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MPL Carrom – History of the Carrom Board Game

Perhaps, carrom is one of the most entertaining indoor board games that has had our hearts for years. It is believed that the carrom board game originated in India and was played by the Indian Maharajas centuries back. However, the game gained recognition in the 19th century. 

Carrom is embedded in the hearts of millions all around the world. If you too are a fan of this amazing board game, you would love to read all about the game – the interesting history, the scope of the game, and the gameplay.

The Origin of Carrom Board Game

The popular game of carrom is believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent in the 18th century. Some even believe that the game originated in Portugal, Ancient Egypt, or Burma. Carrom is also spelled in different ways, such as Carom, Carum, Karom, and Kairam. 

Today, it is widely played across South East Asian countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. The European countries also enjoy carrom tournaments and competitions.

The game started gaining popularity after the formation of the International Carrom Federation (ICF) in 1988 in India. ICF arranges tournaments and matches every year all around the world and attracts millions of years. The ICF also made the formal rules of the game turn into a competitive sport. The game is now played in over 50 countries. 

The Scope

The ancient game of carrom has traversed into the modern world and survived due to its ease of adaptability. The game evolved from being a mere entertainment mode to a game played in competitions and as a career option. If you are an avid carrom player in today’s world, you can even consider building your future in the same field. Building a career in an indoor sport like carrom is also an excellent option for people who are differently-abled and find it challenging to undertake other physical tasks. All that a person needs is the skill of concentration and good practice to win the matches. 

A.Maria Irudayam is a renowned carrom player and has won the world championship twice and the Indian national championship nine times. The government of India awarded him the special Arjuna award in 1966. His achievement is a great motivation and reason for skilled-carrom players to take part in championships and build a career in the field of carrom. 

Offline to Online

The entertaining game that was and is still traditionally played offline on a wooden board is now amassing the likes of the online gaming community. With the world shifting online due to the convenience facilitated by technology, the famous childhood indoor and outdoor games are also participating in the race to secure their place online. The carrom game’s popularity between children and parents has made it easy for this game to quickly find its place and gain recognition in the online gaming space. Moreover, it offers the convenience of playing any time and from anywhere without the need to have the right amount of players to start the game. 

You can also read more about the most difficult trick shots in carrom to beat your opponent.

The online carrom game offers the benefit of playing at any time of the day with random players. The increasing popularity of online games has also made it possible to hold online tournaments and win real money prizes. Numerous platforms such as MPL offer carrom online where players can enjoy the game, challenge the opponents, join battles and tournaments, and simultaneously win cash prizes by winning the matches. Carrom is witnessing a swift transformation from the traditional offline version to the online space. Nevertheless, the offline board game will always be etched in our hearts.

The Gameplay of Carrom Board Game

Whether played online or offline, the carrom game includes 19 carrom men, including the queen, black coins, and white coins. The carrom men excluding the queen are also called coins, seeds, pucks, or pawns. A round Striker is used to hit the carrom men and pocket them into one of the board’s four pockets. 

The game objective is to pocket the carrom men into the pockets of the board using a stricker. When you play carrom on MPL, you are pitted against a random opponent, and each player is assigned either black or white coins. If you are given the white coins, you have to pocket all the white coins, including the queen. The player to pocket a queen, followed by pocketing another coin as a cover in the consecutive shot, scores higher points. 

In A Nutshell

Carrom has been a delight in everyone’s life and continues to be so even after decades. No wonder the game has made its place online and is played by millions. You can enjoy this refreshing childhood game online through the MPL app and relive your childhood days. What’s more, you can play battles against different players and join tournaments to win real cash prizes.

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