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Bubble Shooter: Tips to move past difficult levels

A huge number of people enjoy playing arcade games to relieve stress after a long and tiring day. 

Arcade games such as bubble shooter require a good thinking process and simple strategies to complete levels. Bubble shooter is one such game that amalgamates strategy, action, and fun within a puzzle. But getting past difficult levels in bubble shooter can be tricky. Players tend to give up too easily as they aren’t aware of the useful tips and tricks to crack the hard to beat levels.

Bubble shooter can be played by children and adults alike, but the game gets tougher with increasing levels. If you are here to learn bubble shooter tips to improve your score and clear difficult levels, chances are that you have managed to clear several levels and are familiar with the game. However, the tips shared here will be useful for beginners as well as intermediate-skill players. But before we spill the beans on easy tips to move past difficult levels in the bubble shooter game, let’s understand the objective and gameplay. 

Bubble Shooter Gameplay

Bubble shooter is a colorful playfield of bubbles where you have to shoot the colored bubbles with the aim of bursting maximum bubbles and clearing the playing field. The game is quite simple as you have to eliminate the bubbles and prevent them from reaching the bottom of the screen. 

You shoot the bubbles through the bubble cannon after choosing between the two given bubble colors. With the correct angle, you target a group of the same color bubbles to clear them from the screen. You need proper planning and strategy to make your shots effective. If you shoot a bubble in the wrong direction, the bubble attaches to other bubbles that are proceeding toward the base. Therefore, wrong aims make your game worse and increase your chances of losing the game.

Bubble Shooter Tips to level-up

As fun as the game is, bubble shooter requires you to learn a few tactics and strategies to master the game. You need to think critically before you shoot a bubble and stick to ‘The Strategy’. According to ‘The Strategy’ in bubble shooter, it’s important to analyze the different groups of colored bubbles on your screen that may lead to a large combo shot or drop the hanging bubbles. Targeting these groups will help you clear the screen quickly and score higher points. The further you go and more experience you gain, clearing difficult levels will be a child’s play. So here are three bubble shooter tips on how to you can progress your game and crack the difficult levels once you have nailed the basics of the game.

Use The Strategy Element

The Strategy in bubble shooter is all about planning ahead of your moves. At the beginning of the game, you should survey the playing field and identify bubbles of the same color that are in large groups. As the first step, you should form a strategy for shooting more bubbles to clear the playing field and organize your steps towards that goal. If you have a planned strategy rather than shooting bubbles on a random basis, you will notice the difference in your game and will level up faster.

Score With Bank Shots

One of the most effective tips to target the right bubble and avoid stacking up bubbles is using the bank shot. Essentially, a bank shot is a shot where the bubble that you shoot hits the sidewalls and bounces off in the direction you aim for. When you play the bubble shooter game on mobile, you will find dotted lines emerging from the bubble cannon to help you aim in the right direction. You can use these dotted lines for your bank shot and aim at a point in the sidewall to bounce the bubble in the right direction and burst the required bubbles. The bank shot also helps a lot when you have to squeeze the bubble to fill up a blank space or when your target bubbles are hard to reach. It is absolutely important to bank upon the bank shots to make it through difficult levels.

Target The Hanging Bubbles

You will find certain bubbles hanging on to a group of the same color bubbles. Your game plan should include identifying such bubbles and targeting the group they are dangling off to get rid of them in the same shot. Targeting the hanging bubbles clears a lot of space on the playing field instantly. So, instead of targeting one bubble at a time, wait for the right color bubble to pop all the hanging bubbles in a go. Also, watch out for the upcoming bubble in the canon to plan your next move as well.

Struggling to clear levels in bubble shooter? With these easy bubble shooter tips, you will be able to easily move forward in the game and experience different exciting levels. Implement these tactics in your game the next time you play bubble shooter on MPL. With time, you will be able to master the game and beat your own score. 

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