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Poker Facts You Need to Know Right Now!

Poker is a fascinating card game which has a great following worldwide. Learn interesting poker facts about the past of online poker that has become so widely popular.

Poker has a rich and vibrant history among all the card games in the world. The poker game was mentioned for the first time in Hoyle’s Games which is considered as the bible of all card games back in 1845. Today poker can be played anywhere. You can either visit a casino to try a game of skills or simply visit a reputed online poker application on the internet. The game is connected to the American Dream as it originates from the West-part of the US. Even the modern-day online poker game has a deep-rooted connection to the core of American culture.

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As the most popular card game in the world, poker attracts new players every day. In all different variants of poker, players have to master the basic skill set, patience. Remember, in poker or life, patience is a golden virtue.

It has been a couple of centuries that poker has been around. It has been part of civilizations since the industrial age. However, there are interesting poker facts that can still blow your mind. Let’s get to know them.

Fact 1: Poker has its root from the US

Everyone knows Vegas is the ultimate destination for casino lovers. However, did you know that poker came into being from New Orleans, the same place which gave birth to Jazz music? Among all poker facts, the origin of the game is important. It was not exactly when the first-ever game of poker was played. However, historians have reportedly confirmed that Poker was developed in Louisiana.

Fact 2: Poker was played with only 20 cards!

The poker game that we adore today is played with the entire 52 cards deck. Nevertheless, the poker of the past was played very differently. This might be one of the interesting facts about poker or the poker of the past. Poker was previously even played with 20 cards and just four players.

In the past, poker was a little complex game. The players would receive five cards each, and the betting would be based on who among them had the best hand. As per the recorded data, people started playing the game of poker with 52 deck cards from 1834.

Fact 3: One poker game lasted for eight-year, eight and a half to be precise

According to the claims of The Bird Cage Theatre, the longest-ever game of poker began in the year 1881, and it lasted for eight years, five months & three days. As per Bird Cage, all of the players involved were conventional Wild Wild West personalities, and this game’s minimum buy was around $1,000.

Fact 4: Let’s talk of the first broadcast of a poker tournament

Many land-based poker tournaments, as well as online poker tournaments, are televised and available for streaming. However, it was in 1973 that the first-ever tournament of poker was televised for the first time. By the looks of it, It was a poker world series in Las Vegas that was televised.

Fact 5: The most remunerative sport in the entire world

People aspire to be NBA players, footballers, golfers, and NFL players in the world because they are well paid. However, many are unaware that high-roller tournaments offer top-5 cash prizes in the world. In a significant tournament, poker players can make up to $44,202,738, further making poker the most remunerative sport by a significant margin.

Fact 6: A brief history and inception of poker chips

Poker as its infancy was played by people to acquire gold coins, gold nuggets, and also gold dust. During those times, there weren’t standardized units; thus, leading to making the standard unit permanent became absolute. Due to this, several saloons and gaming houses came up with an idea to introduce poker chips.

Previously, poker chips were made out of bone, ivory, wood, and clay. In addition to this, people made designs on the poker chips depicting their values. It was then people started exchanging chips at the gaming houses to get fiat currency. Even the online poker game follows the same suit.

Some other poker facts are:

  • More than 300 million 7-card hand combinations exist in poker.
  • Pro-poker players stack their chips to make a fool out of their opponents.
  • Bluffers generally use the “staring technique” to sabotage your game.
  • If someone leans forward or backwards, it indicates a strong hand.
  • Some of the superstitious players often play the game by wearing dirty clothes. The players consider this the best possible way to have a successful poker match.

Final Thoughts

The poker game has come a long way since the mid-18th-century. Currently, poker is available on the internet in the form of online poker that has become the most playable multiplayer game in the world. People these days should be aware of the poker facts as online poker is becoming mainstream.


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