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Exciting Maths Puzzle Games for Adults: What To Play

Mathematics is not a simple subject. While some have solid math skills, others may not. There are several math games for astute mathematicians and anyone simply looking for math puzzles or brain teasers. On the internet, you’ll come across plenty of math games for kids as tutoring for students in the subject has boomed since the pandemic. That being said, we have compiled a list of engaging and exciting maths puzzle games for adults to put their thinking skills to the ultimate test.

Online Math Puzzle Games Designed for Adults


2048 is an engaging math-based game and one of the best math games on mobile. As part of it, you must move tiles around and combine the ones having the same numbers. The tiles, when combined, double the number. Therefore, you can combine two threes to create a six. The game goes on until you can’t move tiles any further or hit the 2048 number. This addictive math game comes with easy-to-understand mechanics, an array of board sizes, and it’s also family-friendly. It is available to play for free on the MPL app.


Sudoku is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most popular math games. On mobile, you’ll come across many different versions worth giving a try. We’re sure you already know what this math game is and how you should play it. You need to fill out a grid of numbers in such a way that every row, column, and subgrid include numbers one through nine. The variants may have additional rules. However, this is the basic principle. If you’re someone who loves solving puzzles, you’re going to have a lot of fun with Sudoku. What’s more, it also helps promote brain health.

Here are some tips on Sudoku to take a look at in case you’re a beginner in the game. Also, learn how to play Sudoku on the MPL app.

Math Clash

Math Class is a straightforward game of math puzzles where players select the tiles put forward to them that best matches the figure given on the board. The goal is to tap the numbers on the grid in a random combination in order to add them up to the target value. It is based on the concept of mathematical addition. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. This is an extremely addictive game for those who enjoy math puzzles while racing against time. Play Math Clash for free or compete with a friend on the MPL app.

21 Puzzle

21 Puzzle is one of those math games involving cards. The objective of the player is to stack up cards that add up to a total of 21. You stand chances of gaining greater rewards with better combos. You can use wild cards to clear any stack. A wrong stack of cards will get you busted. The game continues for three minutes, and the player with the higher score is deemed the winner. It involves certain mathematical skills as well as knowledge of cards. Get started with 21 Puzzle right away on the MPL app and play freely, join a tournament, or battle with friends.

Math Master

Math Master is another one of those math games styled in the fashion of brain teasers. The key is to find an answer to each arithmetic puzzle as quickly as possible. You get the choice of focusing specifically on a single math type, such as addition or subtraction or mix things up based on your preference. It has a simplistic UI, but the math is quite solid, and the game is sufficiently engrossing. It also functions in nearly a dozen languages, adding to its universal appeal. With games like these, mathematics is sure to become less boring and more enjoyable.

Math Riddles

As the name suggests, it is a riddles app with math at its core. It boasts a clean, slick, and minimalistic UI, featuring several math logic puzzles. Some might turn out to be easy, while some can really test your skills. You can add Math Riddles to the list of math games that work equally well for both adults and kids.

If solving puzzles and finding answers to questions is indeed your cup of tea, this game is worth a try. The game looks at some of the puzzles as IQ tests, but once you’re able to look past the basic category titles, you’re in for a good time. Also, it’s totally free to play.

Offline Math Games That Adults Enjoy


KenKen is for those who enjoy grid-based math puzzles. It appears like a number cross and sudoku grid combined. Created back in 2004 by a famous Japanese math instructor named Tetsuya Miyamoto, it regularly gets featured in newspapers like The New York Times and many others. It challenges kids, students, and adults to fine-tune their basic maths proficiency and apply critical thinking skills and logic to solve puzzles.


Kakuro, also known as “Cross Sums,” is yet another game that features maths-based crossword puzzles. Players should use numbers one to nine to get to “clues” on the outside of the row. For younger, less-experienced players, it is advisable to reduce the size of the grid to make it less challenging. The game is designed to help enhance math skills and solve problems under a single umbrella of challenges.

Magic Square

A recreational form of math puzzles, Magic square, as a game, has existed for several thousands of years. It was apparently brought to Western civilization through translated Arabic texts during the Renaissance. Magic squares can be of a wide variety of sizes; however, the three-by-three grid is the smallest version possible.

For instance, arrange a grid in such a way that the sum of any three straight digits in a line (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally) together equals 15. There are multiple variations of the Magic square with added constraints and different operations such as multiplication. It can even contain geometric shapes instead of numbers. It is also considered a common mathematical hobby to solve half-completed magic squares.


Like that of Sudoku, Str8ts requires players to utilize their logic skills to position numbers in blank squares. It is available as a print puzzle for books, magazines, and newspapers magazines. As part of the game, the numbers could be consecutive but can appear in any order. The tougher version of these intriguing math puzzles is suited better to grown-ups than kids. It can not only help develop logical skills but also add to the general learning of concepts.


In the compelling world of math puzzles, everyone’s got something to learn and develop. While practice makes perfect, there are certain games that you can try without having to learn math concepts in detail. Have a go at any of these games, and let us know if you found them enjoyable. Play exciting maths puzzle games on MPL and keep adding to your skills.

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