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CSK Owner: Who is the owner of CSK in IPL 2022?

Chennai Super Kings, also called CSK, will be playing in the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), and the fans are excited to watch their favorite players, such as MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina, play again. After the suspension of CSK from IPL for two years, the team had made a strong comeback and won the title in 2018.

Irrespective of the ups and downs for the CSK franchise, the fan base is ever-increasing, and the fans always back their team with full enthusiasm. With the upcoming IPL 2022 season, the discussions on IPL teams, matches, players, and more are surging. Some teams also undergo significant changes every season in terms of players, ownership, etc. CSK fans are curious to know who is the owner of Chennai Super Kings in 2022 and more news on the team’s structural changes. Here’s all the information you need on the owner of Chennai Super Kings and the team.

Chennai Super Kings Owner 2022

The name of the current CSK owner is Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd. Formerly, the franchise owner was India Cements since the inaugural Indian Premier League season in 2018. However, after 10 years, the ownership changed, and Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited became the team’s new owner.

Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd was formed in December 2014. The company acquired the CSK franchise from its parent company India Cements. The key members of the CSK team are the directors of Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited. The names of the owners are Subramaniam Palaniappan, Sabaretnam Lakshmanan, Ramgopal Kalathingal, Srinivasan Ranganathan, Kalyanasundaram Balasubramanyam, Kalidaikuruchi Subramaniam, and Rakesh Singh. The Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited not only plays administrative and managerial roles for the Chennai Super Kings team but is also the owner of CSK, the rights to the jersey and other merchandise of the team. The merchandise includes mugs, t-shirts, posters, wristbands, footwear, etc. Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited is registered as a non-governmental company.

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History of Owner of CSK

In 2007, BCCI had announced the T20 Premier League in India with a franchise-based concept. All the 8 franchises were put up for auction after being paired with an Indian city. The Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led franchise was then bought by India Cements, which is an Indian cement manufacturing company.

In July 2015, the Lodha committee suspended the Jaipur IPL and CSK owner, India Cements, for two years as they were found guilty in a match-fixing scandal. Gurunath Meiyappan, a former team official of Chennai Super Kings, and his son-in-law, N Srinivasan, were permanently banned from IPL as a punishment for match-fixing. These scandals led to the formation of Chennai Super Kings Cricket limited that also took over all the managerial and administrative rights of the CSK franchise. Therefore, India Cements was the owner of CSK from 2008-2014. Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited took over in 2014 and is the current owner.

CSK’s IPL Journey

CSK had gained immense popularity since the inception of the Indian Premier League, owing to their captain MS Dhoni. This is because, in 2007, the Indian Team had won the first edition of the T20 World Cup which was led by MS Dhoni as captain. CSK finished as runners-up in 2008, losing to Rajasthan Royals. The 2008 IPL season witnessed Suresh Raina as the top-scorer for CSK with a score of 421 runs. However, the team won its first title in 2010. The Chennai team has won the IPL title four times in 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021. You can also read more about how many times has CSK won the IPL. IPL 2020 was not a very good season for the CSK team as they finished 7th. However, they bounced back in style and secured a win in the 2022 edition.

They had an excellent IPL 2022 mega auction and will be keen on defending their title come IPL 2022.

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