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About the Runner No.1 Game

Runner No.1 is an endless running 3D video game. In this online game, the player controls an explorer being chased by a bear across different terrains. The player’s score depends on how long they manage to run without colliding with obstacles or falling off cliffs. They must also stay ahead of the bear that is chasing them! Gold coins collected while running yield Bonus Points.

Features of the Runner No. 1 game

At regular intervals, the game alternates between icy and forest terrains. Some of the obstacles encountered include ditches, cliffs and turns. The speed of the explorer increases with time, making it harder for the player to control their character. Power-ups are also generated at regular intervals. These include the 'Rocker', 'Magnet', 'Heart' and 'Star Speed', which can help players increase their scores

How to Play Runner No. 1 Online With MPL

The Basics

Runner No. 1 starts with the player trying to run away from a big brown bear. The objective of this MPL game is to keep running as far as possible while avoiding any obstacles along the way. You can move the player to the left or right by tilting the device accordingly. Slide up or down to avoid obstacles. Collect coins for Bonus Points


You can collect power-ups along the way to increase your score. You must jump through a power-up to collect it. A timer around the power-up icon indicates how much time is left before the power-up vanishes

These are the 4 different types of power-ups


When activated, all the coins around you will be automatically collected


When activated, it helps you speed past all obstacles and cover a large distance. Please note that you can't collect coins when this power-up is active

Star Speed (2X)

When activated, your running speed is increased by 2X


When activated, the player will not be affected by any obstacle

Battling with Online Runner No.1 Players

To play in a 1-vs-1 battle, go to the battles tab in the MPL app and select the Runner No. 1 game. When you start a battle, you're matched against an online opponent. Once the fee has been deducted, the game starts, and both the players will start running. The player whose score is higher gets the prize money. You can play for cash for higher winnings or play in token rooms

Steps to play


Tilt to move left/right


Swipe up to jump


Swipe down to slide


Increase score with powerups like Rocket, Magnet, Heart, Starspeed


Game ends when you die

The Game will End If

You hit any trunk that lies in your way
You fall into a pit
You fall out of the track upon missing any of the twists and turns
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Types of Runner No. 1 Game Tournaments

The game supports both tournament and battle formats. In the tournament format, the objective of the players is to get the best high score by the time the tournament ends. You can also play live against another online player in a multiplayer - multi-winner battle format, where the objective is to last longer than your opponents. The game supports playing against up to 4 players at the same time

The Maximum Amount Players can Win

On a typical day, there are players who win more than ₹30,000 per day in Runner No.1. It is possible for skilled players to win ₹60,000 to ₹70,000 per day as well


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How do I make the character turn left or right?

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