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Football Ground Measurement: What is the size of a football ground

According to FIFA rules, a football ground measurement should be 105 metres and 68 metres in width. However, various sizes of football grounds can be found now-a-days although it has never been smaller than the certified length and breadth by the international football body.

Football ground measurement: football ground dimensions

A football pitch is divided by a number of lines. Two goal posts are designated to be on the football field and those two are situated in the extreme farthest part of the pitch. The penalty area is differentiated from the other part of the pitch by a box. The two lines that designate the penalty box are 16.5 metres each and they originate from the right angle of each goal post. The distance between the two lines remains at 40.32 metres.

the penalty box is usually the goalkeeper’s area and it is commanded by the keeper. Only a shot stopper can touch the ball with his hand when he is inside the penalty area.

the goal area is another small box inside the penalty area. Two lines are drawn from the right angle of each goal post and it is joined by a line drawn parallelly to the goal line. The distance from the goal post is 5.5 metres.

The distance between the goal posts is 7.32 metres and the height from the ground is 2.44 metres. Two flags are posted at each corner and these are designated places from where a corner kick is taken in a football game.

The football field is constituted of two halves and each half is separated by a halfway line. In the middle of the line, there is a centre mark which is a circle. The radius of the circle is 9.15 metres.

Whenever a football match starts a team initiates the play by kicking the ball from the centre mark.

The boundary line which binds the entire football field is called the touchline. The longer one is the touchline and the shorter one is the goal line. The length of a goal line could be a maximum of 120 metres while a touchline should have a minimum length of 90 metres.

Goal lines could have a maximum width of 90 metres and the minimum width should be 45 metres.

A penalty kick is a very important part of a game and there is a penalty mark drawn for the purpose. The mark has an 11 metres distance exactly from the middle of the two goal posts.

There are also two technical areas located on the side of the pitch where the reserve players, coaching staffs and other members can sit and provide instructions to on field players. Between the two technical areas, there is also a place for the 4th official.

Different kinds of artificial surfaces are now present in the market and some very famous stadiums in the world have artificial turf pitches. Also, football now attracts various age groups of children and to accommodate the different kinds of field dimensions have been established.

Football ground measurement: How has it changed over the years

International matches and World Cups are also being held in a stadium as football fields are being used for multiple occasions. But earlier there were no specific markings on the playing surface and only a boundary line used to be there to keep the field of play separate from the audience enclosure.

Some of the stadiums even did not have a drainage system but the current football pitches have all kinds of arrangements. In the 1960s artificial turf was first introduced but it wasn’t a very comfortable experience for the players as it wasn’t very smooth.

The basic dimension and size haven’t changed much but a lot of things have been introduced like the drainage system, advanced soil and grass system, underground heating and many more.


What is the size of a football goal post?

The width and the depth of a goal post are 12 cm.

What is the football ground size for an 11 side game?

According to the football association’s rules, the length should be between 90 to 120 metres and the width should be between 45 to 90 metres.


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