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Online Word Games to Play When Bored

When it comes to playing word games on a smartphone, the choices are endless. Both the Android and iOS platforms are filled with fun and entertaining games of every type.

If you are bored and want to try a word game on your own, or find something akin to the newly acclaimed popular game Wordle, go through the concise list of word games here. Some of them are free online word games as well. Look out for some of your favorite free word games online.

Play word games online and challenge your friends for a match as well!

Types of Word Games

Regardless of age, word games are always a preferred choice in the gaming genre. There are several word games to choose from, so everyone has something they like.  Some people like a word game that they can play alone to test their vocabulary skills, while some enjoy multiplayer games where you can constantly challenge your friends in a competition. This is especially true when it comes to word games. So, if you’re looking for something enjoyable to play when you’re bored, here are the best free word games to play on your phone.

Letter arrangements

These are generally games that are like Scrabble. These are board games where the player divides the board into regular squares and square ones that give extra points. Each player receives a set of letters, and they have to come up with as many words with them and arrange them such that they overlap on the board, like a crossword.


The rules of a crossword puzzle, online or offline, are the same. The players have to fill the squares with words given in a clue. The clue typically has the meaning, the definition, or an example stating the use of the word.

Word Search Puzzles

Word search is again a well-known genre. The games are similar to puzzles, except the players receive a word list that they must find within a grid of letters. The puzzles have specific themes or, at the minimum, the words on the list have similarities or share a common thread.


In anagrams, the player receives letters/letters long enough to form an anagram of several words. The game aims to unscramble the letters and find the word.

Online Word Games to Play When Bored


An entertaining word game to play on the MPL app is Wordzie. You have six tries to guess the correct word. Each guess has to be a valid five-letter word. After each guess, the tile indicates how closely you guessed the actual word. If the word is correct, it will become green, while grey will display the wrong word. If the word is right, but in a different position, it will turn yellow. Once the timer runs out, the battle will be over! Guess the word and win against the opponent with maximum points. You will be up against an unknown player, hence gear up to guess as many words as possible!


Among the winning word puzzles, Wordscapes is one that you must consider. You have to create words with a crossword puzzle with all the letters available. Just swipe to connect the letters to make words that fit into the crossword. Remember that not all words that you create are correct. They have to fit into the crossword puzzle to go to the next level. If you are in for challenging word games online, play this game.

The puzzle packs have beautiful themes from sunrise, oceans, and forests. Wordscapes also has a pleasing soundtrack that makes your experience worth remembering. Available on iOS and Android.

Word Whizzle Search

With over 2,700 levels, Word Whizzle Search is a word search game that all should play. According to the given theme displayed at the top and spots for words at the bottom, you have to swipe through the letters and create the words. Keep in mind that both must match the theme as well as fit the spots.

Unlike typical word games, you can only connect the letters in straight lines. Nonetheless, you can use letters more than once. The game gets more challenging the further you go. For word game enthusiasts, WordWhizzle Search is absolutely made for you. Download this game on Android and iOS for free with in-app purchases.

Word Zen

The classic word game is a mix of the Chinese game Mahjong. Form words by removing tiles rather than matching tiles in Mahjong. However, you can only use the tiles not surrounding others like the gameplay, like the gameplay

Select the tiles to make new words with three or more letters while enjoying the soothing background music. Then, reach the given level score goal within the time limit to move on to the next challenge. You also have a few shuffles at your disposal if you find guessing the word tough. Word Zen is one of the best online word games out there.

Word Wipe

Join adjacent letter tiles to create words in Word Wipe. That means the word list is not just limited to horizontal and vertical connections but diagonal ones too, laying in zig-zag patterns through the grid. Another unique feature different from the other free online word games is that clearing rows and columns are the game’s fundamental objective. The letters do not replace them as you use them. Clear as many lines as you can before you run out of time.

Sheffer Crossword

A free online word game for all crossword puzzle lovers. Each day, this game has a new challenge, so you can go back to play those you miss or simply pick up where you left off. Create words by clicking on the first letter of a word to see the clue across and then click again for down. Use your keyboard to enter the letters and answer the word. Scroll through all the clues, and if you can already guess the word without any help, you can jump to it on the board. There is no better online word game than a crossword to improve your vocabulary.

Crosswords Arena

While playing word games like Scrabble online or being a part of the Scrabble Club, you need an online account. However, in Crosswords Arena, you need no account. You can play against other players worldwide. You also have the choice to play against AI bots or computer-controlled opponents in the online version.

This is a lesser-known game, and hence there are fewer players here. But, if you’re up for a scramble words challenge, just ask your friend to come online on this website and play.

Spelling Quest Online

Create as many words with Spelling Quest Online because the combinations are countless when it comes to this game! On a standard Scrabble Board, there are 225 squares, but in the online version, you have as large as 400×400 squares. Play word games like these via Steam Store with human as well as AI opponent players.

Contrary to the classic word game, every player plays their letters at the same time to make new words instead of the traditional turn-by-turn gameplay.  

Best Anagram Crossword

Now coming to the Anagram genre, test your vocabulary skills again with Best Anagram Crossword. With a slight twist to the genre, you have the well-known crossword puzzle layout, but instead of clues, the answers are the anagrams of the same word. Unscramble the words to find the answer. You can always refer to the handy anagram solver when stuck.


Mix a crossword puzzle with sudoku, and you get Codeword. It is one of the best online word games that does not require any download. The words interconnect on a grid, and the numbers in each crossword space are related to a specific letter. Solve the puzzle using all 26 letters at least once. Play online with your friends because it is a fun and engaging challenge to indulge in.

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What are some of the best word games online?

There are endless games that are available for free online. Most popular word games are Wordscapes, Wordle, Wordmeister, Words With Friends, Word Wipe, Boggle, etc.

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