Baseball is a well-known sport in North America, Japan, and Canada and has gained prominence in India. Just when the game started to take shape in the country, the deadly Coronavirus pandemic hit, forcing people to stay indoors. But don't worry, on MPL, you can get a real-life experience of playing Baseball on your mobile and win real cash and rewards, all from the comfort of your couches.
The game physics of Baseball Star on MPL is the best in the industry, and the thrill of slamming that home run and seeing your points soar is second to none. So, what are you waiting for? Get that bat of yours ready to rumble. Download the MPL app, and start playing Baseball Star!
Baseball Star is your quintessential batting game. As the pitcher sends down the ball, you wait for it to arrive in your arc and then tap anywhere on the screen to swing the bat. Here timing is the key. You attain points when your shot hits the board with runs. Hitting a board with HR (home run) written on it gives you 4 points. Similarly, 3B (bases) gives you 3 points, 2B (bases) 2 points, while 1B (base) gives you 1 point. The player needs to avoid boards with -1 and Strike.
Baseball Star is a fun way of spending time after a stressful day, and you have a chance to win real cash every day. Calling all Baseball fans out there - this game is meant just for you!
A slick user interface coupled with an easy-to-control theme makes Baseball Star one of MPL's easiest and most popular games. Here, you are the driver of your team, the playing field is your arena, and it is all upon you to improve your score.
The rules regarding how to play Baseball Star on MPL are pretty straightforward.
Baseball has been around for decades and stands as a premier sport in several countries. Professional Baseball involves two teams of 9 players, and the game is played on a diamond-shaped baseball field. In an era where staying at home is the new normal, people often look for baseball games online. Baseball Star on MPL is just as exciting as the offline version and gives you a sense of playing in a real-life environment.
The key to winning real cash while playing Baseball Star is patience and practice.
Practice is key. While the controls might look easy enough, you must get used to the pitch and feel of the online game. For this, you should ideally play the free practice games and only then go for the battles.
Have patience. Don't be too eager to swing your bat. Let the ball come towards the strike zone and only then hit. Always keep your eye on the ball, as one slight error will cost you a strike.
Have a look at where the HR board is and if you feel it is in the extreme right or extreme left, go for the next target.
MPL is your one-stop destination for Baseball, and the best thing is that you can actually have fun and win real cash at the same time while playing. Playing Baseball on MPL is seamless, and you can play it any time, anywhere. Here are a few more reasons why you should play Baseball Star on MPL.
Best in industry graphics and hassle-free user experience.
100% secure and legal. Your winnings will be deposited into your account within minutes while all transactions made on the platform are safe.
Both practice games as well as cash contests are available depending on your ability.
Exciting offers, rewards, and bonuses.
Zero wait time.
The MPL gaming app is free and supported on both Android and iOS devices. To play Baseball Star on MPL, follow the steps given below:
Download the MPL app from by entering your mobile number for Android devices or directly from the Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device.
Once downloaded, install the app.
Search for Baseball Star and tap on install to download the game on your device.
Install the game, and here you are, ready to explore and play Baseball Star on the MPL app.

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