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The reason why CSK was banned from IPL

Perhaps, the most disappointing moment for Chennai Super Kings’ fans was the time CSK was banned from IPL for two years along with Rajasthan Royals. All those who follow IPL religiously know that Chennai Super Kings has been one of the best IPL franchises. The team has a massive number of followers owing to the presence of ‘Thala Dhoni’. Therefore, the suspension of CSK came as a shock to the fans, and every fan has just one question on their mind – why was CSK banned from IPL?

Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings have always been intense competition for Mumbai Indians and have come very close to winning the IPL title. The two-year ban on the team left fans disappointed not to see their favorite team competing for the title. This topic still comes up during IPL discussion between cricket fans. If you are also curious about the reason why there was a two-year ban on CSK from IPL in 2016 and 2017, continue reading to know it in detail.

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CSK banned from IPL for Spot Fixing

In the 2013 IPL season, there were talks about spot-fixing and betting activities. Consequently, Gurunath Meiyappan was arrested on the day of the finale between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians in 2013. He was arrested on the charges of spot-fixing. In fact, the owner of the Rajasthan Royals franchise, Raj Kundra, also faced similar allegations. In July 2015, the Supreme Court of India appointed a three-member committee headed by the former Chief Justice of India, R M Lodha. The match-fixing and betting activities led to Justice Lodha Committee announcing a ban for Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals from the Indian Premier League for 2 years – 2016 and 2017. The key officials of the two franchises, Raj Kundra of Rajasthan Royals and Gurunath Meiyappan of CSK, suffered a life-ban from all the cricket matches conducted by BCCI.

Chennai Super Kings performance over the years

The Chennai Super Kings franchise has inarguably been one of the most popular and followed teams in the Indian Premier League. The team won the IPL 2010 and 2011 trophies and gave a tough competition in most of the matches played. CSK topped the league in 2013 and was the top-rated team in IPL. The team possessed five Indian and five overseas bowlers amongst the players, which strengthened its bowling attack. The popularity of CSK kept rising and was at its peak in 2013. In the 2014 auction, the franchise got some star performers in the team with 21 crores to bid.

The MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings was enjoying a good reputation, receiving the highest-bids, until the team suffered a huge blow. This match-fixing scandal sent a shock-wave throughout the cricket community.

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MS Dhoni on Chennai Super Kings Match-Fixing

Following the 2-year IPL ban for CSK, a documentary was released ahead of the IPL 2019 season named Roar of the Lion. In the documentary, Dhoni talked about his career’s darkest period when the team was banned from IPL. He stated, “The biggest crime that I can commit is not a murder, it is actually match-fixing”. The documentary focused on CSK’s comeback in IPL after suspension.

Dhoni was devastated by allegations against him and his team players. He talked about how challenging that phase was and that the comeback was an emotional moment for the team.

CSK Comeback in 2018

It was an emotional moment for CSK and its fans when the team had a comeback in the 2018 season. With an exceptional performance after its return, the team made up for both the years it was missing in action. Chennai Super Kings’ fans got an opportunity to witness their favorite team win the trophy again in 2018. The return of CSK proved the strength and determination of the captain MS Dhoni and the team players. In 2019, CSK made it to the finale against Mumbai Indians; however, it lost to MI by one run.

CSK had a disappointing 2020 season where they failed to qualify through the playoffs for the first time. However, they roared back in style to finish champions in 2021. For 2022, MS Dhoni has decided to step down as captain and Ravindra Jadeja will lead the side.

In the upcoming 2021 season, let’s all hope to see this strong team give a tough competition and perhaps win the title. The best way you can enjoy your favorite matches this IPL season is by playing fantasy cricket league on MPL.



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