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How Carrom Game Has Become a Trending Sport in India?

Carrom is a game that originated in India and now it has taken over the world. Find out how exactly a simple game like carrom won the hearts of millions and continues to be relevant after so many years.

Indians have been playing the carrom game since the 18th century. After the first world war, carrom became a very common game amongst people. In the early nineteenth century, India was organizing state-level championships for players across the country. The game which was once treated as a pastime played by two crore people in India itself. As of now, the popularity of carrom is only increasing as it is played by 50 countries around the world.

The modern way of playing carrom online has changed the way people play the game. The physics and geometry that applies to traditional carrom have been replicated by these platforms. This makes it easier for people to enjoy the game without having to carry around all the equipment. It is quite obvious that carrom is loved by millions of people. It can be enjoyed by rookies just as much as it is enjoyed by professionals. Here are some reasons behind the increasing popularity of carrom in India.


Carrom requires skills but it is one of the simplest games to play. There is no need to be physically active while playing or constantly strategizing each move like other competitive board games. The gameplay is pretty simple and you only need to be aware of a few basics as a beginner. If you play carrom online, it becomes even easier to play. Here are top carrom game rules every carrom player should know.


Carrom boards are available at every stationary, sports and toy shop. The equipment is cost-effective unless you are looking for a premium build. Even then, it is affordable for most of us. In our current scenario, no one needs to buy any of these things because carrom has become one of the best board games, with top-notch gameplay at your fingertips.

Played by Anyone

This game was earlier played by Kings and emperors in India, then children and women of our country, and now it is played professionally across the world. People of all age groups play this game. On the other hand, most outdoor and indoor sports require a level of mental and physical fitness which is only present in a certain age group.

Traditional Game

Indians are very patriotic. We are proud of our cultural heritage, this is even mentioned in our pledge. Carrom is a game that has been a part of our culture for a long time, so it is common for us to be proud of this game. It is a depiction of our traditional values which believes in playing and enjoying with people you love. When you play carrom online you are preserving your cultural roots in this modern world. 

Scope for Growth

India held inter-state carrom competition after the first world war. There are many tournaments and world championships that a player can participate in. So carrom is not just a game limited to fun and entertainment, but you can make a career out of it if you want to.

Multiplayer Game

Carrom can be played with a group of four people. This is called doubles, which makes it perfect if you plan to play it on a night out with your friends or loved ones. The players aren’t reliant on probability but their skills and precision, which is another reason to title carrom as one of the best board games.

Interesting to Watch

Carrom is not only fun to play, but also interesting to watch. Observing how a skilled player pockets a coin is a treat for the eyes. There is also the anticipation of whether the player you support will win or lose because the course of this game changes within minutes. This is also why it is played at gatherings, the players have fun and so do the spectators.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t played carrom yet and wonder what all the buzz is about then try playing our carrom game online. The skills you develop in this game come handy when you are playing in social scenarios and the inner joy that comes with it is indescribable in words. People of this country will play carrom for centuries to come, so you might as well hop on the trend and practice your skills by playing carrom online on the MPL platform.


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