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How many players in football team

Football happens to be the most popular game in the world currently as there are presently a large number of countries taking part in this beautiful game. So, how many players in football team?

A football team consists of a goalkeeper and a maximum of 10 outfield players on the field. Two teams competing in a football game are designated to have 22 players on the pitch. There are also a number of extra players who can sit on the reserve bench and, if needed, be called by the manager to substitute an infield player.

The maximum number of substitutions is allowed five currently due to the Covid-19 scenario and another player can be subbed off during the extra time. Apart from the goalkeeper, there are three more positions in football which can define the game. Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards play an equally important role and there are also many more subdivisions for these positions.

The goalkeeper can not be differentiated but there can be a number of different kinds of midfielders like a central midfielder, defensive midfielder and attacking midfielder.

Defenders also consist of central defenders and side backs mainly. Center forwards, wingers, winger forwards and inside forward are some of the variety of forwards you could witness in a game.

People also tend to play 5-a-side and 7-a-side matches but FIFA recognised matches need to have 11 players each in a football team facing each other on the field.

How many players in football team: Football formations

Football managers usually prefer a particular formation in the game to run their plans throughout the game. 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 are the most common formations of the game while 4-3-3 is also quite popular.

Modern football has seen much evolution as the induction of three man defence has brought many changes in the game. 3-4-3, 3-5-2 and 3-4-2-1 have been used pretty heavily while five men defence is also a new phenomenon these days.

5-4-1 and 5-3-2 are a common tool for weaker teams against stronger teams as they want to defend their fort in the game.


How many substitute players are there in football?

There can be nine players on the reserve bench and five players can be used during a game.

How many players are involved in a cricket match?

Both the participating cricket teams have eleven players each in their ranks


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