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Which Fielder has Taken Most Catches in the IPL?

Fielding has become a crucial component of the game across all three formats. And T20 cricket has only seen the evolution of fielding. Even in the Indian Premier League (IPL), we have seen some terrific bits of fielding. Be it direct hits, super saves, or spectacular catches, the fielders are constantly taking their game a notch higher with every passing day. With the focus on fielding and fielders, who has taken the most catches in the history of the IPL so far?

Here is a look at the top seven in the 14-year history of the IPL.

Suresh Raina (CSK) – 104 catches

There is no doubt that Suresh Raina is one of the best fielders to have ever played the IPL. Moreover, there is little surprise that he tops this list of most catches in IPL history. He has taken 104 catches and is the only fielder to have taken 100 or more catches in the IPL. He has a catch per innings ratio of 0.522 as well. Raina has the ability to field anywhere on the ground. He is excellent in the slips and even in the inner ring. In addition to this, he is superb in the outfield and near the boundary. Raina has played for Gujarat Lions and Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

Kieron Pollard (MI) – 92 catches

Kieron Pollard has been one of the faces of the Mumbai Indians (MI) side over the last decade. Be it with the bat, as a leader, or even in the field, he has had a huge impact. In fact, his fielding has been top-notch. He is a safe catcher, and he has taken 92 catches which put him on the second spot on the list of most catches in the IPL. Pollard can make a difference inside the 30-yard circle, and he’s even better on the boundary rope, where he has taken a few spectacular catches. He is closing in on the 100-catch mark and could be the first overseas player and the second overall to get there.

Rohit Sharma (MI) – 89 catches

Rohit Sharma slots in at third place on the list of most catches in the IPL. He has been a pretty consistent fielder right throughout his career. The Mumbai Indians (MI) skipper is a very safe slip catcher, and there is very little that goes past him. Moreover, he is a very good outfielder as well. Overall, the Mumbai-born cricketer has played 207 matches in the IPL and has returned with 88 catches. He could become the second Indian to reach the 100-catch landmark.

AB de Villiers (RCB) – 85 catches

There is very little that AB de Villiers cannot do on a cricket field. He is undoubtedly one of the best fielders going around world cricket. The South African superstar can have a massive impact irrespective of where he fields. In the IPL, he has donned the wicket-keeping gloves whenever he has been asked to, but when he fields, he is just superman-esque and has taken a few blinders. De Villiers has taken 83 catches as a fielder. Moreover, he holds the record for the best catches per innings ratio (0.694) for any fielder who has taken at least 25 catches.

Shikhar Dhawan (DC) – 84 catches

Shikhar Dhawan may not look like the best fielder on the park, but he is a pretty safe catcher. He has taken 81 catches in his IPL career, which puts him fifth on the list of the most number of catches in the history of the IPL. Dhawan fields in the slips and the inner circle early on in the innings before going out in the outfield in the latter half. He is quite good in most of the areas and is a bankable fielder.

Virat Kohli (RCB) – 79 catches

Virat Kohli is by far one of the fittest cricketers not only in India but around world cricket. Moreover, he is an excellent fielder as well. He may drop a few catches here and there, but he takes most of them, especially inside the 30-yard circle and out on the boundary. The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) skipper has taken some excellent catches in the slips, inner circle, and even in the outfield. He has played 199 matches in the IPL and has returned with 79 catches with a catch per innings ratio of 0.401

Dwayne Bravo (CSK) – 76 catches

Dwayne Bravo has been one of the top overseas players since the IPL announced itself in 2008. In fact, barring the 2017 season, Bravo has featured in each of the other IPL seasons. In these 13 seasons of the Indian T20 league that Bravo has played, he has been a pretty consistent fielder, especially in the outfield. He is quite athletic, can cover good ground, and has taken some brilliant catches, especially along the rope. Overall, he has taken 76 catches and has a catch per innings ratio of 0.531.

Ravindra Jadeja (CSK) – 74 catches

There would be very few people who would argue about Ravindra Jadeja and his fielding. The Saurashtra all-rounder is one such cricketer who will walk into any side in the world, plainly because of his fielding. Such is the agility and consistency of Jadeja that he just owns the area that he is fielding. Be it a backward point, covers, mid-off, or deep along the boundary, barely anything goes past him. He is a magnificent catcher and has taken 76 catches in his IPL career so far, which puts him seventh on this list of most catches in the IPL. 


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