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What are the best types of carrom boards in India? All you need to know

There are various types of carrom board brands available in the market with prices varying according to the size and quality of the carrom board. Good carrom boards, as identified by the International Carrom Federation (ICF), should ideally have premium plywood although there are other materials today that are used to manufacture boards as well.

Today, however, one can play online carrom as well, which reduces the hassle of researching and buying quality carrom boards in the market. MPL Carrom Game not only gives its user the real-life feel of the game but also provides an opportunity to earn money by facing opponents in real-time.

Good quality plywood won’t compromise the durability and tenacity of the product as a good quality carrom board remains for years and in good condition if taken proper care. Apart from that, good plywood is also responsible for maintaining the smoothness of a carrom board and prevents the surface from getting wobbly over time which affects the coins and carrom striker from travelling easily.

The frame of a good carrom board should ideally be 4mm thick and it should also have sharp and uniform edges to maintain the proper stretches. If you wish to play carrom, there are multiple carrom board companies that manufacture boards by adhering to the highest standards. Let us look at some of the best carrom board brands.

Types of carrom board: Top 5 brands list with price

RankCarrom BoardPrice
1Precise Carro BoardRs 2,500 – Rs 15,500.
2Synco Carrom BoardRs 1700 – Rs 15, 500
3Surco Carrom BoardRs 1600 – Rs 14, 000
4GSI Carrom BoardRs 2600 – Rs 14, 700
5Siscaa Carrom BoardRs 2600 – Rs 19000

Precise Carrom Boards

Some of the best carrom boards in India are manufactured by Precise Carrom Boards. The company uses plywood like English Birch to make supreme quality carrom boards and they are available in various shapes and sizes allowing everyone – from the young ones to the adults to the championship level – to enjoy the thrill of carrom. Precise has boards like Monitor, Amateur, Champion, Jumbo, Deluxe, Uber carrom boards and many more that represents the sizes and thickness of the various boards. One of the best qualities of Precise Carrom Boards is that they are waterproof and scratch-free. It keeps the board shiny and smooth for longer periods with minimum maintenance. The superior quality of the boards also ensures great rebound for players.

Synco Carrom Boards

One of the go-to carrom companies for professional carrom players in India, Synco is known for its smooth boards that give four to five rebounds from a single strike. It is widely considered to be the number one carrom board brand in India and is used in numerous tournaments and championships across the country. With deep pockets, which can accommodate many coins, and sharp edges, Synco is one of the premium carrom board brands.

Surco Carrom Boards

Unlike few other companies that make professional carrom boards, which are both wooden and ich boards imported from outside, Surco only makes carrom boards from Indian plywood. However, Surco still remains one of the top producers in India and is highly recommended by both AICF (All Indian Carrom Federation) and ICF. They are also known for making great youth carrom boards suitable for kids. The spiking popularity has also resulted in numerous duplicate companies making boards by their name. Surco makers take pride in the durability of their carrom boards which are pretty much the best in the market.

GSI Carrom Boards

One of the best carrom board companies out there, GSI (Garg Sports International) is known for the special gloss finish on their boards that adds a classy touch. They are also popular for using high-quality Assam plywood boards and Kikar hardwood, although the build quality of the board has been questioned at times. GSI, however, are superior to other boards in terms of the smooth playing surface and the boards’ resistance to warping. GSI excel in manufacturing the large carrom boards with great rebound features.

Siscaa Carrom Boards

Siscaa is a carrom board company not only popular in India but throughout the Asian continent in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh for the standard size carrom board. Like GSI, Siscaa also excel in making water-resistant boards that doesn’t allow warping after liquid spillages. Know for their low maintenance and affordable prices, which makes it a bery popular brand. Siscaa is widely recommended by AICF and ICF in tournaments and championships.

Types of carrom board games: By Variations

There are six variations in the game of carrom board, namely – Total point carrom, Family point carrom, Point carrom, Duboo, Tokyu-ban and Professional carrom.

Total Point Carrom

In this carrom game, players competing will have to finish with the highest points on board. The black carrom men carries 5 points, while the white ones carry 10 points. The queen or the red coin carries 50 points and needs to be covered by another coin.

Family Point Carrom

One of the most popular variants among carrom enthusiasts, Family Point Carrom isn’t very different from the Total Point Carrom. The only difference in this variation is that the queen carries 25 points, instead of 50. The black and white coins carry five and 10 points, respectively.

Point Carrom

The Point Carrom variation is different from the previous two. In this variant, both the black and white carrom men carry one point each while the queen carries three points. Apart from the fact that the queen would need to be covered, a player has to reach 21 points to be declared the winner. In case no player reaches 21 points, the player with the most points will be declared the winner. A tie-breaker will sort a draw at the end.


Popularly plan in Pakistan’s Karachi, the Duboo Carrom game is usually played on a large carrom board with the players needing to slide the striker to hit the coins rather than flicking it.


Carrom came to Japan only in the 20th century and it became popular in no time with the Showa period showing too much love towards it to name it Tokyu-ban. In Japanese, it translates to a throw ball board. Shiga’s Hikone city, Tokyu-ban is still a popular game.

Professional Carrom

Yet another carrom variant that is very popular in India is the Professional Carrom, which is different from the other variants. Players need to get a minimum of 21 points of the 29 available points. One player is allotted a black puck while the other, the white one. The catch is, the queen, or the red puck, and its cover cannot be pocketed in the same pocket. Other rules of Professional carrom include a player paying a penalty of a puck if the striker gets pocketed. The queen, or the red coin, gets automatically covered if it is pocketed with a puck in the same shot. Apart from that, a player is also penalized if his shot touches the last puck directly before pocketing the queen. 

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