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How to Play Kemps Card Game?

There are many card games of different types around the world which are still loved by many. Kemps is one such card game. The Kemps card game is perfect for beginners who enjoy playing card games and would like to learn the complexity of these games. It could be fun playing this game, but it needs teamwork and concentration.

A great leisure activity, the Kemps card game can be your new favourite. Now, let us get into the details and understand how to play kemps.

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What is Kemps?

Often card games are considered to be easy, but Kemps might be challenging. Kemps is also known as Canes, Cash, and Kent. This two-person team game becomes complex and challenging with more players. If there is a provision for more room, you can play it with six teams. It is a 21st-century game more popular in America and France. It is believed to be a French game; however, there is no clarity as to its origin. It is quite widespread in English Speaking countries. The aim is to be the first four of a kind. At least two teams of two players can play this game.

How to Play Kemps Card Game?

What You’ll Need?

It requires a standard deck of 52 cards. The game includes players in even numbers, such as 4, 6, or even eight players. However, a minimum of 4 players are a must to play this game.

The players cannot have verbal communication, and the signals that they want to use must be discussed forthwith. A good memory and teamwork make a team win. Card games like Kemps are loved by children, teens, and adults.

You can use the traditional deck of cards or themed playing cards. The strategy to play the game will not change.

The Objective of The Game

The aim of any game is to win it. All that you need is to obtain a hand of four-of-a-kind. The teammates are not allowed to talk in this card game Kemps. The partner calls for your winnings, for which they use gestures to communicate. It is important to decide all the signals that you are going to use without talking. Make teams and do it privately.

Think about gestures that you or your partner makes on getting a four-of-kind. On showing the gesture at the right time, if your teammate calls ‘KEMPS’, you will get points. If called incorrectly, the team loses the points.


You can start playing by selecting a player randomly to move the deck with four cards to each one of them. Once everyone looks at the cards, the dealer again deals four cards in a row face up in the middle, one at a time.

The players have to stand in opposite positions while the players are dealt a card. The remaining cards are placed in the middle. Then put the top four cards on top of the pile.

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Select two members per team. In between, the team members have to carry out non-verbal communication by signalling. The signals might be a face scratch, a sniff, a wink, etc. It is useful when a member has 4 different types of cards.

The signals need to be visible to all of the players, including the opposing team. If the team member signals, their partner should be able to recognize it instantly and accurately.

Kemps Rules and Strategies

All the players play simultaneously as there are no turns, and you should be really quick to find the card that you want. The players could be diagonally separated to make them not see each other’s cards. Other pieces are also kept face down on the grid and drawn from them.

Players can pick up one or more up-facing cards and discard the same number of cards from their hands. The thrown-out four cards have to be put into the discard pile, as mentioned earlier in the middle.

In the drawing pile, the top four cards were removed for the new grid, and players gain rush to get the four matching cards. If two players touch the same card, the first one who touched it, takes it. Until no one wants the up-card, the game continues.

Fresh cards deal is made by the dealer on the table. It requires the player to take a seat on the opposite side of his partner on the table.

One member of the team needs to match four cards with similar values. When the target is achieved, the partner of this team shouts’ Kemps’, revealing that the other partner has four-of-a-kind (same rank).

The player must reveal their cards. If everything is right, and it is a four-of-a-kind, then the other team or opposing players will get a K from KEMPS for the first time, and the round ends. The same dealer deals the next hand.

Scoring In Kemps

An effective scoring system is necessary to keep a record and avoid any misunderstanding at the later stages. A team that successfully shouts Kemps gets one point. But if there is a misunderstanding and there is no four-of-a-kind obtained by the other team member, one point is deducted from that team’s score.

If the first team has a four-of-a-kind and the opposing team players come to know about it, they can say ‘Cut’ before the first team shouts ‘Kemps’. But if this comes out to be not true due to fake signals of the first team, the opposing team calling ‘Cut’ loses one point.

The game continues unless one of the teams achieves the agreed-upon number of points in order to win the game.

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Can you play the Kemps game with 2 people?

No, this card game requires at least four players. Two players and two teams can play this game.


A good memory and good chemistry can help you win the Kemps card game. Communication skill is quite crucial in this game as a lot depends upon non-verbal signals. The time it takes is just about 10 to 20 minutes. It is a game the same as Authors, Commerce, and Spades. Once you start playing it, you will love it.

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