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What are Some strategies for winning Ludo

Having originated in India, Ludo is a board game that has been played since time immemorial. In ancient times, the game was called Paachisi and was primarily played by children. However, our historical records dictate that several kings too played this game and the game is considered to be challenging and needs a Ludo strategy to win. 

The standard Ludo game is an abridged or modified version of Paachisi. However, the principles of both games are exactly the same and require Ludo strategy. If one player’s token falls in the same place as his or her opponent’s, there would be a kill. It implies that the opponent’s progress is impeded by your actions and his/her token is sent to the starting point, delaying or perhaps finishing their chances of completing the game.

The player who manages to send all four tokens to their destination is called the winner. In order to move the coins, a dice is cast. According to rules, a token cannot be on a space where there is a token of the same color.. However, this rule is not followed most of the time and if followed, reduces tactical advantage in the game to a huge extent.

Although at a glance, the game looks simple, some groundwork is needed to win the game. This groundwork involves a lot of strategies. Now the question is how to make the strategy?

Below, we have listed some of the best tricks and strategies to be successful in a game of Ludo. Let us start!

Ludo strategies which will help you win Ludo games

Blocking the opponent’s move is very important

This is an absolutely essential trick to keep in mind while playing Ludo game. Every turn that your opponent does not move, you make the right move and you win. However, always ensure that your colored tokens closer to the target are not at risk. Be extra careful in case you have such pieces at the end.

The best way to win any Ludo game is by paying equal attention to all four tokens of yours on the board equally and risks should be taken with those tokens that are closer to home. However, always remember not to go over the top with such tokens as at the same time you are opening up your space to the other challengers and you and your tokens now lie in the danger zone.

Try and ensure that you have maximum tokens on the board at the same time 

Never block your exit square while the tokens are still in the home position. The more tokens you have, the greater the chances you get to move towards your target.

It is really hard to compete alone against three other players as the movement of the tokens become unpredictable. In such a case, the best strategy is trying to keep as many tokens as possible in the game.

Also, avoid making blocks, and remember the pieces will be vulnerable if two or more players try to form a series of bridges.

Ludo strategy to think about before moving the tokens

  • Kill other competitors as much as possible. This Ludo strategy might increase your chance of winning the game of Ludo.
  • Keep the token in a space that is safe and move it with bigger numbers. This will help you in not getting killed. Always invest smaller numbers on tokens at the beginning or are already safe to run out of the house.
  • If you are in a dilemma between killing the opponent and victory, always opt for victory. If the number is too small, kill the opponent. 
  • Move the piece nearest to the starting point, if you have a number that is of no use for any of your tokens.
  • The more you will move your tokens logically; you can prevent an opponent from killing your tokens. 

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