io
  • Basketball Arcade.
  • Basketball School.
  • Basketball Fever.
  • Basketball Shooting Stars.
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