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MPL Quiz: The best game to test your GK with online quiz games

Which team has never played in IPL finals? Name the Bollywood celebrity who launched an online platform known as ‘Pravasi Rojgar’ to help migrants find jobs? Which is the world’s largest country?

Wondering why there’s a sudden pile of questions coming your way? This is how you feel while participating in online quiz games. The mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness while answering general knowledge questions gets the adrenaline pumping. Nothing can beat the nail-biting moment when you have to answer the correct question before your opponent. 

Many people prefer spending their time playing quiz games over other games. These trivia games help increase your general knowledge, improves brain health, and keeps you entertained for a long time. The MPL Quiz is one of the best online quiz games to put your GK to test. It’s an engaging game that exercises your brain while you enjoy answering questions.

Choose your favorite battle

The best part about playing the MPL quiz game is that you don’t need to answer questions from diverse categories. If you think you are a quiz master in the sports category but won’t do well with Bollywood questions, this is the perfect game for you. On the platform, you can select the battle you want to play from a diverse range of categories, including Bollywood, Cricket, IPL, general awareness, world history, and more. So, you can either choose to beat your opponents in the category you have mastered or can choose to enhance your quizzing skills in other categories. 

The Gameplay

Playing the quiz battles is relatively easy on the app. All you need is a stable internet connection and the MPL app. if you are a beginner at quiz games, you should also consider reading ‘Things to Remember for Novice Players. You’ll be overwhelmed with the number of categories from which you can choose your battle. Most quiz battles feature four to ten questions. You are pitted against another opponent in these quiz battles, where both you and your opponent have to answer similar questions. Based on who answered correctly and in the shortest time, points are allocated to each player. If you are quicker than your opponent and answer the correct answers, you can easily win the game. Your speed of answering questions can also save you from answering a question incorrectly; because, in the end, the points decide which player wins the game. If you enjoy quiz trivia, you can also join the ongoing trivia. Just pay the entry fee and experience the thrill of answering several multiple-choice questions. 

Benefits of playing the MPL online quiz games


Unlike the usual Trivia nights you go to or the other long online quiz games you play, the quiz games at MPL are fast-paced. All the battles feature four to ten questions, and each game takes only a few minutes to complete. Therefore, if you don’t have much time on hand and just want to enjoy a challenging quiz during a break, this is the perfect game for you.

Multiple exciting categories 

When you are playing online quiz games on MPL, you won’t find yourself getting stuck on questions beyond your knowledge or interest. The various categories featured in the game enable players to select a category based on their interests. Since you are answering questions about a domain that you know of, the game is highly engaging.

An element of competition 

You will love the blend of a challenge and competition while answering the quiz questions. When you enter a quiz, you are in a battle with a random opponent while facing the challenge of tapping into your memory to find the right answers to the questions.

Enhances general knowledge 

If you feel like challenging your knowledge or improving your general awareness, you can play the other categories you haven’t tried before. For instance, if you are a Bollywood quiz master, you can take up the challenge of answering general awareness questions for a change. Although, it’s best if you prepare for the quiz before entering the game. In all aspects, this would only enhance your general knowledge.

Good brain workout 

Playing online quiz games not only offer light-hearted entertainment but is also extremely good for the brain. When you are answering questions, you are putting your brain to work and improving your cognitive skills. Moreover, your general knowledge increases with every question you answer. Isn’t that a win-win situation for you?

Real cash rewards 

Who wouldn’t like entertainment combined with real money as a reward to win the game? The quiz games on MPL offer real cash every time you win a battle. So, you are not only exercising your brain and having a fun time, but you are also mostly taking a reward at the end of the game (of course, you have to win the game to take the prize). 

If you are looking for a quiz that gets your creative juices flowing and enhances your problem-solving skills, this is the perfect game for you. These quiz games are the best way to test your GK and expand your mental capabilities. Moreover, you get a chance to show off your impressive skills and knowledge in front of family and friends. Just download the MPL app and start playing your favorite quiz battles.

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