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Ronaldo: English League Stats Vs Spanish League Stats Vs Italian League Stats

“When you play with Ronaldo on your team, you are already 1-0 up.”

– Zinedine Zidane (Ex French Midfielder & Existing Manager Of La-Liga)

This famous quote from the Frenchman Zidane is true for the soccer legend who has been always making a spot in football headlines. Yes, he is our very own Cristiano Ronaldo! Soccer lovers have compared him with another prodigy Messi but the former still rules over the hearts of millions across the globe.

Along with earning the title of one of the greatest soccer champions from his generation, the sultan of the stepover has earned huge respect and love from his crazy fans. Although, it’s extremely easy to find oodles of information about Ronaldo on the web landscape. We tried to compile his excellent stats by reviewing some of his greatest performances from the Spanish league along with the English and Italian football championships. 

Let’s get a brief idea of the interesting story behind the rise of this soccer wizard. We know you would love that. 

How About Beginning With Exploring Ronaldo’s Early Life?

The full name of this popular Aquarian footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He was lucky to be born on a beautiful island in Portugal in 1985. 

Ronaldo was added to the name of this 6 feet 2 inches tall soccer legend as his father was a great fan of the popular actor turned politician Ronald Reagan. This soccer sensation was the youngest among his four siblings and spent his early childhood in Madeira.

But Was Teenage That Easy For This Great Footballer?

The childhood of the little Ronaldo wasn’t easy as he faced financial crises. His father was addicted to alcohol and to fulfil their family needs his mother Maria worked as a cleaner. But this wasn’t the only struggle this soccer legend witnessed in his childhood.

You might be shocked to know this leading goal scorer was diagnosed with a heart disorder that required surgery when he was only 15. Even this hurdle couldn’t stop this legend and he rose back after getting fully covered within a short span. 

Ronaldo lost his father because of fatal diseases but these personal tragedies never stopped our beloved footballer from marking his territory in the soccer landscape. Because of incessant hard work and commitment his net worth is approximately ‎$450 million. That’s some mind-boggling figure, isn’t it?

The soccer star once said, “Don’t just talk about what you intend to achieve. Go out and do it. People love the sound of their dreams and keep talking about them. But those who work the hardest ever taste greatness.” This statement proves his sincerity and dedication towards his goals and this is the reason why he has earned so much recognition.

How The Soccer Career Of This Football Unicorn Got Shaped Gradually?

Initially, Cristiano Ronaldo played for a local youth soccer club where his father worked as an equipment manager in Madeira. His passion for the game was evident and at the age of 12, he started playing for the Sporting Lisbon’s youth squad and moved to Lisbon for the same.

While playing for Lisbon he was a mid-fielder but gradually he turned into a forward with a free-reined technique of attacking his challengers. His prolific soccer moves and magical skills were recognized in 2003 by one of the biggest football clubs Manchester United. This soccer giant signed Ronaldo by paying him £12 million which was one of the highest even amounts paid to a footballer who is merely 16.

Ronaldo has been a vital part of this soccer club and scored lots of remarkable goals. He was honored with the prestigious Golden Shoe award and earned the spot of Europe’s leading scorer when working with United. In 2018 Ronaldo won the recognition as the FIFA World Player.

The year 2009 proved to be another feather in Ronaldo’s cap as Real Madrid, another football club paid $131 million to sign him. He continued to play the best soccer for this club as well and in 2016 he earned the Ballon d’Or honor and was crowned as the best player of the for the fourth time in a row.

Juventus is an Italian football group with whom Cristiano is associated currently after ending his relationship with Madrid in 2018. This club has paid a $140 million fee to the Spanish soccer club as the transfer token.

After Walking Through The Three Pillars Of Ronaldo’s Soccer Life, Would You Like To Look At His Best League Performances With Some Great Stats?

Being one of the players always in great demand, Cristiano has performed impeccably in all the soccer championships. Let’s look at a couple of his remarkable stats:

1. The Ultimate Star Of The English Premier League:

The great footballer has made 196 appearances in Premier League till now and scored 84 superb goals among which 9 of them were headed by him. He has won the Golden Boot honor once and has been the player of the season twice. He has 68 tackles in his name and is known for excellent dribbling and playing some of the finest long shots.

Ronaldo has helped the United to win the EPL title thrice in a row with a shooting accuracy of 37%. Besides, fans love his performances in these soccer matches that are filled with drama, action, and thrill. Ronaldo has made it to the list of the top goal scorers in the history soccer leagues.

2. The Apple Of La-Liga Eyes

Similar to the EPL games Ronaldo has proved to be a true asset for his teams in Spanish League matches. He appeared 292 times in these leagues and scored 311 amazing goals. The La-Liga career of this soccer genius lasted for around 10 years when he was playing for Madrid. Also, Ronaldo helped the club to win the title twice and hence is recognized as one of the greatest players in these championships as well.

3. Adapting To Life In The Italian League Yet Some More Amazing Goals Added To Cristiano’s Record

The popular soccer celebrity has appeared in 61 matches in 3 seasons of the Italian League playing from his current club Juventus. Performing his best Ronaldo has scored 10 times in his first 14 league matches and earned the honor of the championship’s MVP this year. The soccer sensation has appeared in 26 in association with the club matches and made 19 goals which are yet another breathtaking stats enhancing the scorecard for this legendary player.

Want To Dive A Bit Into The Famous Footballer’s Private Life?

Well, similar to his career graph the love life of Ronaldo has been quite intense and full of mysteries. In 2010, he became a father to Cristiano Jr who is his first child. No one knows who the woman with whom he had the baby is. There are rumours that this kid’s birth has happened through surrogacy.

Currently, he is dating a 25 years old Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez. They both are reported to be together for a very long time. Also, this beautiful couple is parents to a daughter named Alana Martina. In 2017 Cristiano Ronaldo again became the father of twins where one is a girl named Eva and the other is a boy Mateo. This time he verified that the babies were born through surrogacy.

Is Ronaldo The Ultimate Social Media King As Well?

Yes, the famous soccer player has earned a huge fan following on various social media platforms. Especially, he is ruling Instagram with 143 Million followers which have made him the third most influential celebrity on the platform after Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner.

The soccer icon has social media properties with a net worth of $500 million which is the result of the brand that he has developed across different social channels where his fans can have a glimpse of amazing on-field performance and the never say die attitude. People love the fact that he shares glimpses of his personal life on social media in the form of pictures of his family.

How Popular Rocket Ronaldo Is In The Fantasy Football Sphere?

Cristiano is a hot favorite pick to build a perfect Fantasy roster as he is regarded as one of the best scorers in the world. Although the last season wasn’t that lucky for this attacker he rules over the hearts of millions with his amazing goal scoring techniques and tricks. In spite of constant comparison with Messi who is yet another soccer gem, Ronaldo has always praised his work and said great things about him.

The soccer wizard’s life has always been an open book and his journey from a small town’s boy to becoming one of the world’s most acclaimed athletes’ is simply awe-inspiring. Along with cherishing the status of a remarkable scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo is equally well-known for his wit and creativity that he shows on the ground. As a soccer lover you might have a love-hate relationship with this celebrated footballer but one this is sure that he is someone who can’t be ignored!

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