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Single vs. Multiplayer Games- Which One is Better?

The video gaming industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. From a PC and a console to a smartphone, games have become a part of our everyday life. The gaming market is bigger and better, with newer features on the rise. Startups and the most prominent gaming giants are coming up with new games every month that you can play with a few friends or connect with other gamers. Playing games have never been more enjoyable!

Gamers always had the liberty to choose between single and multiplayer games. With newer and better features coming each, it’s only natural that there has always been an ongoing debate on whether single-player or multiplayer games are better. Some people prefer playing single-player games to playing multiplayer games. But the question remains- which one is better?

Single Vs. Multiplayer Games

Single Player Games

As the name suggests, single-player games are played alone. To play single-player games, you have to be familiar with the genre, whether it is a real-time strategy, puzzle game, action-adventure game, etc.

A player gets a chance to absorb the game’s theme with better meaning and storyline. As a solo player, you get to absorb the surroundings, understand the theme better, and live the experience of a character in a video game world.

Another highlight in single-player games is that you get to play the ‘hero.‘ Being the main character in a video game gives a sense of accomplishment and limelight, even if you lose the game.

An aspect of a singleplayer game is that you develop an empathy for the character because you are playing it; hence the gaming experience is richer.

Many prefer singleplayer games that are filled with detailed storylines and remarkable graphics, and every game has an emotional connection because of the story.

Also, many single-player games have quests like journeys and voyages to destroy the enemy, survive apocalypses, and win challenges on each level. Unlike in multiplayer, you don’t have to wait for others to direct you. As single players, you can always rely on the forums for help, but ultimately you’re the hero of your game.

Some popular single-player games are Assasin’s Creed, God of War, and Witcher.

Single Player Games that You Should be Playing (Mobile)

Cut the Rope

Available On: Android, iOS

Cut the Rope is a classic game that you must play at least once on your phone. It is a series of logic puzzles where the player follows Om Nom’s adventures. This game is entirely free to play and has a sequel as well. The newer version has more puzzles, but the original version struck a chord with the audience.

Sim City Build It

Available On: Android, iOS

Be in charge and develop your city! A part of the Sims franchise, this is one of the best building games available on the mobile. Bring your city to life by building skyscrapers, arks, bridges, and more. As a mayor of the town, you will strategically place buildings and continue the city’s growth. You will also search for solutions to problems like traffic and pollution. Provide services like power plants and police departments. Adopt the city plans of Tokyo, London, or Paris and build grand avenues and roads to manage traffic.

Into the Dead 2

Available On: Android, iOS

A sequel to Into the Dead series, Into The Dead 2 is an endless runner game in a first-person shooting mode. Complete seven action-packed chapters, 60 stages, thousands of weapons at your disposal, and hundreds of challenges, this survival game has it all.

It is an immersive action game where you have to kill zombies while running and survive till the end. The thrill factor of this game will make you come back for more.


Available On: Free for Android and iOS

The screen has 36 dots in different colours, which are laid out in rows to form a six by six square. You have “connect the dots” by drawing a line between dots of the same color. The goal is to earn points while clearing those dots off the screen. Connect dots up, down, and sideways; however, you cannot join the dots diagonally. Try to connect as many dots as possible in one continuous swipe to earn more points. Connecting four or more dots and forming a square clears all the dots of that particular colour from the board. More drop down into the grid from the top as you keep clearing out dots chains. The game continues in this manner until you run out of moves to clear the obstacles and dots.

It’s a fantastic maze-like game where you have to use some strategy to emerge as the winner.

Dead Trigger 2

Available on: Android and iOS

Dead Trigger is another first-person shooter game making into the list of single-player games. It boasts of a console-like quality on the phone. It is a sequel to Dead Trigger with enhanced graphics and better gameplay.

It is a survival game where you have to run from zombies. You get to build your personal hideout and take help from the Gunsmith, Scientist, Smuggler, Medic, and Engineer. Unlock up to ten regions and plan a strategy for 33 different battlefields. You get to avail more than 70 types of gun weapons. Killing zombies have never been easier! With over 600 gameplay war scenarios and detailed storytelling campaigns, this game will keep you engaged for a long

Multiplayer Games That You Should Be Playing (PC)

Most multiplayer games give you an amazing social experience, and what’s better than playing with your friends! However, in online multiplayer games, you often have to wait for your friend’s instructions to play further. If they make a gross error, you’re at the losing end.

The newer versions of online multiplayer games come with unique features like voice chat and several other chatting forums, public and private. You can develop successful gaming strategies that you might not have thought of during a single-player game.

With Massively Multiplayer Mode online gaming on the rise, the gaming experience is much more fulfilling because you connect with so many new people and find a sense of belonging. Many people that you meet online can be your fast friends too!

In Multiplayer modes, you have the freedom to choose between chat rooms and forums that match your skill level.

Many games continuously upgrade themselves to bring in a more immersive game experience. There are new game modes introduced when you play online, unique gameplay, and fresh content. This attracts more and more people to the game and makes their ardent fans.

Multiplayer gaming is ultra-competitive at times, but that’s where the fun lies. Playing tournament matches with your favourite team couldn’t be more fun!

The best multiplayer games are World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, Among Us, Rocket League, Call of Duty, etc.


In Hearthstone, you as a player have to build a deck with characters and creatures from the Warcraft universe. You’ll prepare units to defeat your opponent, simultaneously saving your hero from attacks. It also features an auto mode inspired by chess called ‘Battlegrounds’ where you have a face-off against eight other players. Perhaps one of the most popular and well-known card battle games on mobile, Hearthstone should make it to your list. Gwent is another card battling game based on The Witcher that you should try.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

When we are turning to hybrid models of work, multiplayer games help us connect with friends and meet new people and create friendships. The Animal Crossing series is one of the most entertaining series of all time. When you add other players, the fun doubles, invite them or other players to your island, which animals inhabit. They can see your house, the friends you’ve made, and even participate in farming!

You can guarantee to have a fun-filled, entertaining time playing this game.

Call of Duty: Warzone

It is a standalone version of the well-known series, Call of Duty. It is a multiplayer shooter game that is addictive with its arcade-like action where the protagonist has to survive among 150 to 200 players.

There are two main modes, Plunder and Battle Royale, where players work to eliminate each other. Players have to use a variety of tactics, such as the “safe zone,” as the game’s area continues to shrink. It begins with all the players being dropped to the battleground using a parachute and having to find a place providing supplies and a place where there are supplies and a bunker to stay safe.

Warzone is a survival game that fans of fighting games have garnered fans. It effectively combined the arcade shooting style and the storyline and gripping action of Battle Royale.

Dead by Daylight

Unlike other games, this is an asymmetrical multiplayer in which a killer is against a squad of survivors. You can either choose to play as a killer or a survivor who has to escape their clutches. Killers have access to world-class weapons and abilities to slay survivors as they run around the map to survive. When you kill all survivors, the game is over.

In this multiplayer game, survivors have access to a limited amount of skills and some items as they try to avoid the killer. If the team of survivors escapes without getting killed, then the match is theirs. This challenging game will have you keep you on the edge of your seat.

List of Multiplayer Games You Need to Play on MPL (on mobile)

Have fun playing multiplayer games on MPL. All the games here are two-player, where you battle out an opponent against a timer to win the game.

Snakes and Ladders

In the newest game release by MPL, Snakes and Ladders is a bundle of nostalgia. Use the given number to move the pawn. Use 3 of your pawns to earn the score on the board. You have the chance to bump back your opponents to the start. Get the highest score to win the game!

Knife Hit

In this game, throw knives at a wooden block until the board breaks. You can earn more points if you can strike a fruit with your knife. However, if you hit another knife on the same board, you lose points! The player with the maximum score wins.

Ludo Win

To play Ludo Win, choose a token to move, and moving will earn you a score. Capturing an opponent’s token will give you more points. Reaching “home” with a token will also earn you points.

Fruit Dart

Chop as many fruits as you can with a single shot! You can upgrade your knives in Fruit Dart as well. But, beware when you hit a bomb because you can lose a life! You basically have three lives to crush your opponents within a two-minute timer.

Pool Champs

Pool Champs is a two players pool game where you compete against other players to beat you. You pot balls, collect cues, and win cash too!

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In Conclusion

In both single-player games and multiplayer video games, you are introduced to other characters and also participate in co-op games. Online games always provide a sense of excitement when we play them either on the same console or phone. Single-player or multiplayer games depend entirely on the individual choice. Whether you enjoy a solo quest, prefer single player games, or go on an adventure with friends or other players, the main goal is to have unlimited fun.

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