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Learn How To Play On A Short-Handed Poker Table

Do you play online poker regularly and are an expert in full-ring poker? If so, you should know that your full-ring expertise will not be very helpful while playing on a short-handed poker table.

A short-handed online poker table sits 6-max or fewer players. This means if you are playing at one of these tables, you are up against up to six opponents. Short-handed poker tables call for more action than a full-ring poker table and you have to play more hands if you want to win the game. Therefore, if you are a regular full-ring poker player, you have to adjust your game plan to maintain your win rate and hit the winning streak. Moreover, some of your poker tips and tricks may not work in a short-handed poker game.

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Short-handed poker is preferred by most online poker winners as it is less mechanical and requires the players to play mind games and psychological games with their opponents. Moreover, playing more hands in short-handed poker increases the chances of winnings as compared to full-ring games. So, let’s learn some tips and tricks on how to play an exciting online poker game on a short-handed poker table.

Online poker strategies for short-handed poker tables

Play More Hands

The short-handed poker table involves fewer players, which makes it important to play more hands pre-flop. Unlike full-ring poker tables, smaller tables require larger hand ranges. You shouldn’t stick to playing tight to win more on smaller tables. If you want to increase your chances of winning the blinds, you will have to play more blinds with a broader range of hands. 

Regulate Playing at Multi-Tables

This tip is important for those who enjoy playing at multiple tables. Since playing at smaller tables requires you to play more hands than in full-ring poker, you need to regulate multi-tabling. Playing at multi-tables may make it difficult for you to keep a track of hands played.

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Use Your Bluffing Skills

To play on a short-handed poker table, you need to up your bluff game and identify good bluff spots. Your game strategy should include some bluffs when playing the shortened 6-max poker game. Identify the good bluffing spots to outsmart your opponents who also may be trying to use the same strategy. Making profitable bluffs will depend on how soon you can grab the opportunities. For instance, if a player avoids a c-bet opportunity on the river, the turn, or on the flop, you should use that opportunity to bluff. Using your bluffing skills at the right time will make you a strong short-hand poker player.

Observe Your Opponents

One of the key strategies in poker is to analyze your opponents carefully and predict their moves, traits, and playing style. Find out if your opponent is a regular or a recreational poker player, how many times does the player call, when does the player fold, and other such important factors. Profiling your opponent is important as there are lesser players on the table and you will be playing more hands against the same players. 

In short-handed poker tables, you can easily profile your opponents and find their weak points that you can exploit. You can also play aggressively and pressurize your opponents by raising and re-raising or occasionally placing value bets. Try to stay a step ahead of your opponents as all players will try to keep an eye on each other.

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Work on Your Mindset

If you are a regular full-ring poker player and are switching to a short-handed poker table, you must prepare yourself mentally for the huge change. The tricks and strategies you use in full-ring poker may not work to your advantage in short-handed poker. Moreover, implementing strategies and rules you already know during the game may also be challenging. Even if you might be the best at your game, losing your calm during the massive swings in the short-handed play is quite possible. Go through training videos and read books on how to maintain a good game without affecting your mind. 

Final Thoughts

Online poker is a skill-based game that requires the use of different strategies and tricks when playing on a short-handed table. It is a fast-paced game for which you need to prepare well before switching from full-ring poker. The strategies and tips discussed here will help you play your best game and gradually transition from other poker game formats. A successful transition will ensure a good winning rate and you will be able to ultimately hit your winning streak. 

Always remember that you are playing for entertainment and to de-stress, so don’t stress yourself if things start to take a different turn. Just build a strong game plan, use the best strategies, grab the right opportunities, and enjoy the challenging game. 

So, embrace yourself and play a short-handed poker game on MPL today. 

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