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20 Free Online Games for Adults to Play Against Live Players

In a pool of thousands of free online games, you would mostly come across mobile games where you have to play against the computer. We are talking about fast-paced hyper-casual online games that can even be played during short breaks. Wouldn’t it be better if you had the option to play quick matches against online opponents?

Well, here’s a curated list of handpicked, entertaining, and challenging online games that you can play with real players online anytime. These free online games for adults are fast-paced, which means they last for 2-3 minutes, have simple game rules and minimalistic mechanics. To top it off, you can also play cash games if you feel confident enough to win battles against different players and stand a chance to win real cash prizes. All you need is your device, a stable internet connection, and just 2-3 minutes of your time to take up a fun challenge in any preferred game.

Without any further ado, here’s one of the most sought out lists of the best free online games from popular genres like arcade, card, sports, puzzle, classic, endless runner games categories. You can find all of these fun games on one single platform – the MPL app. Pick your preferred game and play the free games against live opponents or try your hand at the cash battles to win cash prizes.

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Arcade Games

Fruit Chop

Fruit chop is one of the most popular swipe-style games played by adults of all age groups. This game is available for all Android and iOS users and features free practice battles and cash battles. Fruit chop is one of the most refreshing games online for adults with minimal game controls. Just swipe a finger on the screen to chop fruits and score points. Burst the stress by chopping maximum fruits in one shot and aiming for a higher score than the opponent to win.


You’ve probably played the basketball game on an arcade gaming machine before, shooting hoops until the timer ends, trying to rack up your score. This game is similar but comes with more exciting twists. The hoops game is all about shooting the basketball into the ring. The twist here is the special cards that get activated automatically while playing the game. These special cards either make it easy to shoot a basket or increase the difficulty. The goal is to shoot a lot of baskets and get a higher score than the opponent to win. Play hoops for free or join the cash battles on your Android or iOS devices.

Bubble Shooter

One of the best ways of bursting the stress after a tiring day is by playing the bubble shooter game and bursting colorful bubbles. The objective of this game is to clear the playing field by popping bubbles . You can pop the bubbles by forming groups of three or more same color bubbles. Prevent the bubbles from reaching the bottom of the screen. Play longer for a higher score to defeat your opponent. You can play free online bubble shooter games or join the cash battles as well.

Block Puzzle

Looking for free online games like the old Tetris game? Block Puzzle is the ideal choice if you like playing puzzle games and arranging different shapes on the game board. The block puzzle game features three different shapes that must be placed on the grid before three new shapes appear. The objective is to complete columns or rows to clear the grid and make space to fit more shapes. Train against an online player in the free battles before entering the cash contests to win cash prizes.

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Card Games


For gamers who enjoy playing card puzzle games online, Solitaire is the perfect card game. The classic solitaire game that was played offline on desktops gained instant popularity on mobile gaming platforms. The card game is a fast-paced timer-based game where the objective is to arrange all cards in a suit-specific ascending order from ace to king and place the sets in the foundation pile. The player that makes the most sets before the timer ends gets a higher score and wins the game. You can play unlimited free games with online players and even join cash battles to win real cash.

Call Break

Call Break is one of the easiest trick-taking online games for gamers who find it challenging to comprehend rummy and poker rules. The call break card game is a multiplayer game played between four players. The game lasts for five rounds, and every player must win the exact number of tricks as declared at the beginning of each round. Call Break is a challenging yet entertaining game that you can play for free or with cash.

Puzzle Games


Undoubtedly, Sudoku is one of the best and most addictive online games in the puzzle games category. This game comes with a timer which makes it more challenging. Find maximum solutions to increase your score and avoid filling the blanks with wrong answers, or you would lose lives. You can play the Sudoku game for free online on the MPL app or choose to join cash contests.

Word Search

If you are looking for crossword puzzles, the Word Search game is one of the best online games to play in competition with online players. You need to search the words given at the bottom of the screen within the crossword puzzle. Find the maximum words before the timer ends, and you can win this game with a higher score than the opponent.

Build Up

If you like to play free online games for adults like Tetris and Block Puzzle, you would have fun playing the Build Up game. Unlike Block Puzzle, Build Up is played on a 3D playing area with the objective of stacking 3D blocks compactly on top of each other. Avoid letting the blocks cross the specified limit, or you could lose the game. You can play free online games or join cash contests and tournaments to win real money.

Play Build Up games for free with online players here!

Classic Games


Carrom is one of the most entertaining online games that is etched in the hearts of millions. Online carrom is the best board game for all age groups played in a 1v1 multiplayer mode. The game rules are similar to a professional carrom board game where each player is assigned either black or white pucks. The objective is to pot the assigned pucks and the queen before the opponent to win the game. You can play unlimited carrom online games with different opponents and enhance your online carrom skills before you enter the cash battles as a carrom pro.

Speed Chess

Speed chess is the best strategy-based brain game that intrigues a lot of players. Based on the classic chess game, Speed Chess is fast-paced as it involves a timer. Each player is given a timer to make their moves, and the objective is to checkmate the opponent before the timer ends. This game promises an adrenaline rush as you don’t have much time to think of your moves and strategies. You can play speed chess for free on the app against online players and even enter cash battles to win real money.


You can play the fun childhood board game Ludo for free on your mobile. This game, when played online, is more entertaining than the classic ludo board game, as each player has to play their turn within a specific time limit. The timer makes the game fast-paced; therefore, you can play quick matches with online players during breaks. Ludo features only free ludo games for Android users.

Here are some of the best board games of all time you can play on a game night.

8 Ball Blast

8 ball blast has to be one of the most entertaining pool games you’ve ever played. This game has fun twists that make playing pool more entertaining. Each pocket on the table has a multiplier that keeps changing after every turn. Depending on which pocket you pot a ball, the score gets multiplied based on the multiplier and the number on the object ball. The objective is to get a higher score than the opponent before the timer ends.


While 8 ball blast is a tweaked version of 8 ball pool, this pool game is the classic 8 ball pool. You are pitted against an online player, and each of you is assigned the solid or striped balls. The objective is to pot your assigned balls and the 8 ball in the end, but you have to pot all the balls before your opponent if you want to win the game. 8 ball pool features free battles where you can play against online players and upgrade your skills. You can also choose to play a preferred cash battle when you feel ready.

Sports Games

World Cricket Championship 2

If you are looking to play the best cricket games online, you must get your hands on the WCC2 game. It is one of the best cricket games for cricket enthusiasts. WCC2 features multiple batting shots, bowling actions, cricket formats, international venues, and more that you will love. For a realistic cricket experience, this is definitely the go-to game for you. You can play WCC2 in a 1v1 and 1vN multiplayer mode for free on the app. Depending on whether you want to only bat or play a complete match with batting and bowling, you can choose from the two available games modes.

Baseball Stars

Baseball has always been a popular sport in the US but is gaining tremendous popularity in India as well. The online baseball stars game is a simple game with easy controls and game mechanics. All you need to do in this game is score runs by hitting the runs displayed on the screen. Aim for the Home Runs and stay away from the negative runs or Strikes. Score higher runs than your opponent till the timer ends, and you can win this fun baseball game.


One of the fun outdoor games that are pretty popular on online gaming platforms is Bowling. The online bowling game completely matches the fun you have while playing bowling in an actual bowling alley. You can knock off the pins with a flick of your finger, sending the bowling ball down the lane. Aim for strikes to maximize your score and defeat your opponent quickly. Bowling offers free games and multiple cash battles to stay entertained for a long time.


How easy does shooting arrows towards a moving target sound? It doesn’t get any easier when you play the archery game online. Factors such as a moving target and the wind direction impact your aim and make the game challenging yet fun. Improve your aim with the free practice games against online players and play the cash games to win real cash prizes. The archery game also features a timer within which you have to shoot maximum targets and earn a higher score.

Endless Runner

Runner No. 1

If you’re looking to play endless runner games where you can beat your own score every time you play, Runner No. 1 is the perfect game. The game features free battles, beginner special cash battles, and other cash contests. With easy game controls, the objective is to keep running, dodge the obstacles, collect coins to rack up your score, and hope that your opponent collides into an obstacle for an easy win.

City Surfer

Another popular game in the endless runner games category is the City Surfer game. The game is based amidst the hustle-bustle of a city, and the objective is to keep running while collecting coins and dodging the city buses and other obstacles. Don’t miss collecting a hoverboard as it can save your life! Doesn’t this game ring a bell?

Now that you have access to a curated list of the best free online games for adults selecting a game and getting started would be easier. The experience of playing hyper-casual games against real players online can’t be better than this. All you need is to download the MPL app, ensure you have a stable internet connection, and choose a preferred game from over 60 games. To play any game online on the app, select a battle and follow the game instructions. You can play unlimited free games on the app and even try your hand at cash games and tournaments when you feel confident.

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