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Richest football club in the world: Everything you need to know

Football has become a money spinner in modern days as club tends to have more income from various sources. Clubs from English Premier League dominates the list of the richest football club in the world. Manchester City are the richest football club with a revenue of 644.9 million Euros.

Covid-19 did manage to hamper the proceedings but since the crowd came back to the stadiums the situation has stabilised as the revenue from ticket sales has started to soar. Matchday revenue, Sponsorship revenue, merchandise sales, stadium naming rights, and broadcasting revenue are the main ways to propel a club’s wealth.

Football has much evolved these days and money involved in the game has only increased over the last few years. From Neymar’s much hyped move to Paris Saint Germain to Kylian Mbappe’s new contract, it has been a rollercoaster ride for the sports.

Richest football club in the world: By Revenue (Top 20 list) 

According to Deloitte, Manchester City generated the most revenue followed by Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Manchester United which complete the top five. The Premier League champions’ revenue of 644.9 million Euros is the highest on the list based solely on revenue.

City’s revenue mostly came from broadcasting revenue and their commercial income also supported the cause, Madrid missed the top spot by a whisker as they occupied the second spot with a revenue of 640.7 million Euros for the 2020-21 season.

Bayern Munich managed 611.4 million Euros in revenue while another Spanish giant Barcelona fell much behind with 582.1 million. Another Premier League biggie Manchester United failed to pull much revenue as they posted a revenue of 558 million Euros.

Five Premier League clubs are in the top ten list while two clubs from Spain and one each from Germany and Italy are in it.

PSG and Liverpool are in the 6th and 7th position respectively while Chelsea, Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur make the top ten. Arsenal are in the 11th position with a revenue of 366.5 million Euros while Europa League semifinalists Leicester City are in 15th place with 255. million Euros of revenue.

1Manchester City€644.9m
2Real Madrid€640.7m
3Bayern Munich€611.4m
5Manchester United€558m
6Paris Saint Germain€556.2m
10Tottenham Hotspur€406.2m
12Borussia Dortmund€337.6
13Atletico Madrid€332.6
14Inter Milan€330.9m
15Leicester City€255.5m
16West Ham United€221.5m
17Wolverhampton Wanderers€219.2m
20Aston Villa€207.3m

Richest football club in the world: By Valuation (Top 10 list)

When it comes to the world’s most valuable clubs Real Madrid tops the list with a valuation of 4.1 billion pounds. The list which has been published by Forbes saw the Spanish club leapfrogging their fellow Spanish giants Barcelona from the top spot. Madrid’s recent Champions League triumph also helped them in the cause

Barcelona are second with a valuation of 4 billion pounds while Manchester United are the third most valuable club with a valuation of 3.65 billion pounds. The top ten is dominated by English clubs as many as five Premier League clubs have managed to get into this list.

Apart from United, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are the other teams in the big billion leagues.

Despite their financial turmoil Barcelona have cemented their place in the second position mainly due to their shirt sponsorship deal with Spotify. Their value has seen a marginal increase of 7% while United’s value has increased nine per cent.

Premier League remains the most lucrative amongst the top European Leagues and teams like Man City and Liverpool have boosted their revenue with some fantastic performances. United’s value are likely to plummet a bit in the next season as they finished a distant seventh in the Premier League while they also couldn’t do much in the Champions League.

Real Madrid£4.1bn
Manchester United£3.65bn
Bayern Munich£3.4bn
Man City£3.3bn
Paris Saint Germain£3.3bn
Tottenham Hotspur£1.86bn


Which is the world’s richest football club according to Forbes?

Real Madrid is the richest club according to Forbes

Which is the richest club in England?

Manchester City is the richest club in England.


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