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What is UEFA Champions League Prize Money?

The UEFA Champions League prize money for the 2022-23 season is almost 1.5 billion Euros which is divided among all the clubs.

The winner of the Champions League pockets a hefty 20 million Euros while the runners up earn a whopping 15.5 million for reaching the Champions League final.

Champions League prize money is one of the lucrative prospects that all the clubs vying for each and every season as the tournament offers a huge pool of money for the participating clubs.

From the group stage games till the final day of the competition a club can earn more than 90 million Euros in prize money while factoring in all the possible outcomings for a side. Thus participating in the Champions League itself is a financial bonanza for a club as it gives the windfall of money throughout the tournament.

In comparison to the UEFA Europa League prize money is much lesser than the premier European tournament.

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2022-23: How much will football clubs earn this season

Stage Prize Money
Winners€20 million
Runners up€15.5 million
Semifinalist€12.5 million
Quarterfinalist€10.6 million
Last 16€9.9 million
Group stage win€2.8 million
Group stage draw€930,000
Qualifying for the group stage€15.64 million

From the qualifying rounds, UEFA starts distributing the prize money to the clubs. The 1st qualifying round could hand the club 300,000 Euros while winning the second round could be worth 400,000 Euros. A cool 500,000 Euros can be earned in the third qualifying round while for the qualification to the group stages UEFA make a payment of 15.6 million Euros to each club.

A win in the group stages can see a club earning 2.8 million Euros while a draw is worth 930,000 Euros in the group stage. Reaching the last 16 could add another 9.9 million Euros while the quarterfinal stage could add another 10.6 million Euros to the coffers.

The semi finals are worth 12.5 million Euros and the finalists get 15.5 million Euros each with the winner pocketing 4.5 million Euros extra.

Added to this UEFA also make a base payment on the 10 year coefficient as clubs having regular participation will receive higher money than the club visiting the tournament not so often.

The participating clubs are also entitled to a huge chunk of the broadcasting and TV money based on their standings and market value and this extra money is quite huge. Clubs like Liverpool and Real Madrid accumulated a huge amount of prize money following their engagement in the UEFA Champions League final.

The Premier League giants collected to the tune of 90 million Euros while Real Madrid took home more than 105 million as they got a superior payment due to their superior co-efficient in the Champions League.

Premier League clubs got a huge chunk of the broadcasting revenue while they also receive a handsome amount based on their performance in that particular season’s Champions League. Qualifying for the UEFA Super Cup also could hand a club additional prize money of 3.5 million while winning the competition is worth 1 million.

Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool all got richer in the last season as they managed to reach the last 8 at least in the competition while Manchester United couldn’t get past the last 16.


How much is the Premier League prize money?

The Premier League winners get 44 million pounds for finishing at the top of the table.

How much prize money did Liverpool make in the UEFA Champions League?

Liverpool almost managed to pocket a hefty 90 million in prize money from the Champions League.


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