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How to improve your score in the bubble shooter game?

The Bubble shooter game is one of the most entertaining arcade games that is perfect for players of all levels and skills. Recreational players and beginners find this game easy to play and also enjoy the element of competition in the game. But to secure a win, you need to score higher points than your opponents. 

The bubble shooter online game is fun as you compete against different players and require higher points to win. Watching the clock tick fast and your opponent scoring points rapidly, scoring higher points can be challenging. This is when all your plans and strategies go into the trash, and you start shooting aimlessly. Getting a high score in bubble shooter requires smart work, the right approach, and skills that improve with practice. All that is required is following a few key points while playing the game, and you will see your points shooting up.

Key points to improve bubble shooter game score

Getting past challenging levels with points shooting up is not a difficult task in the bubble shooter game. There are a few key points you should keep in mind while playing the game, which will help you get better combo shots and higher points. 

Quick and Decisive wins the game!

As the game is limited by time, you know you have to quick yet decisive to make the right moves. If you are quick but shoot bubbles without a plan, you are sure to lose the game. You need to combine your speed of shooting bubbles with your good decision-making skills. Being quick and decisive will give you a good lead over your opponent, and ultimately you will be the winner.

Plan your targets!

Your strategy should be clear from the offset if you want to improve your bubble shooter game score. Ensure that you plan your targets well before shooting the bubble from the canon. If the target is not well-planned, the bubble may attach to a different color, and the stacked bubbles will soon reach the base. Blocking bubbles with wrong targets will make it difficult to pop other bubbles and clear the playing field, ultimately making you lose the game. Fortunately, when you play the bubble shooter game online, you can use the dotted lines and bank shots to aim correctly at the right targets.

Think bigger groups!

One of the essential tips for scoring in the bubble shooter online game is targeting the more prominent groups. If you only focus on eliminating the smaller groups of bubbles, you won’t score well. Shift your focus to the larger groups of the same color bubbles that will give you more points. Moreover, when you target the larger groups, the bubbles hanging onto these groups will automatically be cleared. Isn’t it a win-win situation for you? Also, as the levels get more complicated, you should try to clear the path towards the bigger group of bubbles that are usually hidden behind the smaller groups.

Act according to your foresight!

It’s crucial to have good foresight to plan the bubble colors well. Keep an eye on what color bubble is coming up next so that you can shoot the right bubbles accordingly. Using your foresight will work in your favor to help you plan ahead and save time. You can also switch the bubble in the canon with the alternate color at beside the canon. Try shooting combo shots to clear up difficult bubbles and clear the path to the larger group of the same color bubbles.

Practice makes perfect!

Lastly,  regular practice is the most vital element to get all your tactics and strategy right. Without enough practice, you will find it difficult to effectively use the tips and tricks of bubble shooter. One small mistake can easily ruin your perfect store. Moreover, when you play the game regularly, you will find out what works best for you and gain confidence in trying new techniques and strategies to increase your points.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something to unwind after a long day, play online bubble shooter instead of your regular coffee. It is a fun game but also requires tactics and smart strategies to win. Scoring higher points in the game can be difficult, but these tips will help you score higher than your opponents and win cash prizes. Just download the MPL app and get started with bubble shooter to beat your opponent with higher points. You can practice with free games to improve your skills or challenge yourself by entering into different battles and win exciting cash prizes. 

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