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15 Fun Two-Player Card Games For Beginners And Experts

Card games are usually associated with a group of five to six or more people playing complex games like Poker. People who have never tried a hand at Rummy or Poker feel card games are not their cup of tea. But it’s all a myth! Card games are made for every type of player – there’s a wide range of easy to medium-level difficulty card games, 2-player card games, and 3-player card games that all age groups can play.

Turning a bland night into a fun card game night with just one friend around is quite possible with 2-player card games. Even if you have no other person around, you can still play many of these card games online against a real player. So, if you often find yourself surrounded by the urge to play card games but have no friends around, keep this list of two-player card games handy for maximum entertainment.

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Easy Two-Player Card Games

Indian Rummy

How to play Rummy

The Indian Rummy card game, also known as 13-Card Rummy, is a popular rummy variant in India. This fun card game is usually played between 2 to 6 players, making it one of the best card games for two players. Online rummy is a fast-paced game played on 2-player or 6-player tables.

Indian Rummy Gameplay

At the start of the game, each player is dealt 13 cards from a deck of cards. The remaining cards are placed face down as a draw pile, and the top card is placed at the center to form the discard pile. The objective is to meld the cards into valid sets and sequences, including at least two sequences, one of which should be a pure sequence. The first player to make a valid declaration by grouping all the cards wins the rummy game.


How to play Poker

The last on the list but certainly one of the most popular card games for two includes poker. Poker has two widely played variants – Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker. Learning how to play poker takes significant time and effort, but starting with a 2-player table is recommended for beginners rather than playing poker with more players.

Texas Hold’em Gameplay

In poker two-player card game, one player (the dealer) is the small blind, and the second player is the big blind. The second player is dealt the first card, and the first player gets the second card. The game is played in 5 rounds, and the player with the small blind plays first. Each player receives two hole cards, and five community cards are placed face-up for them in each round. The players have an option to check, raise, bet, or fold after each deal. The objective is to make the best hand with five cards to win the game.

21 Puzzle Card Game

How to play 21-Puzzle game

The 21 Puzzle card game is probably the easiest one amongst all the 2-player card games on the list and is quite similar to the popular blackjack card game. If you know basic maths and can add numbers, don’t hesitate to play this fun card game. You can play free practice games or join the cash battles against real players to win cash prizes.

21 Puzzle Gameplay

When you play the 21 puzzle card game online, you are matched with an opponent at the beginning of the game. Both players are given the same board, divided into five columns, and there’s a stack of cards at the bottom of the screen. The objective is to place the cards in the columns such that the value of the cards adds up to 21 or less. If the total value of the cards goes beyond 21, you will lose a life. After losing five lives, the game ends for the player. The players must continue to play for a higher score until the timer goes off. After the time ends, the player with the highest score wins the game.


People playing solitaire

Another popular two-person card game that you might have played at least once in your life is Solitaire. The solitaire card game has evolved from the tedious single-player desktop game to a fast-paced card game that can be played in competition with another player. If you are up for a quick solitaire game, you can play the free games or cash battles with online players on the MPL app. You can also play various other solitaire variants online, including double solitaire, cube solitaire, etc.

Solitaire Gameplay

The online solitaire card game lasts for 2 minutes, and the objective is to get a higher score than the opponent. The card game board is divided into a foundation pile, a tableau, and a stockpile. Just like the old game, the goal is to arrange the cards in an ascending sequence of Ace to King of the same suit and place the set in the foundation pile. The players must move cards in descending order in an alternating color pattern before making the sets of the same suit in the foundation pile. Players also face the challenge of completing the objective within 1000 moves.

Learn how to play Solitaire.


Slapjack Card Game

SlapJack is a fun card game that requires at least one other player as an opponent. The game is not available online; therefore, you can play this game in a physical setting with one or more players. SlapJack is an entertaining card game that only requires good hand and eye coordination to win.


The objective of the slapjack game is to win the maximum number of cards. SlapJack is played with a standard deck of cards, and the players are dealt an equal number of cards (faced-down) from the entire deck. The players must play their cards quickly, one at a time, and slap the Jack card as soon as they spot it. The player who slaps the Jack card first collects the entire cards and adds them to their pile. The game continues till one player wins all the cards.

Go Fish

Go Fish is one of the classic card games for two played with a standard deck of 52 cards. People of all ages, including children, enjoy playing this easy card game.

Go Fish Gameplay

The two players are dealt seven cards each at the start of this fun game. The remaining cards form the lake or pond and are scattered facedown at the center of the table. After the cards are dealt, the players arrange their cards according to the number or royal order of Jack, Queen, and King. A player then asks the other player if they have a card of a specific number (provided that the player himself has at least one of the cards he is asking for). The second player must give out all the cards of the same rank to the first player. If the second player doesn’t have the cards, they can say Go Fish, making the first player draw a card from the pond, and the turn passes to the second player to ask for cards.

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights deserves mention in the two-person card games category. It is a simple game that’s easy for kids and challenging enough to keep adults hooked. The goal is to get rid of all the cards in your hand to win this fun card game.

Crazy Eights Gameplay

The dealer deals five cards each to both the players and places the remaining cards in a stockpile in the middle of the table. The top card from the stockpile is placed face up in a separate pile. The players must play a card of the same rank or suit as that of the previous card. If a player is unable to play a card, they must draw a card from the stockpile.

All the 8s in the game are wild cards, hence the name. The players can use these wild cards at any time during the game as a substitute for any suit. The player is to play all cards in hand before the opponent wins the game.

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How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is a fun game for two players that is played with a 52-card deck. The best part is that the players can decide the length of the game by choosing either the ‘best of’ format or the Vegas style format.


The blackjack game is played between a dealer and one player. The dealer deals two cards (one card face up and one card face down) to the opponent and then to themselves. The players take a peek at their face down card and add the value to their face up card. The player with the total card value closest to 21 wins the game.

Learn how to play Blackjack.


Cribbage Game

Cribbage is a popular card game that is played on a board for scoring purposes but can also be played sing a standard deck of cards. This classic card game with quirky rules dates all the way back to the 1600s.


The objective of this card game is to be the first player to reach 121 points. The dealer deals six cards to each player and the players set two cards aside after looking at their cards, The four cards set aside make a crib which can only be accessed by the dealer. The dealer and opponent take turns to reveal one card from their hand until all cards are revealed. Then, the running total, called pips, is calculated which must not exceed 31 during the gameplay.

Learn how to play cribbage.

Old Maid

Old Maid is a traditional card game that is sold in speciality sets but can also be played with a standard deck. The goal in the game is to avoid getting stuck with the Old Maid after all other cards are paired.


One queen is removed from he deck to start the game, making the other queen, without a pair, the Old Maid. The cards are dealt to both the players until all cards are dealt. The player that didn’t deal the cards, fans out their cards in hand, while keeping them hidden from th other player. The other player then draws one card from that player’s hand to make a pair with one of their cards. The game continues until all cards have been paired and the Old Maid remains. The player with the Old Maid loses the game.


Speed is an easy card game for children aged 10 and above. The objective is to be the first player to get rid of all cards in hand.


The game starts when each player is dealt five cards. 15 cards are placed face down next to each player to form a draw pile. Each player flips one of the two cards set simultaneously. They then discard the cards in hand by playing either the next lowest or highest value card. The play continues until a player runs out of cards and no more draw piles are available.

Kings in the Corner

Kings Corner Card Game

Kings in the Corner is a popular two-player card game that involves solitaire-like formation. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards where Kings are high and Aces are low. The game also involves strategy to win.


Each player gets 10 cards and a balance of cards is set up. The non-deler starts their turn by drawing a card from the stock pile and playing it on the board. Players can play cards by laying a card of lower value or of opposite suit over a higher value card (a black 6 over a red 7). The first player to play all cards wins the round. After each round, the players get 10 points for each King in hand and one point each for other cards. The game continues until a player scores 25 points and the player with a lower scores wins.

Here’s a complete guide to play Kings Corner card game.


War Card Game

War is a fun two player card game for children aged five and above. The object of the game is to collect all cards in a deck by playing the highest-value card.


To start the game, a player deals all cards of the deck such that each player has 26 cards. The players keep the cards in a pile, face down. The players take turns to flip the top card of their piles simultaneously and the player with the highest card wins the round and collects both cards and places them under their pile. The game continues until both player flip the same value card and this is when the War begins. At this point, both players place three cards from their piles, face down, and then turn the fourth card face up. The player with the higher-value fourth card wins and collects all 10 cards. The player who collects all 52 cards wins the game.

Learn how to play War card game.

Card Games for 2 Players -Medium to Hard Difficulty Level


How to Play Spades Game? Learn the Rules, Tips & Tricks to Win!

Spades is a popular trick-taking card game usually played between four people in a partnership but can easily be included in the 2-player card games category. The game is played using a standard deck of 52 cards with Ace as the highest card, 2 as the lowest card, and Spades as the trump suit. The first player to reach 500 points is the winner.

2-Player Spades Gameplay

In this two-person game, players aren’t dealt cards; instead, they draw two cards at every turn from the deck. The first player draws a card and decides to keep it or discard it, or discard or keep the second card, followed by the second player. The process continues until the entire deck has been distributed amongst the players. Then, the players make bids between 0-13 based on their hands.

The second player must follow the suit or rank of the card played by the first player and try to win tricks. If a player wins the exact number of bids, they get 10 points for each hand, and one point each for every extra trick won.

Learn how to play Spades.

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Gin Rummy

How to play Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a rummy variation that can be played between two players using a deck of 52 cards. the objective of the game is to get more than 100 points with the cards in hand, before the opponent.


To play gin rummy, the dealer deals ten cards face down, to each player and keeps the deck face down at the center of the table. The top card of the deck is turned face up and placed next to it. The players take turns to draw cards (from the discard pile or draw pile) and discard one card in hand. Each player attempts to group the ten cards in hand into a combination of three cards of either the same rank or runs of the same suit.


If you love playing 2-player card games, you only need to keep a deck of cards and this list handy. You can play most of these card games online with real players to increase the challenge of the games. The list also includes several entertaining two-player card games that you can play with a friend in a physical setting.

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