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What are Rummy Freeroll Tournaments & How to Join Them?

Undoubtedly, online rummy is one of the most thrilling and challenging card games for players. The Indian Rummy card game has evolved rapidly owing to its popularity amongst the masses. Online rummy games are pretty entertaining, but rummy tournaments have a separate fanbase altogether. Rummy Tournaments are more challenging, come with higher rewards, and offer a platform to play against players of varying skill levels. 

If rummy tournaments offer high rewards in terms of real cash, it is assumed that there’s an entry fee or buy-in to join such tournaments. However, that’s not always the case. So, let’s firstly understand what are Rummy Tournaments and then read more about what Rummy Freeroll Tournaments are and how they are the most fun tournaments you absolutely cannot skip joining.

What are Rummy Tournaments?

If you’ve played online rummy cash games or on a live rummy table, you know how fun the game gets. Rummy tournaments double the fun, thrill, and challenge as you play against players with diverse skillsets. Rummy Tournaments are like multiplayer games where players compete with several players with the objective of gaining the top position on the table to win the tournament. 

Most rummy pros prefer playing rummy tournaments as both the risk and rewards are pretty high. The prize pool of a rummy tournament is based on the number of players participating in the tournament.

Tournaments usually are of two types – Free Tournaments and Cash Tournaments. The free tournaments are the ones that players can join without paying an entry fee. On the other hand, players are required to pay a pre-determined entry fee to join cash tournaments. 

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What are Freeroll Rummy Tournaments? 

The free rummy tournaments are also called the Freeroll Rummy Tournaments, and as the name suggests, they are tournaments that you can enter for free. There’s no entry fee required to be submitted for these tournaments. However, players can still win real cash prizes by winning in these tournaments.

When a player wins a freeroll rummy tournament, the winning amount is added to their account, which can be withdrawn into real cash. If a player loses the game, they don’t incur any loss, and no amount is deducted from their account. Therefore, freeroll rummy tournaments are a win-win for every rummy player and attract thousands of players.

How do these tournaments work?

Players have an option to join the freeroll tournaments available on a particular day. To join any tournament, players need to register themselves before the tournament starts. Once the tournament begins, players play several games with each other until the tournament ends. The results are evaluated and the winners are announced. Usually, tournaments divide the prize pool according to ranks. Therefore, several winners win amounts from the prize pool in a tournament. 

How to Join a Rummy Freeroll Tournament on MPL?

The freeroll rummy tournaments will be held for two weeks at the Zero Se Hero Festival on MPL from 7th July to 21st July. Thereafter, these tournaments will continue to show up on the app from time to time. To join the rummy freeroll tournament on MPL, firstly you must download the MPL app, create an account, and ensure you have a stable internet connection to play without any disruptions. Here are the steps you can follow to join the tournament:

  • Download the MPL app.
  • Register yourself with your mobile number.
  • Search for the rummy game.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will find the ‘Tournaments’ icon. 
  • Tap on the icon to view the list of ongoing tournaments.
  • The freeroll rummy tournaments will have ‘Free’ mentioned on the right corner of the tournament. 
  • Tap on any tournament and register yourself.
  • Once the registrations close, the tournament will begin. You can play rummy games with real players online and aim to secure the top positions on the board to win from the prize pool.

Note: Once the registrations close, you cannot unregister from the tournament. Before you register for any tournament, you can also view the prize breakup of that particular tournament, the tournament format, and the number of levels.

Rummy Tournament Rules

  • The rummy tournaments are played at multiplayer levels on multi-tables and the players move up to the finish line across each level.
  • Each tournament requires a pre-registration for the game and players are required to reserve their seats to join a game.
  • The tournaments begin at the stipulated time and run for a while.
  • If the minimum number of players or participation is not met, the tournament may get cancelled.
  • During the tournament, each player gets a certain time limit to play their turn. If a player fails to make their move within that specified time limit, the turn passes on to the next player.
  • If a player misses their turn three consecutive times, they are dropped from the game automatically.
  • When a player meets the game objective, they can declare their game. When a player declares their games, the other players must also declare their cards within a set time frame.

The Freeroll Rummy Tournaments on MPL are where you can flaunt your rummy skills and also win big. The freeroll tournaments are undoubtedly one of the most popular rummy formats amongst players. All you have to do is register yourself for free and join the challenge with thousands of other players to win real money.

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