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Who is the Pakistan cricket captain?

Babar Azam is the current Pakistan cricket captain across all three formats. The opening batsman was appointed Pakistan’s captain on November 10, 2020, after a string of brilliant performances.

Since Pakistan was registered as an official member of the Imperial Cricket Conference (now the International Cricket Council) on July 28, 1953, the cricketing nation has seen some of cricket world’s most enigmatic captains over the decades. Since Abdul Hafeez Kardar became the first Pakistan cricket captain at the professional level in 1952, the nation has seen stalwarts like Imran Khan and Younis Khan leading the side over the years.

We list below all the 34 skippers that have led the team since 1952.

Pakistan cricket captain (Full list): By most number of wins

1Misbah ul Haq56261911
2Imran Khan4814826
3Javid Miandad3414614
4Inzamam ul Haq3111119
5Wasim Akram251285
6Abdul Hafeez Kardar236611
7Mushtaq Muhammad19847
8Intikhab Alam171511
9Waqar Younis171070
10Zaheer Abbas143110
11Sarfraz Ahmad13481
12Moin Khan13427
13Saleem Malik12732
14Hanif Muhammad11227
15Babar Azam11722
16Fazal Mehmood10226
17Muhammad Yousuf9261
18Younis Khan9135
19Azhar Ali9243
20Saeed Anwar7142
21Wasim Bari6042
22Asif Iqbal6044
23Aamir Sohail6123
24Rashid Latif6411
25Javed Burki5041
26Rameez Raja5122
27Salman Butt5230
28Imtiaz Ahmad4022
29Saeed Ahmed3003
30Majid Khan3003
31Shoaib Malik3021
32Muhammad Rizwan2020
33Shahid Afridi1010
34Mohammad Hafeez1010


Though Misbah-ul-Haq never led the Pakistan cricket team to an ICC World Cup, he was a prominent part of Pakistan’s T20 World Cup win in 2009. Apart from that, the Men in Green have also enjoyed the highest winning percentage under Misbah’s captaincy. He has captained Pakistan in 56 Test matches, with the side winning 26 matches and losing 19 out of them. Misbah-ul-Haq is also the cricketer to score the fastest Test century.

Imran Khan

The best cricket player to ever captain the Pakistan team, it was under Imran Khan’s leadership that the team’s greatest successes came in the form of the 1992 ICC ODI World Cup. It was under Imran Khan’s captaincy that Pakistan got immense success away from home in the overseas conditions of the West Indies, Australia, and other non-Asian countries. For a cricketing country like Pakistan, where numerous captains have been removed for unprofessional behaviour, Imran Khan’s stature holds great value to this team’s history.

Pakistan national cricket captains full list: Test cricket

1Abdul Hafeez Kardar1952 – 58236611
2Fazal Mahmood1958 – 6110226
3Imtiaz Ahmed1959 – 624022
4Javed Burki19625041
5Hanif Mohammad1964 – 6711227
6Saeed Ahmed1968 – 693003
7Intikhab Alam1969 – 75171511
8Majid Khan1972 – 733003
9Mushtaq Mohammad1976 – 7919847
10Wasim Bari1977 – 786024
11Asif Iqbal1979 – 806024
12Javed Miandad1979 – 933414614
13Imran Khan1982 – 924814826
14Zaheer Abbas1983 – 85143110
15Wasim Akram1992 – 00251285
16Waqar Younis1993 – 03171070
17Saleem Malik1993 – 9512732
18Rameez Raja1995 – 975122
19Saeed Anwar1996 – 007142
20Aamer Sohail1997 – 996123
21Rashid Latif1997 – 046411
22Moin Khan1997 – 0113427
23Inzamam-ul-Haq2000 – 073111119
24Mohammad Yousuf2003 – 109261
25Younus Khan2004 – 099135
26Shoaib Malik2007 – 083021
27Shahid Afridi2009 – 101010
28Salman Butt2009 -105230
29Misbah-ul-Haq2011 – 1456261911
30Mohammad Hafeez2012 -131010
31Azhar Ali2016 – 209243
32Sarfraz Ahmed2017 – 1913481
33Mohammad Rizwan2020 – 212020
34Babar Azam2020 –

Javed Miandad

Though the Pakistan cricket team’s golden era came after Javed Miandad left the captaincy for Imran Khan to take over, Miandad was the first captain since Abdul Hafeez Kardar to lead the Pakistan Test team in over 20 matches. Pakistan had won 14 matches out of the 34 games played under Miandad.

Pakistani national cricket captains list in ODI cricket

1Intikhab Alam1972 – 743210
2Asif Iqbal1975 – 796240
3Majid Khan19752110
4Mushtaq Mohammad1976 – 794220
5Wasim Bari1977 – 785140
6Javed Miandad1980 – 936226331
7Zaheer Abbas1981 – 8513750
8Imran Khan1982 – 9213975591
9Sarfraz Nawaz1983 – 841010
10Abdul Qadir1987 – 895140
11Saleem Malik1992 – 953421112
12Rameez Raja1992 – 97227130
13Wasim Akram1992 – 0010966412
14Waqar Younis1993 – 946237230
15Moin Khan1994 – 013420140
16Saeed Anwar1994 – 0011560
17Aamer Sohail1995 – 99229120
18Rashid Latif1997 – 20032513120
19Inzamam-ul-Haq2002 – 078751330
20Mohammad Yousuf2003 – 108260
21Younis Khan2005 – 09218130
22Abdul Razzaq20061010
23Shoaib Malik2007 – 194125160
24Misbah-ul-Haq2008 – 158745392
25Shahid Afridi2009 – 143819180
26Azhar Ali2015 – 172912160
27Sarfraz Ahmed2015 – 195027200
28Mohammad Hafeez20172110
29Imad Wasim20192020
30Babar Azam2020 –

Sarfraz Ahmed

The recent important victory for Pakistan had come against archrivals India in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final, where Pakistan had beaten the Virat Kohli-led side in the final to lift the third ICC trophy under the captaincy of Sarfaraz Ahmed. Since then, several players from the team have retired with the new generation of Babar Azam and Co. taking over and carrying the legacy in a much better way.

Pakistan cricket captain (full list) in T20Is

2Younis Khan2007 – 20098530
3Shoaib Malik2007 – 2019201361
4Misbah-ul-Haq2011 – 20128620
5Shahid Afridi2009 – 20164319231
6Mohammad Hafeez2012 – 20142917111
7Sarfraz Ahmed2016 – 20372980
8Babar Azam2019 –4126100
9Shadab Khan20203120

Babar Azam

Though Pakistan are yet to win any major ICC title under young Babar Azam’s captaincy, he has turned a corner by beating India and registering the Men in Green’s first victory over the Men in Blue in a World Cup game. It happened during the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup where Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets.


Who was captain of pakistan cricket team in 2020?

Babar Azam has been the captain of Pakistan Cricket team in 2020.

who was the most successful odi captain of pakistan?

Imran Khan is the most successful ODI captain of Pakistan. They won the 1992 ICC ODI World Cup under his captaincy.

Who was pakistan cricket captain In 2021?

Babar Azam was Pakistan cricket captain in 2021. He has been Pakistan’s captain across all three formats since getting appointed in November 2020.

Who is pakistan cricket captain in 2022?

Babar Azam is the Pakistan cricket captain in 2022 across all three formats.

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