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Play For Free & Win Gold! Zero Se Hero Gold Fest Is Here. Join Now & Win Big!

Folks, MPL is back with yet another exciting gaming fest to kickstart 2023! 

Let’s wholeheartedly welcome the new year with MPL, India’s most trusted and biggest gaming platform. Join us in celebrating MPL’s Zero Se Hero Gold Fest, running from 31st December 2022 to 29th January 2023.

Are you worried about losing money by joining cash games and not winning? Well, this is your golden opportunity to shed all worries and inhibitions and come play your favourite games on the MPL Pro app – Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Rummy, Poker, Call Break, Opinion, and Fantasy for “ZERO PAISE” and “WIN GOLD”, alongside prizes worth lacs. 

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So, what is Zero Se Hero Gold Fest all about? Let’s find out! 

Zero Se Hero Gold Fest

The Zero Se Hero Gold Fest is a 30-day event (from Dec 31, 2022 to Jan 29, 2023) where you get to play fantastic games such as Rummy, Poker, Call Break, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Opinio, and Fantasy as much as you wish, without having to pay any entry fees. Think of it as a zero-risk, only-rewards event. Essentially, you can join tournaments of these different games free of cost and win big. Sounds unbelievable? We’re not kidding! 

Whether you are a pro in the above-mentioned games or you’re fairly new to them, it doesn’t matter. This event is tailor-made for everyone who wishes to become a hero by winning gold!

The 30-day event invites all players from the country to compete against thousands of other real players in games like Ludo and Rummy over the MPL app. The highlight of the event is the zero entry fee policy to join a tournament, with a chance of winning up to 1 KG of GOLD during it. 

Why You Should Participate in MPL’s Zero Se Hero Gold Fest?

9 Cr+ Players

That’s quite a staggering number, isn’t it? Join tournaments and compete with a massive pool of real-time players on the MPL gaming app. The player skills could range from beginners to intermediate-level players to experienced professionals. So, there’s a large and diverse player pool waiting for you!

Win up to 1 KG GOLD

Yes, you read that right. This time, Zero Se Hero Gold Fest is offering an incredible reward of up to 1 KG of GOLD. This is your ultimate opportunity to emerge a hero that keeps winning. 

Daily Gold Winnings in Lobbies & Tournaments

Imagine winning gold for the first time (and not cash) when you participate in cash games and tournaments. It may sound unthinkable, but it’s the truth. Download the MPL app now, in case you already haven’t. Ask your friends and dear ones to join the tournaments and make it a bright, exciting month with a golden shine. You can expect to win 2x winnings daily!

Anti-Cheat AI

Do you think online gaming platforms employ bots, rig games, and the house wins all the time? That’s thankfully not the case at all with MPL, as it incorporates a Fairplay policy where every game that takes place on the app is tracked and monitored 24×7. The Anti-Cheat AI detects any and all fraudulent practices and ensures that there are absolutely no bots, cheating, or collusion in the games. MPL also enforces strict KYC protocols, several reactive checks, and tamper-proofed gameplay and algorithm to make sure each player gets an equal and fair chance at winning. 

Loss Refund

If you end up losing a game, don’t worry. Just get your entry fee refunded and continue playing other games to increase your chances of winning gold. So, it’s a win-win, whichever way you look at it. 

Sign-up Offer of up to 20K

The sign-up rewards and bonuses are pretty exciting as well. Get the MPL app from the App Store or the website and join the tournaments immediately. There are prizes of up to 20K that you can win by simply downloading and signing up. So, don’t wait. Gather all your near and dear ones and request them to download the app right away and get ready to win a sign-up bonus of up to 20K!

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To Conclude

If you aren’t too confident about your gaming skills and fear losing money in cash games, the Zero Se Hero Gold Fest is one event where you need not worry at all. Play some of your favourite games for free, challenge real players, and stand a chance to WIN GOLD. This is your chance to become a hero in the truest sense of the word. A smartphone and a stable internet connection are all you need to get started. Get ready to end 2022 on a high and begin 2023 with a bit of gold glitter!

Arun George
A gaming writer who doubles as a food, film, and music guide, Arun spent a good part of his life pursuing Business Management courses that no longer make sense to him. He worked in Dubai as an Accountant for 3.5 years before returning to the city he keeps referring to as his 'second home' - Bangalore. At present, he enjoys playing casual games and writing about them.


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