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Manchester City: Champions Last season – Last Season Stats & Journey

“It’s an honor to extend my deal with Manchester City. This club offers everything a player needs to fulfill their ambitions, and there’s nowhere else I want to be.”

Bernardo Silva (The Man City’s “Little Messi“)

Soccer clubs have some of the most die-hard fans you’d ever find anywhere.  Cherry-picking the best club is a daunting task. Manchester City has earned huge respect and is at the sixth position in the list of the top football clubs in terms of worldwide recognition.

Millions of soccer enthusiasts love the Manchester City squad as these gems perform their best under pressure. This club is known for its competitive spirit, commitment, hard work, creativity, and steadiness.

There has been a lot written and spoken about the soccer brand but there are still some areas that needed to be explored. So, let’s try and dig some of these untapped facts and understand why the ecstasy blue moon fans possess about this club.

Do You Want To Explore The Fairy Tale Of How The Soccer Brand Has Made It To The Top?

The expedition of the soccer giant has been full of many tribulations since its initiation in 1880. As of now, the club is well-known for capturing many prestigious titles and has made it to the list of premier English football associations. But things weren’t this rosy at the beginning. Wouldn’t you like to get an idea of the turbulence through which Man City has survived?

Well, to begin with, the credit to discover the idea of founding this football club goes to a rector Arthur Connell and his daughter, Anna Connell. Also, initially, the club was known as Ardwick AFC but in 1894 eventually a new name was coined for the same with which now it’s famous: The Manchester City.

In the beginning, the club used to play in small and local grounds like Clowes Street and Queens Road. Post the change of its name, the squad switched to large grounds such as Hyde Park and slowly became one of the most famous soccer clubs in Manchester.

What Are Some Of The Most Famous Nicknames Given To The Man City Football club?

The City has been dearly given lots of nicknames but some of the trendy are The Blue Moon, The Cityzens, The Shark Team, The Blue Side Of Manchester and The Sky Blues. All of these names have some connection with either the color of the club’s jerseys or their origin city Manchester.

How About Reliving The Interesting Timeline Of The Giant That’s No Less Than A Roller Coaster Ride?

The timeline of the soccer top-notch club is full of drama and lots of action. Once the squad started gaining traction it has never looked back. The year 1904 can be marked as the first golden span when City won the FA cup by defeating “The Trotters” Bolton.

Between 1915 to 1919, the club played soccer only for local competitions as the league was suspended due to world war. The Man City FC continued to perform its best after the postponement due to the war was withdrawn and marked the high-capacity Maine Road stadium as it’s another territory in 1923.

The year 1928 witnessed the club gaining recognition as the best squad of the League and propped up in the ladder as the winner of Division Two. Also, they won the FA Cup for the second time in 1934 and lifted the League’s title in 1937 for the first time. Another honor credited in the club’s name in 1970 when they grabbed their first European Championship.

In the year 2012, the soccer brand won its first League title after fetching the Premier League battle. 2018 and 2019 have been the two of the most successful years for The Blues as they lifted the Carabao Cup and Premier League titles along with the FA cup. If we count the titles the club has won till date then the graph will look like this:

I. Domestic Tournaments: Won the prestigious FA Cup as well as the League Cup six times.

II. European Titles: Tagged as the champion of UEFA Cup Winners’ Trophy once.

III. League Performance: Grabbed the Premier League title four times and the Football League twice.

What Are Some Of The Major Records In The Name Of The Cityzens?

You might be surprised to know that in the history of English Soccer City is the first one to reach 100 points in the top-most league. The club also owns the record of the highest home audience in the match which was played against Stoke City.

Horace Blew and Meredith are the two City’s legends who have been inductees in the prestigious Welsh Sports Hall of Fame. Besides, many other geniuses from the squad have been a vital part of multiple Halls of Fame and added oodles of honor to the squad.

Wouldn’t You Love To Have A Glimpse At Some Of The Soccer Gems Of The Sky Blues?

The football club is known for maintaining a superb team comprising some of the best goal scorers, attacking mid-fielders, and magical defenders. Here we are going to have a look at a couple of them:

1. The Goal Machine Colin Bell & The “Football’s First Superstar” Billy Meredith

These soccer legends have played their best for Man City where on one hand Bell hypnotized the audience by hitting 155 goals in 500 matches and on the other Meredith scored 152 goals in only 393 appearances. Colin ruled the hearts of millions of City fans for years and Billy is remembered for his initiative to stand for soccer players who faced mistreatment.

2. The Club’s Best Goal Scorer Sergio Aguero & David Silva Who’s One Of The Most Worthy City’s Investments

The Spanish soccer legend is known for his power, dexterity, and speed. He has earned the tag of the most prolific goal scorers for the Manchester City FC who made two of the finest goals in his debut match in 2012 Premier League. The club won their first title in 44 years. David Silva is another City’s star who has proved to be a true asset for the squad. He is especially known for performing his best in the 2010 World Cup and leading the path to win for the team.

3. The City’s Hero Vincent Kompany & The Bravest Bert Trautmann

Vincent is known as one of the finest City players because under his supervision the club has won Premier League title four times. Also, he acted as the spine of the team’s defense line-up and served as an ambassador for the club as well. 

The story of Bert is entirely different as he played for seventeen-minute in spite of having a severe neck injury in the FA Cup finals against Birmingham City. He was an ex-war prisoner and Manchester City faced a lot of protests when signing him. He proved his goalkeeping skills and even the celebrated Russian goalie Yashin believed him to be perfect at defending goals.

Was Last Season One Of The Most Thrilling For City Fans?

Yes, the soccer seasonof 2018-19 was one of the most memorable seasons for the celebrated soccer club as they stood at the top position in the Premier League. Also, they won the FA and EFL cups with the help of some awesome performances.

The legendary Sergio Agüero, Bernardo Silva, Fernandinho, and Sterling were some of the rock stars of the season. Ederson performed flawlessly as the goalkeeper and John Stones, Kyle Walker, and Danilo were the best defenders of the club.

Is City Ruling Even The Fantasy Football Landscape?

The Cityzens have been one of the most popular in the fantasy football landscape also. Soccer lovers’ cherry-pick some of the best City gems to build an extraordinary virtual team. Gabriel Jesus and Aguero are the most popular forwards whereas David Silva and Sterling continued to be the top-most midfielders for fantasy fans.

How Does The Soccer Club Connect With Fans On Social Media Platforms?

There is an extensive fan following of the football giant with millions of passionate and fanatical lovers who can do any and everything for their beloved soccer squad. There are various online communities of fans where they share images and videos of the club’s performances. The City has a prominent presence over social media channels through which they try and keep their fans engaged and well-informed with all the updates and news.

The journey of Manchester City is quite interesting as earlier it was way behind other soccer giants like Chelsea and Manchester United but as of now, the City’s net worth is 1.41 billion U.S. dollars, which is commendable. Now, the club is capable to compete with some of the biggest football sharks in the world and possesses the potential to even beat them.

Considering the sparks that have made City a true soccer legend the future also seems extremely bright for the squad with many more titles and superb goals added to their scorecard.

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