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10 Best Sudoku Books To Enhance Your Sudoku Puzzle Solving Skills

Sudoku puzzles are intriguing even for people who have never tried solving them. Most people attempt to solve a sudoku puzzle when they spot one but give up too soon when they get stuck. Want to learn how to solve sudoku puzzles or move on to solving hard sudoku puzzles? One of the best ways to improve your logical skills in the sudoku game is to practice solving sudoku puzzles online or in sudoku books. Experienced players solve multiple sudoku puzzles in sudoku books to enhance their puzzle-solving skills.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your sudoku skills, pick up the best sudoku books in your free time and train your brain with easy as well as challenging puzzles. You should choose the books based on whether you are an absolute beginner or have mastered the easy to medium difficulty level puzzles. Here’s a list of the best sudoku books that will lead you on the path to becoming a sudoku master.

List of Sudoku Books for Beginner To Expert Players

Sudoku BookLevel
Easy Sudoku by Kyle CraigBeginner Level
How to Solve Sudoku: Step by Step Guide by Robin WilsonBeginner Level
Surrender to Sudoku by Will ShortzIntermediate to Expert Level
Sudoku for Dummies Volume 2 by Andrew HeronBeginner Level
Master Sudoku by Carol VordermanBeginner, Intermediate, and Expert Level
Relax and Solve Sudoku by Brain GamesIntermediate Level
Sudoku 555 Puzzles Easy to Expert by Game NestBeginner to Expert Level
The Big Book of SudokuBeginner to Expert Level
Sudoku 3: 200 Puzzles: Hard to ExtremeBeginner to Expert Level
Sudoku Series-Set of 8 Titles by GurinderBeginner to Expert Level

1.Easy Sudoku by Kyle Craig

If you are a beginner at solving sudoku puzzles, one of the best sudoku books you must have in your collection is Easy Sudoku by Kyle Craig. This sudoku book contains 300 easy sudoku puzzles that are fun to solve and perfectly suited for beginners. There are 8 puzzles on each page, making it a lightweight book that you can carry around easily. Easy Sudoku is a great puzzle book for kids and adults alike.

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2.How to Solve Sudoku: Step by Step Guide by Robin Wilson

Another good sudoku book for beginners is the How to Solve Sudoku book by Robin Wilson. It is a step-by-step guide that’ll help you learn how to play sudoku and teach you the correct approach to solving the puzzles easily. If you get stuck while solving a sudoku puzzle, this book will get you out of the gridlock through 52 tips, tricks, and strategies to help analyze the sudoku grid and find the answers. While the book doesn’t offer sudoku puzzles for players to solve, it acts as a guide to help players enhance their skills while quickly filling out the blank spaces.

3.Surrender to Sudoku by Will Shortz

Surrender to Sudoku is one of the best sudoku books to consider for players who have mastered the easy sudoku puzzles and are looking for a bigger challenge. This sudoku book by Will Shortz contains 200 ‘irresistibly hard’ puzzles that will take your playing sudoku experience to another level. You can carry this lightweight book anywhere and challenge yourself with high-difficulty-level puzzles.

4.Sudoku for Dummies Volume 2 by Andrew Heron

Sudoku for Dummies is a great start for people who are just starting out with sudoku puzzles. The book is a great start as it contains 240 addictive puzzles and offers a dedicated chapter that explains how one should solve the puzzles. Moreover, it also includes the answers at the back for all the puzzles in the book. Sudoku for Dummies contains a mix of 9×9, 16×16, and circular puzzles ranging from easy, tricky, and difficult sudoku puzzles.

5.Master Sudoku by Carol Vorderman

Whether you play sudoku at a beginner level, an intermediate level, or you think you’ve mastered the art of solving sudoku puzzles, the Master Sudoku book by Carol Vorderman is a good choice for all puzzle lovers. Carol Vorderman, one of the sudoku experts in the UK, offers 200 puzzles in this book for Sudokists of all levels. The book also has instructions and ideas to help finish puzzles quickly.

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6.Relax and Solve Sudoku by Brain Games

If you’re looking for moderate mental stimulation after a long day, Relax and Solve Sudoku some challenging puzzles that will provide much-needed entertainment. The book contains a single puzzle on each page, making it the ideal choice if you don’t want to strain your eyes by solving small puzzles on the same page. You may not be able to carry the book around while traveling as it is on the heavier side. Nonetheless, the book is one of the best stress-busters for Sudokuists.

7.Sudoku 555 Puzzles Easy to Expert by Game Nest

Looking for a sudoku book for adults with loads of puzzles? The Sudoku 555 Puzzles book says it all! The book is ideal for adults of all skill levels as it contains easy, medium, hard, very hard, and expert-level puzzles. Each page of the book has six puzzles for hours of entertainment. Sudoku 555 is good for beginners and anyone who likes solving various sudoku puzzles.

8.The Big Book of Sudoku

The Big Book of Sudoku is one of the best-selling sudoku books for sudoku lovers. The book contains over 500 puzzles ranging from easy to extremely hard. Each page has two puzzles so you won’t strain your eyes finding the solutions. The Big Book of Sudoku is good for a beginner and anyone who likes solving a variety of sudoku puzzles.

9.Chronicle Books Sudoku 3: 200 Puzzles: Hard to Extreme

If you are an experienced or a professional sudoku player and can solve easy and medium difficulty levels with ease, the Sudoku 3 book will pique your interest. The book offers hard to extremely hard sudoku questions that enhance logical thinking. Sudoku 3 contains 200 puzzles that will keep you going for months. You can carry this compact book anywhere and stay entertained for hours.

10.Sudoku Series-Set of 8 Titles by Gurinder

If you are looking for multiple books on sudoku, the Sudoku Series by Gurinder is an apt choice for all age groups as it offers beginner to expert levels. The book is great for players who are starting out with the sudoku game and are serious about enhancing their skills. The solutions at the end of the book are great help for beginners to check their mistakes.

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The above list of the best sudoku books contains books for beginners, intermediate players, and experts. Learning different sudoku strategies and playing sudoku regularly will enhance your skills and increase your solving speed. If you love playing sudoku, you can also play unlimited sudoku games for free or join cash contests online. The online sudoku games help enhance your speed of solving the puzzles while in competition with a real player while the entertainment stays intact.

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