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Online Carrom: Most Important Terms to Remember

Whenever you start playing a new game, you are clueless about most things because you do not understand the terminology. You might have what it takes to ace a carrom game but maybe you can’t perform at your full potential because there are many things that you can not wrap your head around.

If this sounds like you, then we would like to appreciate your efforts of taking your time out and learning more about the game. The more you play carrom game online, the easier it gets. So here are some carrom terms that you should be aware of to learn more about this game.


The Queen in carrom is a distinctive piece worth about 50 points. It is different in colour than the other pieces and is usually red or maroon. This is the most valuable of all other coins and is a deciding factor of the final result. Learn how the queen can change the game by playing carrom online.


A break is done by the player who gets the first turn. All the pieces are stacked together in the middle with the queen in the centre. The player has to strike hard such that all the coins are dispersed on the board so it is easier to play. Ideally, one or two coins should be pocketed while breaking.


A strike means to hit the striker with the intent of pocketing a coin. You can only strike with the striker, which is the largest piece on the board. There are many ways by which one could strike, in traditional carrom people use their fingers in different ways but this is not required when you play carrom online.


When you are done with pocketing most of the pieces, always keep in mind to keep one spare piece before you pocket the queen. If you don’t do this and pocket the last piece or fail to pocket it after getting the queen then you missed your chance of covering. Then the queen will be returned to the centre.

Trick Shots

Trick shots are the most exciting element of carrom, even when it is an online board game. They are played to pocket more pieces, pocket difficult pieces, help your teammate or ruin the alignment of pieces for your opponent. There are many trick shots that one can play, but we recommend mastering one and then moving to another one.


A carrom board has four pockets at every corner. Every time a coin falls into it, it is called pocketing. Pocketing doesn’t necessarily mean scoring because one can pocket the wrong coins or pocket the wrong way. This is one of the most widely used carrom board terms so make sure that you do not forget about it.


This is one of those carrom board terms you should know the most about. There are many types of fouls in carrom. Like potting the striker, potting the cover before the queen, touching the coins on striker line, coins on diagonal line or playing with your striker on the strike line.


A penalty is usually paid when the rules of carrom are violated. Violation of rules in carrom is known as foul and when someone commits a foul, a coin is returned to the centre of the carrom board. This returned coin is called a penalty. It is like punishing the player to maintain the discipline and dignity of the game.

White Slam

White slam refers to pocketing all the white coins either with the queen or without the queen in the first turn. No chance is given to the opponent and the player keeps pocketing all the white coins one after the other. It is a treat to watch, try doing this the next time you play carrom online.

Black Slam

When a player pockets all the black coins in one go, with or without the queen it is called black slam. The concept is similar to white slam and the opponent doesn’t get a chance. However, you should avoid this when you play the freestyle version because then you are bound to be scoreless.

Final Thoughts

Those are some carrom game terms that every carrom player should know about. Now the next time you play online carrom, you won’t be the clueless newbie. Go ahead and flex your knowledge on the MPL Pro App and compete with other players to win exciting rewards while playing carrom online.


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