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6 Cricketing Books to Read to Improve your Cricketing Knowledge

Do you think of anything equivalent to the thrilling experience of watching live cricket, apart from playing the World Cricket Championship (WCC2) game online? Then it is reading books about cricket that bring a similar sense of nostalgia every time you open them. Whether it is during these trying quarantine times or on a casual, work-free day in the future, our list of books in the article is always invaluable sources of knowledge, experience, and glorious stories from cricket history.

Cricket, over the years, has evolved phenomenally across the world. Enthralling more than 2.5 billion fans, it bears the title for the world’s second most played game. From one day matches and test cricket to the world cup and T20s, the world of cricket has brought a lot in store for all its enthusiasts. And what’s even more interesting is its entry into the e-sports industry in the form of popular games like the World Cricket Championship (WCC2) game and on platforms like the Mobile Premier League game. 

Virtual cricket has hooked in a lot of cricket maniacs due to its strategic gameplay, real-time cricketing experience, and exciting rewards in the form of cash and other goodies. However, sometimes, making a subtle shift from playing or watching rigorous cricket matches to enjoying a peaceful reading experience about your favourite sport, gives you a fresh and rejuvenated perspective towards the game. Here’s a list of top cricketing books you must have to enjoy wholesome reads.

Top 6 Cricket Books You Must Read!

Following is a list of books, curated specially for all the cricket lovers, covering a plethora of concepts from basic batting and bowling to mastering those distinctive strokes from global cricket legends:

  1. The Cutting Edge Cricket

Just as the name suggests, this book brings to you remarkable strategies and practices of Australia’s top-notch players and coaches. From getting those perfect batting strokes to finessing your wicket keeping rhythm, ‘The cutting edge cricket’ has it all for players of all levels and backgrounds. The book showcases pro-tips from 38 Australian coaches, cricketers, team captains, and sports scientists including the likes of Mark Taylor, Greg Chappell, John Buchanan, Merv Hughes, Justin Langer, and Bruce Abernethy.

What’s even more special about this book is that it is exemplarily ideal for every cricket enthusiasts regardless of his age, professionalism, and calibre of playing cricket. Alongside a cup of brewing coffee, it makes a perfect read for all the crazy cricket fans.

  1. Cricket 2.0 (Inside the T20 Revolution)

If the transformation of cricket over the past few years is what you always wonder about, then ‘Cricket 2.0’ will unravel the untold story of the historical transition of traditional cricket into the present day’s ‘Modern Cricket’. While ODIs and test matches have still not lost their charm, the phenomenal evolution of T20s and its tremendous growth is entirely mind-blowing. Here is presenting a collection of piping hot conversations from cricket legends, both on and off the T20 cricket fields. This book has every detail about how the development took place, the current demand, and the potential that the future holds for modern cricket. 

Whether T20s amaze you or are something uninteresting for you, this book is a recommended read to gain a realistic perspective of the sport and understand the dire need for such significant transitions.

  1. Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians

For cricket addicts, ‘Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians’ is a one-stop destination to sieve through the glorious history of Indian cricket. From the day cricket began during the British rule in India to the current Dhoni-Kohli hype, this book brings you an ocean of knowledgeable facts, thought-provoking commentary, and an astonishing reveal of famous scandals.

If cricket is more than just a game for you, then be prepared to go through a realm of emotions when you read this book. Experience a surge of happiness, curiosity, and glimpses of heartbreak, as you progress along from learning about the 1983 World cup win to realizing the raw truth behind the match-fixing scandal. 

  1. The Psychology of Cricket

We often assume that rigorous practise, physical fitness, and strategic playing helps polish cricket skills and determine success or failure in a match. However, what we often don’t realize is the fact that cricket is as much of a psychological play as it is of physical activity. The more you train your mind to focus, concentrate, work under pressure, and stay motivated, the better your gameplay becomes. 

The Psychology of Cricket presents a plethora of useful methods, fool-proof tricks, and expert tips to maintain mental strength and toughness while playing cricket. It is equally important to work on both the physical and psychological aspects of your body to excel in the art of cricket and flourish as a successful player. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level player, this book will be your ideal cricket psychology trainer.

  1. Cricket- 99.94 Tips to Improve your Game

Another show-stopper, in the section of useful cricket guides, is the book ‘Cricket: 99.94 tips to improve your game’. It is a collection of marvellous tips, suggestions, strategies, and ideologies of legendary cricket players catering to cricket enthusiasts of all levels. In recognition of the beautiful moment, when Sir Donald Bradman made history with his unforgettable 99.94 batting score, this book was curated by gathering tips from the best players across the world. 

  1. Biographies

What could be more refreshing and motivating than reading the lives of world-famous cricket leaders? Their struggles and challenges that emerged into fruitful results and carved their names as ‘legendary players’ is something worth reading. Just the thought of reliving your favourite cricket players’ memorable moments throughout their journeys is fulfilling in itself. So, wonder how it would feel to read through their stories in real? A couple of great reads are ‘Golden Boy’ (about Kim Hughes), ‘The Test of my Life’ (about Yuvraj Singh), and ‘Playing It My Way’ (From Sachin Tendulkar).

Turn into a Cricket Nerd

For a little while, shift from the virtual life of the world cricket championship (WCC2) game and immerse yourself into the world of books that don’t just teach you cricket but dive you in through the most profound cricket stories you would ever get acquainted with otherwise.

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