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Carrom Online: Best Tips & Strategies to Defeat Opponents

Everyone loves a good competition once in a while and carrom is one of the most exciting, competitive games. We know the feeling of accomplishment that winning carrom gives. So here are some tips for you to come out victorious every time you play.


Now that carrom is on the rise, you will find many people with their expert opinions and tricks to play carrom. If they resonate with you, then go ahead and listen to them by all means but do not forget to verify them by valid sources once or try using them when you play carrom online

However, when it comes to carrom tips and tricks provided by us, you can rest assured because all of these are tried and tested. We know that your motive is to defeat your opponents and upgrade your carrom skills and believe us when we tell you that there is no better way out there than the one that we are about to tell you!

Familiarizing With the Board

The first step towards playing carrom should be familiarizing yourself with the board. Look at where your pieces need to be pocketed. Take note of the foul lines and concentric circles, look at the rectangles drawn at each side. This is where the players shoot their strikers from.

Value of Pieces

Learn about all the coins that you will be playing with on the carrom board. After knowing the value, you will be able to construct tricks to win carrom by strategizing on how you want to go about playing the game. The black coins hold 10 points, the white will give you 20 and the Queen stands high with 50 points.


Striking is different in online carrom but it is still the most important aspect of the game which you cannot overlook. So get your angles right and use the proper amount of force to pot the coins. The plus point of playing online is that your fingers won’t hurt, no matter how hard you strike.

The Queen

The Queen is the most valuable coin of the lot. It holds 50 points and is a tricky piece to pocket. Usually, the queen is in a distinct red colour. The goal is to pot the queen before your opponent does and for that, you must have a spare coin to pocket as a cover. So do not make the mistake of pocketing all your coins before covering the queen.

Avoiding Fouls

All your carrom game tricks will be wasted if you don’t learn about what fouls are and how you can avoid them. It is considered a foul when you pocket the stoker or pocket your last coin before the queen, leaving no cover. Hitting coins that touch the striker lines, diagonal lines or placing striker under the striker line is also counted as a foul.

Using Trick shots

Trick shots are easily the best part of carrom game tricks. They can be played in online carrom as well and there are multiple trick shots which will help you score better. They are generally focused towards pocketing more coins, hitting a tough shot, throwing your opponent off track or helping your teammates.


Breaking refers to the starting part of carrom when all the coins are stacked together. The player has to break this cluster to start playing, if you pocket a coin while breaking then you get to play again. Also, it is important to properly disperse all the coins on the board so they are not stacked at one side of the board.

Blocking Opponent

If you wish to learn all the tricks to win carrom then you must no this one because most players are oblivious about it. So if you do not have any chances of pocketing even one coin and you see that your opponent might have a fair chance, then strike in such a way that your opponent’s advantage no longer exists.

Take Risks

Like everything else in life, taking healthy risks while playing carrom is important. It is one way to learn and improve. The moment you stop taking risks, your gameplay will be stagnant and there won’t be much left to do. Eventually, the game will become boring because you stopped exploring.

Final Thoughts

These are all the carrom tips and tricks you need to know for now. Don’t forget to build a mental road map when you play, know what coin you’ll be going for next after pocketing the first one. Practise these tips by playing carrom online on the MPL app and beat all your rivals.



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