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Brain Games For Adults That Are a Must-Play!

When it comes to brain training, we come across many games that are specially designed for this. Examples of such games are number games, memory games, brain teasers, and puzzles. Nowadays, smartphones have come up with a host of pure fun brain games as well. If you’re curious to know more, here are the best brain games and memory games for adults that you can play with just a click of a button.

What are Brain Games?

Brain training games are fun and help condition our brains to be sharper and better. It saves us from cognitive impairment. What does a brain game have? Retaining memory (remembering certain objects, for instance), word memory, visual and spatial perception.

Why should adults try Brain Games?

To prevent your brain from falling victim to dementia and the decline of cognitive abilities, ensure that you keep your brain active. Eat healthily, stay socially involved, and ensure that your brain is engaged for a certain amount of time. There are many brain training games to choose from. Let us know the types of memory games for adults.

Types of Brain Games?

Language: Scrabble, Jumbled words, Wordle, Crossword puzzles

Visual-Spatial: Mazes, Jigsaws

Problem Solving: Chess, Sudoku, Logic Games

Memory Games and Concentration: Trivial Pursuit, match games like Candy Clash, Candy Crush

Here is a list of popular brain training games that are a must-try.

Offline Brain Games


Beginning from the times of Mahabharata, when you think of an actively challenging game with complex strategies, chess comes to mind. The chess game trains your working memory and improves decision-making skills. The strategy-based game improves your concentration skills as well. Get your mental gears working with a game of chess.

If you do not have an actual chessboard, several apps have the game and its types, like Bughouse Chess, Fischer Random Chess, etc. On MPL, play chess with Speed Chess, which we’ll talk more about.

The prominent chess figures are Garry Kasparov and Bobby Fischer. In India, Vishwanathan Anand is a very prominent figure.

Playing a game of Chess- Brain Games
Playing a game of Chess

Crossword Puzzles

Another word game that you cannot miss mentioning is the good old crossword puzzle. Along with increasing your vocabulary and fluency, this helps minimize cognitive decline—Crossword puzzle games aid in developing mental agility and enhanced memory and attention skills. For variety, you can also try out different types of crossword puzzles. Try Cryptic Crosswords, Blocked Grids, Thematic Crosswords, Codeword Crosswords, or a simple Word Search.

Talking about online crossword games, here are a few apps you can try on Android:

Crosswords with Friends, CodyCross, Cryptic Crossword, English Crossword, Picture Perfect Crossword.

Crossword Puzzle- Brain Games
Crossword Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles

To engage your short-term memory, Jigsaw puzzle games are the way to go. In a jigsaw puzzle, your brain has to distinguish between multiple colours and shapes- the more the number of pieces, the more complex the brain has to churn. Don’t you get a surge of happiness when you solve a jigsaw puzzle? That’s the dopamine hit. So, along with brain training, there is a release of happy hormones. So, why not attempt a jigsaw puzzle right away?

For the online option, you can try these jigsaw puzzle games: Jigsaw Puzzles Epic, Jigsaw Puzzles Real, Ravensburger Puzzle, and Magic Jigsaw Puzzle.

Another memory game for adults that is beneficial is the tile game 2048.

Tile/Card Matching Games

Another type of memory exercise is a matching card game. The main objective is to match as many pairs as quickly as possible and earn the maximum points. You can play such variations online, like the tile-matching game Mahjong. In such games, you have to lay down a number of cards face down, flip over two at a time, and try to memorize where the matches are.

Some well-known matching games are Dominoes, board games like Mahjong, card games like Rummy or Concentration, and tile-matching games. The tile-matching games you can play on the phone are Bejeweled Blitz, Pet Rescue Saga, Pokemon Shuffle, Marvel Puzzle Quest, etc.


Another game that is a must-try for brain fitness is Scrabble. It improves focus and strategic thinking, as well as learning new vocabulary. You can also learn to develop anagrams as well!

Few studies suggest that by playing Scrabble, you use the parts of the brain that connect to visual perception and working memory. Hence, this proves that different brain areas are functioning when you play such games. So, get your Scrabble board right away!

Scrabble Go is everyone’s favourite app when it comes to online gaming. Like the original version, the competitive spelling game aids concentration and vocabulary. It is fun to play with friends, on the computer, on your phone, or with complete strangers on the internet.

Online Brain Training Games you can play on MPL

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is a fun casual puzzle game similar to Tetris that you can play on the MPL app. It is a game that you play on a 9×9 grid. You have to arrange blocks of different shapes on the board and clear as many cells as possible to get points.

The player needs to fill out the vertical and horizontal spaces that are available. Being quick on your feet and having sharp decision-making skills will help you score more.

How to Play on MPL

• In a set, there are three different shapes

• You have to clear rows within a 2-minute timer

• To get bonus points, clear multiple rows

• The player who has the higher score wins

block games online- Block Puzzle game
Play Block Puzzle on MPL

Speed Chess

The chess game has existed for centuries. Nowadays, there are multiple variants to play and choose from. On MPL, you will have the Speed Chess variant that you must try. It needs your complete and unwavering attention along with the presence of mind within a particular timeframe. What’s more, you can also win real money and prizes when you play the Speed Chess game here.

How to Play on MPL

• There are a total of 32 Chess pieces on the board

• Six distinct pieces – Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King

• The movement of the pieces is in line with regular chess

•Once you checkmate the King, you become the winner

• You have to win within a 2-minute timer.

MPL Speed Chess
MPL Speed Chess

Candy Clash

A game akin to the popular Candy Crush, in this game you’ll be paired with an opponent whom you have to beat within a stipulated time. This is a unique tile-matching game that you must try on MPL.

How to Play on MPL

  • Swipe to match sets of three or more candies of the same colour.
  • To create special candies, match 4 or 5 candies in different formations.
  • When you have four candies in a square box of 2×2, try to form a teddy bear candy of that colour.
  • Depending on the direction of the stripes, you can clear an entire row or column.
  • When you switch a regular candy with a colour bomb, it will clear all candies of that colour from the board.

Online Brain training games for adults

Several brain training apps have come in recent times to your aid. This is a good brain exercise, boosting different parts of your brain. There are various categories, which we will explore here.


A classic memory game for adults commonly found in the newspapers, it is now on mobile as well. Sudoku stresses brain skills like short-term memory, calculation, and problem-solving skills. To finish a Sudoku game, you have to fill the 3×3 grid with the numbers from 1 to 9. You cannot repeat any number in a column, square, or row. This game increases concentration, among other brain skills.

Some Sudoku apps are Andoku Sudoku 2, Sudoku Fun, Sudoku Quest, Sudoku Pro etc. Most of these apps are free, and you can play them offline.

Also Read: 5 Ways Sudoku Promotes Brain Health


Lumosity is an established brain training app to ensure brain health. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and play up to three games per day, or apply for the subscription for more. Lumosity has the brain and mental fitness games, and tests and these games have been researched. Play them on the website, or download the app for free for iOS and Android. Some features that can be pointed out are getting various tips to improve your accuracy, speed, and strategy. On Lumosity, you get a new set of innovative games based on your practice modes. Improve your computation skills and reading skills and acquire knowledge of words. You can play these brain-healthy games within a short time. The games are suitable for children and adults alike.


Eidetic is an app that uses some mental agility and principles to help you remember anything. It is a memory game wherein, using “spaced repetition,” the app asks you to choose a piece of information that you want to store, then interrupts you at random intervals to quiz about it. Enhances cognitive and working memory. Definitely an apt memory game for adults.

100 Logic Games

On the iOS platform, 100 Logic Games is a free app that contains plenty of brain training games., It features 100 games and activities designed for your brain fitness. These games enhance your problem-solving and logical reasoning skills.

Brain HQ

BrainHQ app has twenty-nine brain games with different levels of challenges. The difficulty levels increase as and when you progress in various exercises. These games have enriched your memory,  speed, accuracy, attention, and navigation skills with scientific data and research. You can compare your previous score with the current score and improve on them. You can also schedule a reminder for your next brain game. With regular practice, you can boost your cognitive training; you can act faster and build self-confidence.


One of the most well-known brain training games for adults, you will be one of those users that will focus on all aspects of the brain. The games are primarily based on language, aka reading, writing, speaking, and math. You can personalize your training to pinpoint areas where you want to improve. Record and track your progress and observe how your skills are improving.

Download the Elevate app, free within the in-app purchases, and access 35 brain games.


A brain training game that has gained significant acclaim in recent times is Wordle. Test your language skills here. It is a daily word game that is fun and simple that you can attempt once a day. Each day, there is a new word, and you have to guess it. In Wordle, players get six chances to predict the five-letter word. If the spot shows up green, it is the right word. It is a correct letter when it is yellow but at the wrong spot. You will get a gray spot when you get a wrong letter and a wrong spot.

You are allowed to enter six words, and you will have to figure out the word with the chances. With the hints given, you have to check the placement of the word and get the answer in three, two, or one attempt.

You should also check out Happy Neuron, Skillz, Quiz Up, and Boggle with Friends.

Video and Computer Games

When you hear discussions about the impact of video games, it’s usually about violence and adverse effects. But did you know video games can be beneficial for boosting cognitive function?

Particular types of video games can have positive benefits on the brain. Action games can help improve your ability to make quick decisions or focus on an important object. And racing games help improve eye-hand coordination.

Nintendo Brain Age: Concentration Training

A video game for the Nintendo 3DS, Bain Age is a puzzle video game to activate and refine the individual’s working memory and concentration. The game exercises are a collection of math problems, card matching, etc.

Super Mario 64

To develop your spatial memory and recognition ability, try three-dimensional games like Super Mario 64. The game has a course of 15 games, like finding hidden objects, puzzles and obstacle races, and Mario fighting enemies.


In games like Battlefield, you have to make decisions and information stored in the memory. What information you can discard depends on the task that must be accomplished. This is your working memory. In this game, the player in control is Sgt. Recker (Reck), who has to lead a squad of soldiers. Battles are fought on land, air, and sea and with additional water-based vehicle combat. Players can use a variety of weapons to adapt to different survival modes.


You cannot complete this list without mentioning Tetris when you talk about brain training games. You have to eliminate four lines simultaneously to achieve a Tetris Clear Line. Basically, you have to take blocks from the top to the bottom of the screen. You are allowed to rotate the blocks and move them to the left or the right. From 1984 till the present, everyone has loved the game of Tetris.

World of Warcraft

The multiplayer role-playing game (RPG) improves brain health by improving cognitive abilities. A globally popular game, you can play it for free with their Starter Pack, which allows you to play up to 20 levels. To unlock further, you have to pay for their subscription model.


Again among the well-liked games, Minecraft improves spatial reasoning skills, construction, and planning skills. The open sand world sandbox game has terrain with trees, dirt, rocks, water, and a lot more. Players have to go through various activities, like building things, exploration, and combat. There are no specific targets, but there are different modes: survival, adventure, and creative. Often, Minecraft helps educate children in the science of city planning to language skills. Minecraft Classic is free to play everywhere.

Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme

The latest Asphalt game is free to play and has many features to boast. The game boosts the player’s hand-eye coordination and comes with excellent graphics, solid mechanics, and an abundance of content to play. Asphalt has over 800 weekly and monthly events with 50 types of cars to unlock and more. In addition, Asphalt Xtreme is an excellent arcade racer in the franchise. Though it might not be a typical memory game for adults, it is worth a shot.

In Conclusion

There you have it! The list of brain games for adults is a range of online and offline games. Brain training is as important as exercise for the body. So, get ready to put them to use!

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