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5 Expert Carrom Tips To Up Your Game

Carrom has always been a popular indoor game played for recreation and leisure. With changing times, the carrom game has become popular in competitions and tournaments, even at an international level. Technological advancements have brought the game to our fingertips, enabling people to play carrom, join cash contests, and tournaments from any part of the world. Online carrom gained immense popularity during the pandemic as it became an essential medium of entertainment during lockdown and quarantine. Without compromising on the elements of fun, entertainment, and challenges, online carrom cash games and tournaments are widely played across India. The experienced players use various carrom tips and tricks to win. Let’s take a look at some of the tips you can use to up your game in online carrom.

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Carrom Tips To Improve Your Game

While playing against real players online adds to the thrill of playing carrom, the game gets more challenging as you don’t know the opponent’s skill level to defeat them. This is where carrom tips and tricks come into play and help you beat your opponents with ease. Here are five expert carrom tips you can use to improve your game.

The Right Attitude

The first and most important tip for playing any game is playing with the right attitude. Remember that you are playing for leisure and entertainment. Playing with the right mental attitude can lead to a win, even if you may be losing at some point. This becomes more important when you are playing online cash games. Having the right attitude is a part of responsible gaming that ensures you don’t let your emotions get involved with the game and create a healthy balance between online gaming and everyday life. 

Striking Styles

One of the most effective carrom tips to improve your game is learning and using different striking styles. There are 6 different types of striking techniques you can use for an effective break shot and to pot the carrommen. The different striking styles include using a middle finger & thumb, upright long finger style, index finger style, index finger & thumb style, middle finger style, and thumbshot. You can read more about how to use different striking styles effectively.

Accurate Speed

The right amount of force and speed is vital to pot the carrommen. The speed and force should be enough to send the carrommen right into the targeted pocket. If the force and speed are not accurate, the coins won’t reach the pocket even if the shot is really easy. Moreover, a stronger force than required may cause the carrommen to take a rebound. 

Right Direction

Along with accurate speed, the right direction of propelling the striker is also vital to pot the carrommen. For instance, if you want to make a cut shot at a precise angle, you need some extra force. Giving the right direction to the striker comes as you practice the cut angles to pot the carrommen. Check the board, position of pockets, the baselines of the edges, and also the carrommen blocking the target coin to give the right direction and speed to the striker. 

Here’s how you can give the right direction to the striker:

  • Try placing the striker on the right moon side or entirely on the right moon.
  • Propel the striker in the right top pocket and drive the striker multiple times in the target direction to perfect the shot.
  • You can also try placing the striker on the right moon side to the top left of the pocket or to the left moon over to the top of the right pocket.

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Hitting From The Right Edge

While hitting the carromman in the pocket direction, you need to make a straight connection with the pocket. To make this happen, you should place the striker behind the target coin with the cutting sting and diameter of the striker. Hit the striker from the baseline and use a cut angle to hit the carromman. 

If you are making a normal straight shot, a 180-degree straight angle is formed by the line from the pocket and carromman with the striker. Pocketing the carromman will be difficult if the edge is straight but less than the straight angle. The closer the angle between 180 degrees and 90 degrees, the more difficult it will be to pot the carrommen.


Online carrom is slightly different than the traditional board game as the striking, aiming, angles are different. However, these tips will help you regardless of online as well as the physical board game. It is important to practice the carrom shots to master these tips as only with practice will you be able to perfect your striking style, the right amount of force, direction, and other essential factors required for a perfect shot. You can train with the free practice games and then move on to the carrom cash games on MPL to beat your opponents with the newly acquired skills.

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