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Top 5 Call Break Game Strategies to Win Consistently

Online card games have been the talk of the town for the last few years. We all know how much we all enjoy playing online rummy or online poker together with our friends. There is one more such popular game which is played by many card game lovers, and that is called Call Break.

It is another online card game that has started gaining popularity, especially in the Indian subcontinent. If you are someone who is listening about this game for the first time and want to know more about it, then keep reading. We will take you through the whole concept of Call Break and also help you understand some of the best strategies to win consistently.

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What is Call Break?

Call break is one of the most played online card games in the Indian subcontinent. It is a fairly new online card game that is catching up the pace along with other online card games like rummy and poker. It especially played in India Bangladesh and Nepal mostly. You might have seen people playing the game on trains and during the commute. Here is how it is played.

In the call break game, your aim is to complete the tricks which are sets that you win after discarding the cards. When you are dealt with all the cards, the player on the right of the dealer starts discarding the highest card of a suit in his hands. All the other players will have to discard the cards that belong to the same suit and the player who played the highest card out of all wins.

Let us say there are 4 players playing the game. If the first person plays the King of hearts, everyone should play a card that belongs to the hearts suite. Further, if the 4th player plays the Ace of hearts, the fourth player wins.

Strategies To Win The Game

Now that you know that you can play call break game online and the objective of the game, let us help you understand a few strategies that can help you achieve the objective effortlessly.

Understand The Rules

Understanding the rules of the game and the platform on which you are playing the game, will always be the first step in forming a winning formula. You have to learn the rules of the trade and then only get on the field. For example, if you don’t know that spades are always used as trump cards in the game, you might end up losing your turn or wasting the spade card for no reason.

Use the Trump Wisely

Your spades are your trumps so keep them as a dear one to use it when needed the most. In this strategic game of online call break, the use of trump cards is only allowed if you do not hold the suit played by the other players. Therefore, you have to be very careful while playing the trump card. Not only that, but you also have to make sure that you play your trump wisely because that one trick is already yours if you know when to play it.

Take Calculated Risk

The first step in making the tricks or the right calls is to decide how many tricks you can make based on the cards you have. When the players discard the right cards on the table, there is one winner every round. The winner is the one who uses a trump or highest trump or highest card in the suit played on the table. The game starts with calling the number of wins you can claim for the deal. Therefore, while calling your tricks you have to take into consideration the type of cards you have and if they could win you that many numbers of rounds.

Do Not Consider Queen or a Jack

Queens and the Jacks of the card game are sure one of the high cards in the suit, but deciding the number of tricks you can make every round based on them is a little overrated. There are other cards like the King and the Ace that still wins you the round even with the queen and jacks. Therefore, if you are considering calling 3 wins at the start, check that you have the Ace or Kings and then decide if 3 is the right number.

Observe The Game

Try to predict the cards each one might have based on your cards and the rounds played so far. This will help you understand which cards to use for the next round. For example, if the first player starts with a heart suite and the fourth player plays the trump, it means he does not have a heart suite. So now, you have to remember that you need to preserve your higher trumps to beat the 4th guy in the round of heart suite cards.

We hope our strategies have helped you understand how fun and exciting call break card game is right now. You can bring this into practice and master them. You can play Call break game online on the MPL app. All you have to do is download the MPL APK file from their website and start playing right away.


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