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10 Best Carrom Earning App for Real Money in 2024 – Play Carrom Online & Earn Real Money

When it comes to the most exciting and nostalgic board games to play, there is no denying that Carrom holds a pretty high position. This is especially true for children who came of age in the 1990s. Regardless, we consider it a privilege to spend time with those who are dear to us while participating in this age-honoured tradition of playing carrom. With technology soaring in recent times, carrom has also made it to the digital world.

In the modern era, playing carrom online doesn’t end with just the enjoyment factor alone. What if we say you could play carrom and earn real money? Yes, we’re not kidding. That’s the key purpose of a carrom earning app. To make your life easier, this article lists the best carrom real money earning games and the other top apps. We’ll leave it to you to decide which is the best carrom earning app out there! We’ve hand-picked the 10 best carrom earning apps where you can play carrom and win real cash prizes.

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What is a Carrom Earning App?

For those who are still new to the exciting world of online carrom, you might still be unaware that there are several apps out there that offer the chance to play carrom and win real money. That’s exactly what a carrom earning app does! It gives you various challenges and opportunities, as beginners or experts, to make some extra income by playing your favourite game of carrom. A carrom earning app is instantly downloadable on a smartphone, and you’ll have to pay an entry fee to join a cash game or tournament. These apps enable you to play in a 1v1 format; the opponent could be your friend or someone totally random but with an even skillset. 

You can instantly withdraw the money you earn on a carrom earning app via commonly used platforms such as Paytm or bank transfer. Additionally, you can win a signup bonus as a first-time user along with a referral bonus when you onboard your friends to the carrom earning app. The best carrom earning apps offer a mix of both rewards, with the amounts varying between them. 

How Do You Choose The Best Carrom Earning App? 

When it comes to board games, Carrom is one of the best and also holds a very high position. Selecting the best carrom earning app where you can earn real money is quite a difficult task. Here’s what you must look out for when downloading the best carrom earning app.

  • Multiplayer modes: Choose a carrom app that allows you to play both single-player and multiplayer modes so that you can enjoy the game playing with friends and family online.
  • Sound Effects: Look for an app that has realistic sound effects, such as the sound of a striker hitting the coins and the clack of a carrom. This gives us a joyful, playful, and realistic atmospheric experience.
  • Customization: Look for an app with customisation features where you can choose different board designs and Stricker styles. 
  • Instant Withdrawals: Choose a carrom app that lets you withdraw your money right away, offering multiple withdrawal options such as Paytm, Bank Transfer, Gpay, etc.
  • Welcome and referral bonuses: Several carrom apps offer lucrative welcome bonuses and referral rewards. Pick the ones that offer genuine but good bonuses.
  • Tournament modes: A good carrom app also offers regular tournaments to participate against players of varied skill levels. Choose an app that offers tournaments for a challenging and realistic experience.
  • Available on multiple platforms: Pick a carrom game app that can be downloaded on both iPhones and Android phones. So you can have fun playing the game on any device without any problems.

Considering all these additional factors, we have listed the best Carrom earning app online below. Take a look and weigh your options carefully. 

You can choose between various carrom real cash games as provided below:

Best Carrom Earning App List in 2024

App Name Downloads Sign Up Bonus Referral Bonus
MPL Carrom 80 Million + Rs. 50 Rs. 75
Rush 10 Million+ Rs. 50 Rs. 10
Winzo  _ Rs. 550* Rs. 50
Playerzpot _ Rs. 100 Rs. 50
Play Real  1 Million+ Rs. 25 Rs. 10
Aio _ Rs. 100 Rs. 100
Frolic 100K+ Rs. 50 Rs. 100
Dangal Games 1 Million+ Rs. 35* Rs. 120
GMNG 50K+ Rs. 10 _
A23 10 Million+ Variable Variable

Which is the Best Carrom Earning App in 2024?

  1. MPL – Best Carrom App to Earn Real Money

There’s no better way to play Carrom online and earn real money than to download the MPL Pro app immediately. Without a doubt, MPL is the best carrom earning app you’ll currently find on the internet. Not only is the game of Carrom fun and exciting to play, but it also offers one of the best user experiences for an online gaming app. For starters, once you download and register on the app, you receive a welcome bonus of Rs. 50 which you can use to play carrom games with other online opponents to win more money. Additionally, whenever you refer MPL to a friend, and they sign up, you get a referral bonus of Rs. 75. So why wait?


Invite your friends and family members to interesting carrom games on MPL and share the exhilarating experience with them. The app currently enjoys a user base of over 9 crore, and that’s growing day by day. Download MPL – the best carrom earning app – right away and make your days better by playing carrom and earning real money. The gameplay mechanics are simple, the graphics are beautiful, and the overall experience has been rated top-notch by almost every user. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at the gameplay video below and read on to know further reasons why MPL is the best carrom app. 

Why Play Carrom on MPL?

best carrom earning app

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not MPL is the best Carrom app that’s currently on the digital market, consider the following reasons:

  • Fairplay: You will face opponents of similar skill levels, which will make carrom games tricky, evenly matched, and entertaining to play from both ends. 
  • Top-notch security features: On MPL, the games are powered by an SSL-secured system. This ensures the highest possible levels of security.
  • Fantastic offers and bonuses: Make good use of the additional game cash added to your account to compete in and win more games of Carrom. Each day, there are opportunities to win incredible cash prizes.
  • Smooth, fast withdrawals: You can withdraw your winnings easily and quickly. Customer support is available round the clock.
  • Virtually no wait times: You begin playing almost immediately after matching with an online opponent. 

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Other Best Carrom Apps For Carrom Cash Games

2. PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot is widely regarded as one of the best carrom earning apps in India. In addition to Carrom, you can also play Ludo and a variety of fantasy sports on this app, including cricket and football. They offer an excellent carrom game experience, making it suitable even for gamers with little to no previous experience playing carrom. 

They also assure responsible gaming by mandating a daily deposit, utilising new-age technology that detects and prevents fraud, and confirming their commitment to guidelines. They provide customer support round the clock, plus they have an excellent program called “refer and earn” that allows you to earn prizes for introducing new customers to their platform.

3. Winzo

Winzo Games is quite a popular carrom earning app that enables users to compete against opponents of equal skill. After successfully logging in to your WinZO account, you can manually enter the desired deposit amount using any supported payment method. After successfully authenticating themselves, players can send money they win from games to their bank accounts using various methods, including Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, and others.

The mechanisms used to verify users’ identities within the application have been improved so that malicious users can be found more quickly. They made a deliberate effort to make the gaming environment more secure, leading to a massive jump in player numbers. Now, playing carrom is a lot of fun on Winzo.


4. Play Real

Play Real Carrom gives you an experience that is equivalent to that of your offline Carrom game, but it also adds many Carrom variations, game tables that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the best payment methods, and instant withdrawals that are made directly into your PayTM wallet.

With over 1 million active users, Play Real offers a pretty solid carrom experience. They offer 24*7 customer support, and the platform is as safe and secure as carrom earning apps can get. So, give it a try and win some carrom games to earn real money!

5. Aio

Aio Games offers one of the best carrom earning apps where you can play your favourite game of carrom and earn some additional income. When you play cash games of carrom, you should ensure that the app is reliable, provides round-the-clock support, and delivers on the promise of providing a high-quality gaming experience. This is where AIO Games satisfies all such prerequisites perfectly.

At the time of registration, you will receive a bonus that you can use while getting started. In addition, you will find a variety of tournaments offering a wide range of cash rewards for winners.

6. Frolic

Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited has developed a mobile gaming platform known as Frolic. This platform currently hosts over 40+ games that fall into genres such as arcade, action, puzzles, sports, and more. Their top priority is to provide our customers a secure gaming environment in which they are able to showcase their abilities and compete for actual cash prizes. Carrom is among the featured games, making it one of the top carrom-earning apps.

Users can take part in personalised game experiences when using Frolic. Download Frolic, start playing cash carrom games, and start making money every time you win if you find it intriguing enough.


7. Dangal Games

Dangal Games has always been able to perceive and respond to the pulse of the players in its community. Their most essential requisites, which include having complete faith in the app’s security and being able to make withdrawals with minimal fuss, have influenced all aspects of the company’s operations. And with online carrom, they have absolutely delivered.

Enjoy the latest UI/UX, bank-grade safety, instantaneous cash-outs, and even a native gaming hosting network with Dangal Games. This is truly one of the best carrom apps you’ll come across.


The GMNG Online Carrom Archery game provides players with a superb online experience and fast-paced gameplay. When you play Carrom Archery games on GMNG, you have the opportunity to win enormous cash rewards. Register on the app, come up with your own strategic plans, and get ready to play Carrom right away. You must put in a lot of effort to climb atop the leaderboards to win actual cash.

Add to that the smooth gameplay mechanics and lovely interfaces, and you have a complete winner. If you’re searching for the best carrom apps, this could very well be on the list.

9. Rush

Rush app
Rush app

Rush is among the best carrom earning apps for multiple reasons. Firstly, it offers a mobile-first gaming experience, with plenty of opportunities for users to play and earn real money. It has a clean, sleek-looking carrom game where you can use your skills to play against online opponents to win cash rewards. 

Enjoy instant withdrawals directly into your UPI account every time you win games in Carrom on the Rush gaming app. The app offers a variety of real-money games, including Carrom Freestyle, Ludo, Quizzy, and more. Up to four players can play an online game of Carrom on the app at a time. Aim to get maximum points via pucks and win!

10. A23

Of course, no list of best carrom earning apps would be complete without the inclusion of A23 Games. The design and gameplay of Carrom on A23 are both intuitive and easy to use. The game has been simulated to such a degree that it is a reflection of real-life gameplay conditions, and the graphics have been improved to the point where they are as similar to the actual game as they can possibly be.

In addition, the mechanics of the game are designed in such a way as to simulate how the game reacts to your actions in the real world. You will receive instructions at every turn to help you improve your precision and aim as you are striking. Additionally, the reactivity and the immediate feedback have been improved, which will assist you in reaching your maximum potential as a player in record time. 


Are carrom earning apps safe?

The safety of carrom earning apps is perceived through certain parameters. The best carrom earning apps, like MPL, are SSL-secured and RNG-certified. An in-built fairplay system also ensures games that always remain challenging and evenly matched. One player would never have an undue advantage over the other. Also, these apps ensure the safety of user information that is submitted. So, yes, carrom earning apps are safe to use if they meet these requirements. 

Does a carrom earning app give real money?

Yes, if you win cash games on any carrom earning app against other players, you will be rewarded with cash prizes that you may deposit into your bank account. These rewards can be withdrawn at any time. A platform such as MPL, which pits players of similar skill levels against one another, is where you will find online carrom cash games to play with exciting cash rewards.

Which is the best carrom earning app to earn money?

MPL is India’s favourite mobile gaming platform currently with amazing safety precautions, a fairplay policy that forbids any form of cheating, great bonuses and offers, timely withdrawals, and, in short, the best carrom experience you can have when playing online. At present, MPL is the best carrom earning app owing to its simple, uncluttered interface, and incredible features that give you the impression that you’re actually playing the carrom game. 

What offers and bonuses can I expect on MPL Carrom?

In addition to the welcome bonus of Rs. 50 for signing up, players on MPL are eligible for a referral bonus worth Rs. 75. You can earn this bonus for each new player you refer and subsequently register on the app. Enjoy playing Carrom on the best Carrom app in India!

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