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Responsible Gaming Tips To Use While Playing Online Poker

Online gaming has become an indispensable part of our lives, especially, when most of us are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. Ever since work from home and lockdown have become the pillars of new normal, we have largely relied on online games for recreation and entertainment. Online Poker is one such game of skill that is thriving in India and is one of the most talked-about cash games that has garnered the liking of millions. Acing the game requires a significant amount of time and effort to climb up the ladder of skill, which may lead to addictive habits. Therefore, it has become more critical than ever to adopt responsible gaming measures while playing the game. Let’s understand what responsible gaming is and learn a few responsible gaming tips that can be used while playing online poker.

What is Responsible Gaming and why is it important in Poker?

Responsible gaming is important for all games played online, especially when playing games that involve real money. It is meant to monitor and correct a player’s behavior while playing an online game and to safeguard players on online gaming platforms while maintaining a healthy & competitive gaming environment.

Essentially, responsible gaming is a broad concept that encompasses several policies and requirements that are applicable for online gaming platforms to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of quality and protect players from the potential negative impacts of real money gaming.

The essence behind the concept of responsible gaming is that games should be played for leisure and recreation. Therefore, it’s alright to play poker with real money for recreation as long as you play responsibly.

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What does it imply?

The implications are:

  • The strategy-based game of skill should be pursued with healthy habits and should focus on fighting players’ irrational beliefs.
  • The skill component is reiterated and indicates that even if a player is bluffing, the player cannot control the game.
  • It also distinguishes this game of skill from a game of chance.

Some Useful Responsible Gaming Tips

Understanding and adopting responsible gaming measures is imperative for playing poker. Here are several responsible gaming tips you should follow to ensure you are playing responsibly:

Bankroll Management

One of the most important responsible gaming tips to follow is managing your bankroll so as to ensure that you only play with the money you can afford to lose. Bankroll management will facilitate you in managing your finances in real life. Ensure you stick to the budget and base your play on the strength of your bankroll. By setting a deposit limit, you limit yourself from playing beyond a certain amount.

Never Chase Losses

While playing poker online, if you feel trapped in a sphere of losses and you are losing the back-to-back games, it’s wise to quit. When players lose for the first time, they think they can make up for the loss in the next round. Ultimately, they get caught up in the vicious circle of losses, leaving behind a trail of failed attempts.  An important component of responsible gaming is to avoid chasing losses in the hope of winning everything back. 

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Game Selection

Another responsible gaming measure you can follow is learning how to choose the right game type. Whether it is Texas Hold’em or PLO, low stakes games or high stakes games, cash games or tournaments, you should know what suits you best. Select a game that you are confident about, a game that matches you with players of the same skill level. As a beginner, it’s best to start with low-stakes games and gradually move to high-stakes games as you gain experience, skills, and confidence.

Create a Balance

Undoubtedly, poker is a thrilling game that can keep you going for hours without keeping a track of the time. Playing for hours at a stretch can also lead to overspending and detachment from real life. It is absolutely essential to strike a balance between real-life and gaming. You can create a balance by moderating your playing time, taking breaks from the games, and controlling your emotions and gaming behavior. 

Avoid Playing when in a Bad Mood

While skill is the most important element when playing online poker, a bad mood can wreak havoc on your game. Remember, games are played only for entertainment and recreational purposes. If you play in a bad mood, you may let your emotions get involved in the game, which could ultimately lead to losses. When playing in a bad mood, players tend to make impulsive decisions that usually have a tragic ending. 

Responsible Gaming tools at your disposal

When playing poker variants on MPL, here are several responsible gaming tools you can use to play responsibly:

Deposit Limits:

The MPL app sets a deposit limit for players based on the net deposit made by the player or the net loss incurred for the player. Based on the history of your gameplay on the platform, the app sets a maximum limit on the net deposit for you. However, you can also set a lower limit than the one assigned by MPL. By setting the deposit limit for a particular period, all further deposits are blocked once that limit is reached.

Game Lock:

If you find yourself getting addicted to poker or playing for long hours, you can set a game lock for poker. The game lock puts a temporary halt to the game for the duration you choose to lock the game. For instance, if you set a game lock for poker for a week, you cannot play any poker games for a week. This feature also includes a lock on free games if available.

Reality Check:

The MPL app features a pop-up that is triggered at certain time intervals. These pop-ups provide a reality check to players and remind them to take a break or stop playing if they have been playing for too long.

Self Assessment Test:

You can also take quick self-assessment tests to assess if you need external support to guide you through responsible gaming. The self-assessment test is a survey questionnaire that is designed based on each player’s behavior. The results from this test will help you understand whether or not you are playing responsibly and if you need any help to curb any bad gaming habits.

Permanent Account Closure:

Despite all the responsible gaming tips and measures, if you are still addicted to playing poker or not playing responsibly, the last resort is closing your account permanently and cutting off all contact from the platform.  

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