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Top 5 Bubble Shooter Game Rules That You Need to Know

The Bubble shooter game online is one of the simplest and most fun games in the online gaming space. The game offers little to no stress when it comes to intense moments and one can always pack a great score with the game. However, it is crucial to understand that one follows certain rules while engaging in the Bubble shooter game. The rules are set in motion as they can help the player get better at the game and thus score better points. Therefore, we list the 5 top rules that a player must follow while playing the Bubble shooter game online. 

These Bubble shooter rules will not only make one a better player, but would also help with other aspects when it comes to concentration and quick thinking. The Bubble shooter game is an easy one but it has its moments when the game gets paced due to which one needs to think quickly to align the bubbles and thus complete their set. Thus, here are the Bubble shooter rules that you must know.

Top 5 Bubble Shooter Rules to Follow

Know That It Is A Points Game

The Bubble shooter game is a points-based game and thus one should focus on the points that are being added to your score. The game begins with a number of bubbles filled all over the screen. At this point one would be inclined to knock off similar looking or similar colours of bubbles. This can prove to be a fatal mistake for some as the upper row later begins to come down and by the time the bubbles hit the screen the player has lost the game. Hence, it is important to know that one must focus on clearing bubbles that will give the player points. Easy targets can be saved for tactical situations when the timer is running short or the bubbles have been falling down. Hence, it is important to play for the points and not just for clearing the bubbles out.

Use The Powerups

The powerup bubbles in the Bubble shooter game have been placed for a specific reason to assist the user to score big. However, the powerups are often misused by firing into random directions. This too can affect the final score of the game due to which one may end up losing points. The powerups are set in place as a way to gain maximum points. At this stage when a user is faced with a powerup it is essential they map out their plan. Using the powerups in the right direction can create a chain reaction causing more bubbles to fall off creating more points for the player. One thus needs to stay focused and be prepared for the power ups. The three essential Bubble shooter game bubbles have different power ups and thus knowing them is crucial as well.

Understand The Power Ups

The powers ups of the Bubble shooter online game have a specific task that they fulfil when used correctly. For instance, the Fireball is one of the most favourable power ups. The function of this ball is that it clears all the bubbles in a line. Firing this at any desired location in the Bubble shooter game will clear the bubbles in its line. Hence, using this power up tactically can prove to be a boon for the players. 

The second power up is the Bomb, just like its name the bomb is set to blast off bubbles in a cluster. This power up can be used best in a situation with no way out. The bomb will blast off and clear out space for good. It will also help the player to earn valuable points making their game more effective. The final power up is the wild bubble; this helps to match any one colour of the existing bubbles from the row. Once set to match a particular colour it will burst all the bubbles of that colour. Thus, when one is in a tough spot with just one colour not getting cleared out, the wild bubble can come to the rescue and help ease the way for the player.

The Three Bubble Rule

One of the most basic rules in the game is that the player needs to match 3 bubbles. However, it is advisable that players go looking for points rather than clearing bubbles. Instead of clearing three bubbles in a row one can always choose to eliminate multiple bubbles at once. This not only clears the way for the player but also helps the player gain more points making them a skilled player in the Bubble shooter game online space.

Keep A Track of the Timer

The timer in the game is very important as it directs your play. As a player one would have to burst maximum bubbles in the time set by the timer. However, players often forget to keep a track of the timer and the game ends with minimum points. To excel in the game, keep a track of the time and plan your moves accordingly. Besides that, one should also stay alert of the bubbles getting added up. One wrong move can result in the bubbles getting clustered due to which they will touch the screen and end the game. This should be avoided and hence attention is key in this aspect.

Final Thoughts

The Bubble shooter game is one of the most enjoyable games in the online gaming domain. Players can enjoy this game on the MPL app  and improve their aiming skills due to its immersive nature. Thus, beginners as well as skilled players who enjoy a mellow ride when it comes to online games can play bubble shooter.


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