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4 Key Focus Areas to Master the WCC2 Game

The cricket fever is unending with the IPL, Test Cricket, ODI, and other matches happening all year round. Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and cricket celebrations are no less than a festival. The fun continues on online gaming platforms for cricket enthusiasts through the popular 3D game – World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2).

The WCC2 game features two game modes on MPL: the Batting multiplayer mode and the Bat & Bowl mode. While the batting mode enables you to bat continuously for 5 overs and compete with 5 other players for a high score, the Bat & Bowl mode is where you get a real-life cricket experience with batting, bowling, and fielding. To master the Bat & Bowl mode in the WCC2 game, one requires a good hold on the bat, strong bowling and fielding skills. If you are looking to win the game, you need to focus on the below four critical areas in WCC2.

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Mastering the Batting Controls

To master online cricket, you need to be good with the batting controls. Learning the batting controls will help you play the most effective shots and score higher runs. Regular practice will help you understand and get used to the batting controls better. The WCC2 game primarily has two types of shot combinations: the ground drive shot and lofted shot. Understanding these shots will help you apply them more efficiently in your game. A combination of the ground drive and lofted shots results in a perfect play.

Lofted Shot

The lofted shot is a power shot in WCC2 that enables you to hit sixes. This shot is risky as your timing needs to be perfect to score a six; however, if it is attempted perfectly, it bags you a six. If the timing is missed, the lofted shot can quickly turn into dismissals and catch-outs. Lofted shots are an efficient way to increase your score and the chances of winning the game. 

Ground Drive Shot

While the lofted shots shoot up your score, they are pretty risky as well. The ground drive shots also hold importance while on the crease. These shots can get you a four and a few runs between the wickets. If you are a beginner and want to avoid taking risks with the lofted shots, the ground drive shot is the perfect option to score runs.

Deciding the Batting Order

In a real-cricket match, the batting lineups play a vital role in the success or failure of a team. Similarly, in the WCC2 game, a good batting order can help increase your score and save wickets at the most crucial times. For an excellent start to the game, the opening batsman should be able to hit some high-scoring shots. A good batting lineup allows the opener to play a few risky shots to give an excellent lead to the opposition. With a strong opener, your team has a good chance of dominating the game and get you an advantage. To choose the best opening batsman, you can find progress bars for every batsman and choose the opener based on their batting skill.

Enhancing the Bowling Accuracy

To master the WCC2 game, you also need to work on your bowling accuracy and style. The main objective of a bowler is to block the batsmen from hitting sixes and fours or scoring many runs. For instance, if a fast bowler bowls a yorker, it can prevent the batsman from hitting lofted shots. A spinner can prevent the batsman from hitting big shots and increasing the chances of their dismissals. You can choose the best bowlers for your line-up to take maximum wickets. 

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Strong Fielding Formations

At the bowling end, strong fielding formations are vital to stop the opposing team from scoring runs.  Strong teamwork can make the game more challenging for your opponents; therefore, good fielding is as important as good bowling. The fielding formations can either be aggressive or defensive. In aggressive fielding formations, the fielders are placed close to the pitch. This formation is good at the beginning of the game when the batsman is getting comfortable in his position as it creates pressure on the batsman. On the other hand, a defensive formation implies that the fielders cover most of the field, and the batsman struggles with fours and sixes.

The Bottom Line

Perfecting your batting, bowling, and fielding actions and skills can help you master the WCC2 game. Regular practice is the key to mastering these key focus areas and the more you play, the more skills you will acquire. Download WCC2 on MPL and start practicing your shots to defeat your opponents with a huge margin.

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