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Teen Patti Sequence – 3 Patti Sequence List & Hand Rankings

Teen Patti, also known as “Flush” or “Indian Poker, ” is a popular card game closely related to poker. The name “Teen Patti” translates to “three cards” in Hindi, referring to the three-card hand dealt to each player. A 3 Patti sequence is also made with three cards in a player’s hand.

While there are many similarities between poker and teen patti, the teen patti sequence list differs from that of poker. There are six 3 patti sequences that you must know to learn how to play teen patti. You also must understand the hand rankings of each sequence to know what hand beats what in the 3 patti game. Here’s a guide to learn the teen patti sequence, know which is the highest sequence in teen patti cash game and which sequence wins during a tie.

Teen Patti Sequence Rules

A teen patti sequence is a hand combination made of three cards arranged in a particular order. The 3 Patti sequence made by players determines which player wins the game based on the strength of the hand.

For instance, the highest sequence is three Aces, A-A-A, followed by three Kings, three Queens, etc. The rankings are based on the value of the cards. The card rankings from highest to lowest card in this game as A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Ace can serve as the highest or lowest card in a sequence.

The objective of the teen patti game is to make the highest-ranking three-card teen patti hands amongst all players on the table. So, a player with a Trail sequence will always beat a player with a Straight Flush sequence.

3 Patti Sequence List – Teen Patti Hands & Rankings

The teen patti sequence list consists of six teen patti hands – Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, Straight, Color, Pair, and High Card.

Teen Patti Sequence Highest Sequence Lowest Sequence Probability of Occurrence
Trail/Trio/Three of a Kind A-A-A 2-2-2 0.24%
Straight Flush/Pure Sequence A-K-Q 4-3-2 0.22%
Straight/Sequence A-K-Q 4-3-2 3.26%
Color/Flush A-K-J 5-3-2 4.96%
Pair A-A 2-2 16.94%
High Card A 2 74.39%

Trail/Trio/Three of a Kind

Trail, also known as Trio or Three of a Kind, is the highest sequence in 3 Patti. A trail consists of three cards of the same rank. For example, three Aces (A-A-A) or three Kings (K-K-K) are both trails. A Trail beats all other hand rankings on the 3 patti sequence list.

Straight Flush/Pure Sequence

The Straight Flush sequence, consists of three consecutive cards of the same suit. For instance, K, Q, and J of hearts. It is also known as Pure Sequence and is the second-highest sequence in 3 patti. The highest-ranking Pure Sequence is A-K-Q and the lowest ranking pure sequence is 4-3-2.


A sequence consists of three consecutive cards, not necessarily of the same suit. For example, Ace of Diamonds, King of Clubs, and Queen of Hearts make a Sequence. This sequence is also referred to as a “straight.”


A Color sequence, also known as a Flush, is made of any three cards of the same suit, but not arranged in a sequence. For instance, 2-6-9 of Spades make a Color hand. The highest-ranking color sequence is A-K-J and the lowest ranking color is 5-3-2.


A Pair consists of two cards of the same rank, and a third card of a different rank, called a Kicker. For example, Q-Q-7 make a Pair. The higher the rank of the pair, the stronger the hand. The highest-ranking Pair is A-A-K and the lowest ranking Pair is 2-2-3.

High Card

A High Card consists of three cards with no particular sequence or suit. If none of the above hand rankings are achieved, the highest card in the hand determines its strength. For example, if the three cards are K-7-3, the King is considered the high card. As we already know, the highest card is A and the lowest card is 2.

Teen Patti Sequence Probability

In the teen patti cash game, it’s easier to make some 3 patti sequences over others. For instance, you may be able to make a pair more easily than a straight flush. This is because the probability of making a pair is higher than the probability of making a straight flush or a pure sequence. Here’s a 3 patti sequence probability table to understand the probabaility of occurence of teen patti hands in the list.

3 patti Sequence Probability of Occurrence
Trail/Trio/Three of a Kind 0.24%
Straight Flush/Pure Sequence 0.22%
Straight/Sequence 3.26%
Color/Flush 4.96%
Pair 16.94%
High Card 74.39%

Tiebreaker in Teen Patti Sequence

In the Teen Patti, there may arise situations where two players possess identical sequences. For instance, if two players have achieved a Flush in Teen Patti, determining the winner among the identical sequences becomes necessary. In such scenarios, the value of the cards comes into play. Ace holds the highest value, followed by King, Queen, and so forth. Ultimately, the winning sequence is determined by who possesses the sequence with the highest card value.

To illustrate, let’s consider the following example: Suppose both players have achieved a sequence/straight. However, one player’s sequence is J-10-9, while the other player’s sequence is 10-9-8. In this case, the player with the higher-ranking sequence (J-10-9) will be the winner.

In another scenario, if both players have obtained a trail, such as K-K-K and J-J-J, the player with the higher-ranking trail (K-K-K) will emerge as the winner.

If Player 1: has K, Q, J, and Player 2 has 10, 9, 8, both players have sequences. But the player whose sequence starts with a King holds a higher-ranked sequence and emerges as the winner.

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Which is the Highest 3 Patti Sequence?

The highest 3 patti sequence is the Trail sequence which is also called Trio, Three-of-a-Kind, or a Set. In the Trail sequence, three Aces (A-A-A) trail is the highest-ranking sequence. A trail with three Aces can beat any other hand. Three twos (2-2-2) make the lowest-ranking trail. However, even the lowest trail 2-2-2 rank higher than other sequences in the teen patti sequence list.

How to Make the Highest Sequence in 3 Patti?

Teen Patti is a game that requires skill, tips, techniques, and tactics to create the strongest 3 patti sequence from three cards. Below are several strategies that can be employed to achieve the highest possible sequence from the cards in hand.

Start Small

To optimize the potential of the dealt hand, it is best to play more hands. Adopt a strategy to play more hands by making small bets at the start and gradually increasing them. It is recommended for both novices and experienced players to start with smaller bets.

Engage in Blind Play

If you opt for a blind play approach, bankroll management is essential. Blind players place bets without seeing their cards. The blind play strategy can be advantageous for players who struggle to control or conceal their emotions upon viewing their cards. Playing blind can be beneficial, particularly when the stakes are low and one starts with smaller bets.

Leverage a Weak Hand

In situations where a weak hand is dealt, it is advisable not to hastily fold. It is crucial to understand that there are no inherently bad cards, as one can always employ skills and strategies to enhance their hand and win the game. You can use bluffing techniques, even with a stronger hand, to trick your opponents into folding.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Emotions, expressions, and gestures can have adverse effects on gameplay. It is imperative to maintain emotional composure to prevent opponents from predicting your moves or deducing the strength of your teen patti hands based on emotional cues.

Play Regularly

Undoubtedly, practicing regularly is how you can refine and hone your skills. Sufficient practice, skill development, and the implementation of effective strategies are essential to make the highest sequence in teen patti cash game.


What is the sequence of the Teen Patti rules?

As per the teen patti rules, a Trio or Trail is the highest 3 patti sequence with three aces being the highest trail and three twos being the lowest trail. Other 3 patti sequences that follow are Straight Flush, flush, Color, Pair, and High Card.

Which sequence is bigger in 3 Patti?

In 3 Patti game, Trail is the biggest sequence followed by Straight Flush, flush, Color, Pair, and High Card. Therefore, a Trail is the highest sequence and High card is the lowest sequence on the 3 Patti sequence list.

What is the difference between trail and pure sequence?

A trail or trio consists of three cards of the same rank but different suits, such as A-A-A. A pure sequence or straight consists of three consecutive cards of the same suit, such as A-K-Q of Hearts.

Which is the highest pair in 3 Patti?

The highest Pair in 3 Patti sequence list is A-A-K. No other Pair can beat this pair as it has the highest ranking pair and the highest Kicker card. The lowest ranking Pair is 2-2-3.

How is the winner decided if two players have three cards of the same suit?

If two players have three cards of the same suit, which means a flush; the rank of the highest cards is compared to decide the winner. If the rank of the highest cards is the same, then the next highest cards are compared, and if they are the same, the third cards are compared. If the values of all three cards are the same, the suits are compared, with Spades ranking highest and Clubs ranking lowest.

Which color is highest in Teen Patti?

The highest color sequence in teen patti is A-K-J and the lowest color is 5-3-2.

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