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Fantasy Cricket: Tips for Creating Multiple Teams!

There is no dearth of live cricket, is there? While India is playing England in what is likely to be a riveting Test series, the ever-entertaining Big Bash League is on in Australia. The cricket calendar for the next few months is packed with New Zealand all set to host Australia and later Bangladesh. The much-anticipated Indian Premier League is also around the corner while Pakistan Super League will commence in late February. 

A populated cricket calendar also rings in good news for fantasy cricket players with as many matches to play and as many contests to be won. On the MPL fantasy cricket app, a user playing fantasy cricket can put up multiple teams for a single match. The number of teams you can build varies from contest to contest. 

The option of creating multiple teams in fantasy cricket has several advantages especially when a user is playing the grand contest which has many players and the probability of winning is lower. You can strategize your moves and pick players more efficiently. A lot of the times when your main fantasy team fails to perform, the backup teams can come to your rescue. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow when creating multiple teams while playing fantasy cricket:

Pick a core and build your team around it

It is imperative that whenever you are creating multiple fantasy teams for a single match, you do not randomly select the same set of players in all your sides. Depending on the ground conditions, weather, player record at the venue and so on, you should ideally pick a core of five to six players. These players should make it to most of your teams and around them, you should build your fantasy XI combination. Building a core group is important as these are the players who are safe picks and will fetch you maximum points. You can always mix and match with the rest of the combination and either play it safe or go for an all-out aggressive approach. But you must have a core set that you know will fetch you points even if the rest of the combination does not click.  

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Conditions play a massive factor

While most of the time and effort when building a fantasy team goes into the research of a particular player, the venue where the match is being held plays an equally important role and should not be neglected. If the surface is a tad on the slow side, the pacers will not have too much of an effect and you should go for slower bowlers in your teams. Similarly, if the match is being held on a batting paradise you should stack your teams with top-order batsmen. Even if a certain player is out of form, if he has done well at that venue historically, it can help him snap out of the rut and he can make a winning contribution. For example, if a match is being staged at Eden Gardens, in Kolkata, even if Rohit Sharma is woefully out of touch, you should go ahead and select him in your side considering his exemplary record at the ground. 

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

The most common error which fantasy cricket players generally commit is trying to fit in all the “big names” in one team. When creating multiple fantasy teams, it is essential that you give each side equal importance and mix and match the players accordingly. Rotating your players around and making different kinds of combinations increases your chances of winning various contests on MPL. With multiple teams, you have the option of covering all your tracks for any given situation. Having a balanced setup in multiple teams can often help you win big.

Do not hesitate to take risks

Taking a safe approach is something that fantasy players often adhere to while making their respective team but with the option of multiple teams, you should not hesitate in taking risks. Often a player who does not have a great selection rate ends up being neglected. Well here is where you should take a call and select a player, who might not have great numbers on paper but could prove to be your X-factor.

Winning a league ultimately comes down to one or two players. The big-match entities or the ones who have been proven performers are selected by almost everyone playing the league but it is these unknown names who can change your fortunes around. With multiple teams in place, you can pick one or two of such relatively unknown players. 

Rotate your captain and vice-captain

How many times has it happened that you have built an exemplary team with all bases covered but your captain and vice-captain have let you down? With 2x and 1.5x points at stake respectively choosing the right C and VC is a must. This is why when you are creating multiple teams in fantasy cricket, do not keep the same captain and vice-captain all across. The core that we pointed out earlier is generally a good way of deciding who should lead your sides. Having said that as far as multiple teams are concerned you can go for an out-of-the-box player to lead your side. Who knows on a good day, he might be the difference between you winning or losing the prize pool.

Final Thoughts

Creating multiple teams on the MPL fantasy cricket app certainly has its advantages and with proper research and using your core players well, there is every chance you can win big. Every ground has its strengths and weaknesses and while creating multiple teams you should make sure you pick the right players for the venue and opposition. 

Ashish Pant
A fantasy gaming enthusiast, gaming writer and an out and out cricket nerd. I am an engineer by education who found his solace in writing.


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