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Call Break Game – The Latest Crowd Favourite in Online Card Games

Call Break or Call Bridge is a trendy card game played in India and Nepal. It is fundamentally a strategy game full of trumps, bidding, and tricks played among four players. The best part of the game is that you can play it in both single and multiplayer options online. The objective of the call break game is to reach a predetermined score first for winning the game. 

A total of four players are playing a 52-card deck for keeping up the score on a flat surface. It is a derivation from a trick-taking card game for four players. There are no partnerships among the players in the call break game, and each player will bid, play, and win tricks separately. Players have several rounds to play and score points in the game. The first player that reaches the required score wins the game. 

How to play the call break game?

Call Break Game is played with 52 cards evenly distributed among four players, dealing with one card at a time. The direction of the play goes counter-clockwise. When the game starts, 13 cards are distributed amongst each player.

Making the bid

Once the 13 cards are distributed to each player, the players make a bid after analyzing their cards. Each player has to bid a number based on the number of tricks that the player expects to win in each game. Altogether, all the players can call a maximum of 12 bids in one round.

The objective of call break game

The primary objective for each player in the call break game is to win the exact number of tricks or more tricks than they called in the beginning. For instance, if a player bids 4 tricks before the game starts, the player has to win 4 or more tricks to win 4 points. In case a player gets less than 4 tricks, the score will be -4. If the player can make more than 4 tricks, the points increase by 0.1 per extra trick. So, for 5 tricks, the player’s score will be 4.1.

The play – call break card game

The player sitting right of the dealer leads the first bet with any card of their choice. The other players have to throw a higher card of the same suit. However, if they don’t have a higher card, they can throw a lower card as well. 

Alternatively, if a player doesn’t have a card of the same suit, the player can throw a trump card, which is always a Spades card. For instance, the first player played 10 of the hearts, and the second played the queen of hearts to trump it, but the third player played 3 of spades to top the cards before, as a spade is a trump. If the 4th player also plays a card from the Hearts suit, the player with the trump card will win the trick.

Evaluation of points in call break 

When all the cards in each player’s hands are exhausted, that game is said to be completed. Points of each player are evaluated based on the calls they made at the beginning of the game. 

Each round’s points are calculated as per the bid of each player and the final tricks won. For instance, a player bids 3 tricks at the beginning of the game but won 4 tricks; the player will get 3.1 points. But if that player wins only 2 tricks, that player will lose 3 points, and the score will be minus 3. However, if a player calls 8 or more tricks, that player gets 13 points if they win 8 tricks and lose 8 points if they cannot win 8 tricks.

Mobile Premier League (MPL) platform for playing call break game

Call Break Game online is the most straightforward card game to adopt in the digital world. You can show your call break tricks on the MPL platform and win cash rewards.

Mobile devices have enabled everything at our fingertips and made online gaming convenient. On MPL, you can instantly withdraw your rewards Paytm wallet, UPI, Amazon pay, Bank Transfer, etc. 

Call Break Variations

  • A player having a card from the same suit as the lead card is not obligated to play it.
  • A player having no card from the lead suit but has a trump card is not obligated to play the trump card.
  • In some variations, there is no option of penalty for winning more tricks than you call, and each extra trick won earns 0.1 extra points to the player.
  • In other variations, if the sum of the four cards played by four players in a bet is less than 10, then the cards of all the players are redistributed and shuffled. It helps in preventing players from hiding or holding top or trump cards to prevent the winning tricks.

Call Break Game online breathes life into the classic and popular card game. With similar rules and tricks, anyone can play the game with random players. You can quickly master the call break game skills with simple tricks. Simply download the MPL app and start exploring the entertaining call break game.

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