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The Best Brain Games to Play on Android Devices

We no longer consider brain games to be an innovative concept for brain training and improvement. In today’s world, it has become an absolute necessity. Our brain cells slowly start to lose their capabilities with time. Brain development games will be super helpful if you want to keep your brain sharp and on point. You can use them as a brain training tool, adding to effective mental stimulation and cognitive function. Brain games can improve your memory and reflexes as well as develop your logical reasoning. Both kids and adults can benefit from them.

Brain training has become increasingly popular recently, especially as the pandemic forced us all to be indoors and depend on our devices. It is said to aid in improving your memory, logic skills, and response time. However, research depicts that the correlation between brain training games and improved cognitive function is very sophisticated. However, there’s quite a lot of brain games to try if you’re an Android user. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones you can play to enhance your mental fitness and focus.

Best Brain Games on Android: The Definitive List

1. Sudoku

Sudoku benefits

Topping our list is Sudoku, a placement-of-numbers game relying on short-term memory. You need to be forward-thinking and closely keep up with trails of consequences to win a game of Sudoku. Such deep levels of planning help improve general concentration and memory. In general, it offers plenty of brain health benefits.

Sudoku is playable online – on an app like MPL or paper. Watch out for Sudoku games in your daily newspaper, order a book with several exciting puzzles, or download a free app on your Android smartphone or tablet to play. You can find Sudoku puzzles in varying degrees of difficulty. If you’re a beginner Sukodu player, play the free practice games to understand the rules.

Features (on MPL):

• The Sudoku puzzles comprise 9×9 grids with 81 squares or cells

• The grid is further segregated into 9 blocks with 9 squares each

• Each block needs to contain all numbers from 1 to 9

• Each number can only appear once in all rows, columns, or blocks

• The players need to fill all the blank squares before the timer ends

• If a player loses 5 lives in the game, that player loses the game

2. Speed Chess

chess game myths

Chess is unquestionably one of the most popular games worldwide. Not only does it qualify among brain games that significantly improve strategic thinking, but it also serves the purpose of strengthening your working memory. Origin of the Chess game happened in sixth century North India, from where it quickly spread across the rest of Asia and eventually, Europe. The rest, as we know, is history.

An exciting board game for centuries, Chess boasts multiple variants and is also available to play on our Android smartphones currently. Speed Chess is a game that’s designed to work your mind to the fullest. It requires timeliness, attentiveness, and intelligence. You also get the opportunity to win real money rewards when you play the Speed Chess variant on MPL.

Features (on MPL):

• The game features a total of 32 Chess pieces on the board

• Six distinct pieces – Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King

• The movement of the pieces are in line with regular Chess

• You win by checkmating the King

• A 2-minute timer applies to every game

3. Block Puzzle

block puzzle game
Play Block Puzzle

Akin to the classic game of Tetris, Block Puzzle is a fun casual puzzle game that you can play on the MPL app. The oldest version of Block Puzzle is supposedly one of the first games made available on mobile phones before the arrival of smartphones. It is played on a 9×9 grid wherein the objective is to arrange the differently-shaped blocks on the board and clear as many cells as possible to secure points.

The player needs to systematically assemble the available shapes on the board to fill out the vertical or horizontal spaces. Block Puzzle is a game that puts your mind to work in thinking about what pieces to place where. Quickness and intelligent thinking are keys to winning the game.

Features (on MPL):

• There are 3 different shapes provided in a set

• A 2-minute timer applies

• Clearing multiple rows fetch bonus points

• The player with the higher score wins

Know more about how to get a high score in block puzzle game online.

4. Math Clash

best brain games - math clash

Are you a fan of Math puzzle games? Then, look no further than Math Clash – an interesting Math-based game that’s playable on the MPL Pro app. Math Clash is based on the concept of arithmetic addition. The player with the highest points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

It works the brain with its racy approach (with a timer), the use of quick problem-solving skills, and having everything to do with numbers. This increasingly addictive game is for everyone who loves games designed to aid your computational skills, simultaneously working as an effective brain exercise.

Features (on MPL):

• Tap numbers in a random combination

• Select tiles matching the figure provided on the board

• The number tiles are refreshed automatically

• Better the combination, better the score

5. Quiz

quiz games

Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned game of quizzes? MPL Quiz game is full of exciting trivia questions from various niches such as sports, Bollywood, science, current affairs, and more. Playing quiz games not only proves to be an excellent mental workout but also acts as a means to gather and assimilate information from diverse fields.

It is essential to stay on top of current affairs, go through insightful blogs and articles, and be observant and receptive to everything happening around the globe to become an excellent quiz master.

Features (on MPL):

• Simple user interface

• Score points by picking correct answers

• Timer applicable to each question

• The player having the higher score wins the battle

6. 2048

Another Math-based game makes it to our list owing to its exciting game mechanics. 2048 on MPL is designed to help you think quickly and creatively. When two tiles bearing the same number clash, they merge together. The combined tiles form the sum of the original number.

At each point in the game, you can move the number tiles in any of the four directions of the screen (left, right, up, or down). Once tiles touch and merge, a new number tile lands at a random empty space on the grid. The game focuses on the usage of structure, perseverance in problem-solving, and uncovering strategies.

Features (on MPL):

• Easy to understand gameplay mechanics

• The game stops when a 2048 tile is created

• The player having the higher score wins

7. Skillz

Skillz is one of the top brain games for Android. It is available free of cost and helps test and enhance your memory powers by offering you suitable brain-related exercises. Mini-games included in it are bound to improve your memory.

It can boost the speed of brain functioning and improve flexibility and attention spans. You can start the games with a fit test, calibrating your present speed, mind, skill, and attention state. The game gets increasingly fascinating as you progress, so don’t be turned off by how it appears at first.


• Train yourself every day with a new challenge

• Attend training programs available daily, weekly, and monthly

• Compare performances with other online players

• Improve memory power, touch ability, brain accuracy, and speed

8. Peak

One of the best free brain games app for Android, Peak offers 45 fun games. Designed for users of all ages, it helps you boost your problem-solving skills and sharpening memory. They intend to transcend your brain limits with short, rigorous workouts designed around everyday life. Put your skills to the ultimate challenge starting with the ones that matter the most. This is done using games that test your memory, focus, mental agility, problem-solving skill and more.


• Compete with your buddies online and observe results

• The games work in offline mode as well

• Personalize your workout plans and set reminders accordingly

9. CogniFit

CogniFit takes full advantage of the latest research in neuroplasticity and comes up with specific brain workouts that cater to various cognitive skills that we use daily. You gain access to a large number of games through the platform. You can customize and select specific brain training exercises and upgrade your cognitive skills based on your preferred regimen.


• Extremely user-friendly interfaces and experience design

• Build your own workouts and compare cognitive skills with other users

• 20+ mental games to play

10. Elevate

Elevate is a brain-training app that aims to improve memory, speaking skills, attention, processing speed, math skills, and many more. Every user is offered a personalized training program that aligns automatically with the set goals to maximize results.

The more you train, the more improvement you’ll notice in vital cognitive skills connected to self-confidence and productivity. Minimum usage of 3 times per week is what the makers recommend to witness improvement in cognitive skills.


• Comprehensive performance tracking

• Find 40+ brain games ready to play

• Workout calendar to track your streaks


If you own and use an Android device, you must definitely check out these exciting brain games. Apart from being a great stress-buster, they can also add immensely to strong thinking and intelligence.

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