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A Guide to the 10 Best Call Break Earning App(s)

The Call break card game is an exciting variation of the spades card game that’s typically played between four players. The game is quite popular in the south Asian countries such as India and Nepal as is played widely on online gaming platforms. There are numerous call break earning apps that offer real money. One such best call break earning app where you can play call break for free and win ₹10,000 daily is MPL. 

What is a Call Break Game?

The Call Break game is a trick-taking card game that usually lasts for about 5 rounds, with the dealer shuffling the cards and distributing a total of 13 cards each among the players on the table. It goes by different names in different regions like Lakadi, Ghochi, and even Call Brake.

A total of thirteen tricks are available to players in each round (out of the five rounds), and for each deal, players should play the same card suit, with spades being the trump card for this particular card game. The player with the most number of deals at the end of the game is declared the winner.

The gameplay opportunities are quite big, with players getting to pick their bids and compete against other players online. Making the right bid for each deal helps them show off their true potential in the game. Call break, in addition to poker and rummy, is one of those exciting card games where you can also earn real cash by winning. There are several call break earning app (s) where you can earn playable coins, PayTM cash, or real money by winning in Call Break online. If this isn’t a good enough reason to play Call Break more regularly, then we’re not sure what does.

Options range from the call break multiplayer version to tournaments with varying prizes to shorter 1-on-1 matches. Trust you were already looking for a list of the best call break earning app(s), so here’s our list of the best call break earning app to earn real money with some additional choices if you’re looking to expand your horizons and play more.

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Best Call Break Earning App(s) to Earn Money/PayTM Cash

Name of App Modes of Withdrawal
MPL Call Break PayTM, UPI, Amazon Pay, Bank Transfer
First Games PayTM, Bank transfer
Winzo PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, UPI or Bank transfer
PlayerzPot PayTM
Rush UPI
AIO Bank transfer
Card Baazi Bank transfer
Poker Baazi Bank transfer
Dangal Games Bank transfer
Call Break Empire PayTM, UPI, Bank transfer

#1 MPL (Mobile Premier League)

With over 35 lakh players and 3 lakh winners, MPL’s Call Break comes with easy-to-understand rules and exciting gameplay. You can also earn by referring your friends and inviting them to play on the app. The app is downloadable on iOS and Android, and you can play a free or cash game based on your choice. They also run exciting offers and campaigns from time to time where you get the opportunity to play Call Break online and win big. At MPL, you either compete against a single opponent in a 1-on-1 match or participate in tournaments for a jackpot. For this, you need to top the tournament leaderboard. MPL is the best call break app for anyone looking to enter the world of Call Break and earn money online.

Current Call Break Offers on MPL

Win up to Rs. 10,000* in Daily Winnings
Win up to Rs. 30K Welcome Bonus*

In addition to Call Break, the app also comes with other fun card games such as Rummy, Poker, and Solitaire. All these games come with money-earning options, so all you have to do is learn how to play call break and other card games first. Withdraw your winnings instantly and move them to your bank account. Start with the call break game and move on to the others, as you please!

#2 First Games

Here’s a Call Break real money-earning app you should try. The gameplay is straightforward, with the winner being decided based on the scores at the end of pre-determined rounds. Four players play the call break game for four rounds. You can also earn PayTM cash by winning the games, with the option to immediately withdraw the winning amount. As they say, not much can go wrong when the gaming app itself is handcrafted by PayTM, one of India’s most trusted payment apps.

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#3 Winzo Call Break

Winzo Call Break is one of the top 5 call break earning app. On Winzo, you can play Call Break multiplayer to win real cash. The rules differ a little depending on the location, but the core gameplay elements remain the same. The Callbreak game is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward online card games you can play against random online opponents or your friends.

The game’s seating arrangement and the dealer are decided at the start itself. Following this, each player has to choose a call bid and subsequently win the score of said ‘call bid’ that they committed to at the beginning of the game. You can transfer your call break cash rewards to your account using your preferred application, like PayTM etc. You just have to visit your profile and opt for the transfer.

#4 PlayerzPot

Another gaming app with several games to choose from, including online call break, around 10 million users are registered on it. That number automatically proves that it’s a trustworthy platform to bank your money on, especially while playing call break.

To win call-break games is one thing, but to make money while at it is another. There’s nothing quite like that opportunity, isn’t it? If you are ready for a call break challenge with multiple competitions every week, it’s time to have this app on your smartphone. Play against real players, win games, and walk away with exciting cash prizes.

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#5 Rush by Hike

Many games in a single platform – how good does that sound? That’s what Rush the gaming app offers, alongside the other names mentioned on this list. Now play Call Break and various other games and try to win real cash.

Play Call Break online free of cost and use the opportunity to win real cash without any financial investment. The app is downloadable on both Android and iOS devices. Withdraw winnings directly into your UPI account. Put your gaming skills to the test right now!

Apart from the above-mentioned top 5 call break earning app(s), here are a few honorary entries which are also worth checking out for their popularity and excellent gaming experience in Call Break.

Other Popular Call Break Earning Apps

#1 AIO

We aren’t questioning when the developers say online gaming in India has reached its peak. That’s certainly a reason why players want to experience several different gaming platforms and apps. AIO also has a fun, unique version of Call break on its app, which Indian gamers have grown to love.

With 24*7 customer support, instant withdrawal schemes, and referral bonuses, nothing is holding you back from downloading this app on your phones. The Call break card game on AIO is suitable for everyone to play, and players simply need to make smart bids. It is one of those games that offer an extra source of income by way of winning. Even beginners have the opportunity to win big right from day one.

#2 Card Baazi

Card Baazi focuses majorly on card-game-based entertainment and Call break is one of the games you can play on their all-in-one app. The Call Break real money game offers enjoyment like no other and is played among four players. Other names of the game include Call Bridge or Call Break Taas game. There’s also a 3-player variant known as teen do paanch, which is quite famous in India.

The Call Break game can be downloaded on any compatible device. The CardBaazi app is designed for convenient, user-friendly navigation, even for newcomers. This makes it ideal for amateur players who are looking to get their hands dirty with Call Break card games. Play and earn money!

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#3 Poker Baazi

You can play Call Break multiplayer free online games with friends using PayTM cash on Poker Baazi. It can include up to 4 players. Each player gets 13 cards from the 52-card deck. The main objective of the online call-break card game is to get at least 5-6 tricks so that you can become the winner.

Like most other apps mentioned here, scoring the highest is key to winning. Each game has 5 rounds, and the player throwing the highest-ranked card in the suit or the trump card is the winner (in each round). On Poker Baazi, you can play games with friends or random online opponents for cash. Additionally, as the app’s name suggests, you can also try playing poker.

#4 Dangal Games

Dangal Games was launched once they established themselves with their first few ventures in Rummy and Poker. In a limited period of time, the app acquired massive popularity among home audiences, incorporating a user base of over ten lakh. This feat was achieved through its easy-to-play ecosystem with a major emphasis on AI-based security gateways.

Dangal Games app has always understood the pulse of its gamers by meeting their most significant needs – hassle-free withdrawals and 100% safety and security. On the app, you can play call break with the computer, real-time opponents, or even your WhatsApp contacts. People can now play Call Break and earn real money on Dangal Games.

#5 Call Break Empire

Call Break Empire app follows a simple approach: install the app, register on the app, deposit money to play call break cash games, and withdraw your winnings to your UPI, wallet, or bank account. You also get a ₹10 sign-up bonus when you install and register on the app. Play call-break and win big. Compete against thousands of players at your private table in real-time, and keep winning money daily through tournaments.

Also, enjoy instant payout using their secure interface. The amount shown in the “winnings wallet”, which you can find on the top left corner of the app’s homepage, is the amount you can withdraw at any given time. Withdraw instantly to your wallet, UPI account, or bank.


Are call break earning apps trustworthy?

Yes. The apps mentioned in this list are secure for playing call break online. The information you provide is stored in a safe and secured database and isn’t provided to any external sources. The platforms do not use your bank, UPI, or payment gateway details for purposes other than enabling deposit or withdrawal transactions.

Can I earn real money playing call break on MPL?

MPL is among India’s most trusted gaming platforms, with a massive user base and a pretty big variety of games under a single roof. You can find several battles and tournaments with varying prize amounts on the MPL’s call break game dashboard. Join a cash game or tournament by submitting the entry fee. Complete the game objective or score higher than your opponent to win real cash prizes.


With so many options, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to call-break earning apps. Explore all these apps, especially MPL, for a seamless and fantastic gaming experience. Download MPL, win money playing call break game online and tell your friends and dear ones about your experience so they also get to join the ‘play & earn’ party.

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