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Why should you learn Pot Limit Omaha Poker?

Pot Limit Omaha Poker is one of the most played poker games besides Texas Hold’em. The similarity between both variants is the reason most poker players go back and forth between these games. 

Naturally, a player would pick the online poker game variant that they are best at to gain an edge in poker cash games and tournaments. However, where poker novices prefer starting with Texas Hold’em, more experienced, online poker players enjoy playing Pot Limit Omaha.

Benefits of playing Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Pot Limit Omaha Poker is quite similar to Texas Hold’em but is practically more challenging. Therefore, if you have a good understanding of Texas Hold’em and want more challenges in your game, it’s time to move on. Here are several reasons why you should learn Pot Limit Omaha.

PLO prepares you for other poker variants

If you are looking to increase your win rate, you must definitely learn Pot Limit Omaha. This variant of online poker trains you for other variants, making you a versatile poker player. PLO enhances your handling and tilt control skills and makes it easy to adapt to other online poker game variants. For instance, if you learn how to handle Omaha’s difficult upswings and downswings, handling the same in other variants will be a piece of cake. Similarly, if you learn how to be patient in Omaha’s situations, the tilt control skill helps immensely in other variants as well.

More fun and challenging than Texas Hold’em

Poker beginners and novices usually start with the Texas Hold’em variant, as it is easier than Omaha. However, after a point, the games start to get a little boring. That’s why many players like playing PLO for the added fun and challenging element. The fresh challenges of Omaha stimulate the mind and work as a motivation booster. In fact, if you play Pot Limit Omaha, your Texas Hold’em skills get better automatically. For instance, in Hold’em, the most vital skills are calculating pot odds, counting outs, and assessing your opponent’s possible ranges. These three skills are used to their full potential while playing PLO, and you can use your abilities to play Texas Hold’em like a pro.

A hub for Poker Fishes

So, where do you think you can find more poker fishes? The recreational and amateur players, also known as fishes in poker, usually prefer playing low stakes as they lack the skills to win big leagues. You would think that you could find more fishes in Texas Hold’em because that’s where most beginners and novices are. However, with the increasing popularity of Hold’em, even average players can easily outmatch a fish. Therefore, numerous casual players have shifted to PLO.

Omaha involves additional two-hole cards in comparison to Hold’em, which changes the dynamics of the game. To make the best hands in this game, the players need to develop a PLO strategy, which is difficult if you have always played Texas Hold’em. Therefore, most fishes don’t spend much time on strategies and instead make random moves. So, if you come across players making random moves, you know you have some fishes to get after.

If you are a beginner at PLO, read these Pot-Limit Omaha tips for beginners.

The increasing popularity of PLO cash games and tournaments

Texas Hold’em is certainly the most popular variant of poker as it attracts all the novice poker players. All players start playing poker with this variant as it offers a complete poker experience where players learn about the basic strategies, opening hands, hole and community cards, patterns, and more. However, online poker players who are looking for a more challenging experience prefer playing PLO. Pot Limit Omaha cash games and tournaments are gaining popularity due to the additional two hole cards and the difference in pattern. Moreover, playing Omaha enhances Hold’em skills simultaneously. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

Final Thoughts

Poker has different variants, and we may witness more variants with time. But to be the best at your game, you need to pick a suitable variant and master it. Pot Limit Omaha is the right poker variant to get better at PLO and improve your skills in Texas Hold’em. If you are a regular poker player but haven’t tried Pot-Limit Omaha yet or are bored playing Texas Hold’em; get on to the MPL app and experience the challenging environment in the cash games and tournaments on the app. The app provides a completely safe and secure environment to enjoy your favorite online poker game variant and polish your poker skills

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