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The Best Online Freeroll Tournaments are Here! Join the Zero Se Hero Festival & Win Big

Online freeroll tournaments are one of the most fun events because you can participate in challenges against thousands of players and stand a chance to win real money. Moreover, if you lose games, you still gain from the experience and skills of facing a pool of players with varied skills.

Do you fear participating in cash games due to the fear of losing? Well, the only way to overcome this is by playing the freeroll games (such as Ludo, Rummy, Fantasy, and call Break) at the Zero Se Hero Festival. This festival is all about starting with Zero (no entry fee) and becoming a Hero (winning real cash prizes from a prize pool of Rs. 3 Cr). Even if you lose a game, you will not lose any cash, but if you win, you will win real cash. 

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So, what is Zero Se Hero all about?

Zero Se Hero Festival

The Zero Se Hero Festival is a two-week event (from July 7 to July 21) where you can play popular games like Rummy, Call Break, Fantasy, and Ludo to your heart’s content, without paying an entry fee. It’s a Zero-Risk, Full Reward event. Basically, you can participate in the freeroll tournaments of different games and win big. Unbelievable? Not at all! Whether you have never played the game before, or you have little to a lot of experience, this event is for all kinds of players who are interested in becoming a hero. 

This two-week event invites all the players to try their hand at the Ludo and Rummy games against thousands of real players on the MPL app. Evidently, there’s no entry fee to join a Zero Se Hero Tournament, but players can win real cash prizes of up to Rs. 3 Cr during the tournament.

Why Zero Se Hero is the Best Online Freeroll Tournament?

9 Cr+ Players

Join the tournaments and play against an enormous pool of active players on the MPL platform. The players you will play against will not only be professional and experienced players, but you will also get to face beginners and intermediate-level players. 

Prize Pool of Rs 3 Cr

Play for free in the zero-entry tournaments and win real money from a prize pool of Rs 3 Cr. You can win up to Rs. 1 lakh in each game. This is your chance to become a hero from zero.

Bonuses & Rewards

The bonuses and rewards are quite exciting too. Download the MPL app and sign-up to win bonus cash. Get your friends and family to join the tournaments and win exciting referral rewards. 

Anti-Cheat AI

Do you believe that online platforms use bots, the games are rigged, and the house always wins? Well, that’s not true on MPL and the games are absolutely fair as the platform integrates a fair play policy where all the games are monitored live 24×7, the MPL Anti-Cheat AI detects fraud, and ensures that there are no bots, and cheating, or collusion in any game. The stringent KYC protocols, multiple reactive checks, tamper-proof gameplay and algorithm ensure each player gets a fair opportunity to win.

Level-Playing Field

Beginners fear being pitted against pro players, but that’s not the case in the Zero Se Hero Tournament. MPL offers a level-playing field for each player where players of similar skill levels are pitted against each other. So, the games are absolutely fair for each player, and no player has the edge over the other in terms of skills.

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To Conclude

If you are someone who fears losing in cash games or aren’t confident about your skills, the Zero Se Hero online freeroll tournaments are where you can leave your fear and worries behind. Participate in your favourite games for free, challenge real players online, and win real cash prizes – an opportunity to become a real hero. All you need is a stable internet connection, download the MPL App, and keep your eyes on the calendar to join the event on the 7th of July. So, put on your gaming gear and make the most of this upcoming freeroll tournament.

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