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How to Play Conquian Card Game?

Conquian, as the name suggests, is a conquest (rummy) game that is played between two players. It is a very old card game. People are still out there fighting over where the game originated: some say it is Spain’s creation, and others are hell-bent on saying that it was created in Mexico. A few people also suggest that Conquian is the first card game to ever exist. 

Just like any other rummy-style card game, the only objective to win this game is to match sets. There is not only a calm mind but also a lot of strategies that are involved in playing this game. A player must think wisely and use his right wit in order to win. So, here’s a simple walkthrough of how to play conquian card game.

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Important Terms of Conquian Card Game

There are a few terms that you must know in order to understand and play this fun card game. 


Meld is when you match one or more cards in a sequence or a set.


Discarding is when a player gets rid of a card in hand and places it face-up in the discard pile.


Picking a card from the discard pile or the stockpile is referred to as drawing a card.

Basic Rules To Play Conquian 

There are a few basic rules that need to be followed in order to play Conquian. The essential rules to play conquian are given below. Go through them thoroughly and get your hands on the cards already. 

How many players are needed to play Conquian? 

A total of two players are needed to play Conquian. 

How many cards are needed to play the game? 

A total of forty cards are needed to play the game, Conquian. Out of the forty-card deck, there should be Aces up to 7s and Kings to Jacks. 

How many cards does the dealer deal to each player?

The dealer deals ten cards, one by one, to each player. 

How are the cards ranked? 

The rank of the cards is simple and logical. They are ranked as – K, Q, J, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A (highest to lowest) 

What is the objective for the player to win the game? 

In order to win, the player must convert eleven cards into sequences or sets. Each sequence is supposed to be of at least three and at most four cards. To win, you will have to combine three or more cards in a similar order.


  • The ace (A) is always the lowest card. 
  • The seven and Jack come in a sequence when paired. 

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How To Play The Rummy Style Game: Conquian?

The method of playing Conquian cards is pretty understandable. The non-dealer will have to draw the top card of the pre-shuffled remaining deck. 

You can only put the card back in the deck if it is being used in the meld. Both the players can see the meld when it is laid down for them to look at. If your card is discarded, your turn will end. 

After one player’s card is discarded, the next player will have the choice to either take the discard or to take the top card from the deck. 

Note: One can take the discard only when it is being used in a meld. 

After this, the next player takes turns and it goes on. The players will continue the game by either taking the top card from the deck or drawing the top discard (only if it can be melted). 

Note: The drawn card can only be kept by the player if it can be melded. 

How and who should win Conquian card game?

The player who melds eleven cards first will win the game. 

What Are The Two Most Crucial Basic Rules Of Playing Conquian?

Just like all the other card and rummy-style games, Conquian also has a few rules that need to be kept in mind to avoid disputes or silly quarrels. 

Rule no. 1 

A player (non-dealer) holds the power to force another player (the opponent) to draw the discarded card only if the opponent is worthy of melding it to an existing meld. 

Rule no. 2

In case the pre-shuffled draw deck is finished before time, the game ends as a tie. Nobody can win it solo. 

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Strategies To Win Conquian 

Winning a game of Conquian is unlikely because you require to complete 11 melds to win, which is rarely possible. Still, here are a few ancient strategies of card games to pace up your lucky winning in this gambling game. 

  • If you possess a card that is capable of melding, use it. 
  • Keep shifting your cards, so they aren’t put in one place for long. 
  • Choose your dealer wisely, as your whole game depends on it. 
  • After the dealer is chosen, they are supposed to get the deck ready by removing the respective cards from the remaining cards (i.e., removing the 8s, 9s, 10s, and the joker). 
  • Be aware of the tie rule. 
  • When you restart the game, meld is worth double the second time. 
  • According to your preference, a player with the most meld numbers can also win the match (to avoid a re-match).  
  • You can only learn these types of card games with practice and experience. 


The Conquian is a classic game of cards and is of the same rank as gin rummy. All that you need to take care of is a deck of cards. Making melds might sound like an easy task, but it would be a little harsh on your brains whilst following all the rules and challenging your opponent with your looks. When you’ve chosen a dealer, this game of cards will get simpler. If you are one of those people who love rummy games, you should definitely give Conquian a shot. It is a strategy-based game that will grease your brain with just the right amount of oil. The aura of this game is challenging and if met with the right kind of people, it will turn out to be a delightful combination for sure. 

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