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Who has recorded the fastest stumping in cricket?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni holds the record for the fastest stumping in cricket history. Even at the age of 41, MS Dhoni turned back the clocks with his quick stumping of Shubman Gill in the final of IPL 2023 during the GT vs CSK at the Narendra Modi Stadium on May 30, 2023. 

The clip of the stumping went viral on social media and fans praised Dhoni for his impressive reflexes and also making a decisive action that had an impact on the final.

The former Indian cricket team captain has registered some of the lightning-fast stumpings in the world and is widely considered to be the wisest man behind the stumps.

Stumping is an extremely difficult job for a wicketkeeper. Not only do they need to have complete focus and great anticipation, they also need to make a quick movement to take the bails off in time when the batsman is still out of his crease. It’s not easy to take a batter by surprise and wicketkeeper have to be on their toes in order to collect the ball as quickly as possible.

Which wicketkeeper holds the fastest stumping record and which players make it to the top 5 list? Find out below:

Fastest stumping in cricket – Top 5 list

Position Wicketkeeper Team Opposition batsman Opposition team Tournament Year
1 MS Dhoni India Keemo Paul West Indies Bilateral series 2018
2 MS Dhoni India Mitchell Marsh Australia Bilateral series 2012
3 Ben Cox Worcestershire Callum MacLeod Derbyshire T20 Blast 2018
4 MS Dhoni Chennai Super Kings Shubman Gill Gujarat Titans Indian Premier League 2023
5 Brendon McCullum New Zealand Ricky Ponting Australia ICC World Cup 2011

MS Dhoni vs Keemo Paul | 2018

Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recorded the fastest stumping in international cricket. His fastest-ever stumping took place in a bilateral series against the West Indies in 2018. Dhoni took just 0.08 seconds to dismiss Keemo Paul in the fourth ODI between India and West Indies and it remains one of the best instances of stumping in cricket history.

West Indies were already struggling in the ODI while trying to chase a daunting total of 377. In the penultimate ball of the 28th over, Ravindra Jadeja managed to spin the ball away from Paul who lunged forward only to miss the delivery completely. Dhoni then removed the bails in the blink of an eye to record the fastest stumping in cricket history.

MS Dhoni vs Mitchell Marsh | 2012

Even before the Keemo Paul dismissal, Mitchell Marsh suffered at the hands of MS Dhoni’s lightning-quick glovework. This dismissal arrived six years earlier when India were touring Down Under and Marsh was batting in the second T20I of the series.

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Marsh decided to momentarily step out of his crease while facing Rahul Sharma. The Australian missed the flight of the ball and it fell to Dhoni’s gloves who took a mere 0.09 seconds to take the bails off and complete a wonderful dismissal. At the time, it was the fastest stumping in cricket.

Ben Cox vs Callum MacLeod | 2018

Ben Cox’s stumping of Callum MacLeod had a lot of luck going into it. In his first ball of the over, bowler Ed Barnard pitched the delivery in the good length area and angled it towards the opposition batter. Macleod made contact with the ball and tried to dab it towards third man in order to take a quick single. However, the ball hit wicket-keeper Cox’s pad, got deflected and bounced to the stumps. As MacLeod tried taking a single off the ball, he was slightly outside his crease and got stumped instead.

MS Dhoni vs Shubman Gill | 2023

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s dismissal of Shubman Gill in the IPL 2023 final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans is the most recent and one of the greatest additions on the list. By this point in his career, Dhoni had retired from international cricket a long time ago and was only visible to the world during the Indian Premier League.

However, even at the ripe old age of 41, he reminded everyone of his insane reflexes and the fact that he is still one of the best minds in the game. While captaining CSK in the final, Dhoni managed to remove the dangerous Shubman Gill in just 0.1 seconds. The dismissal of Gill prove to be a huge breakthrough for CSK as Gill was in the form of his life and had smashed three centuries and finished with the Orange Cap in IPL 2023 while also winning the Player of the Tournament.

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In the first over outside the powerplay, Gill lost his balance while trying to play a ball by Ravindra Jadeja and ended up missing it slightly. He was still outside the crease when Dhoni immediately took the bails off even as Gill tried to drag his foot back into the crease. However, much to his dismay, Dhoni’s reflexes proved quicker and the young gun was reminded of the threat that the master behind him still possessed.

Chennai Super Kings eventually went on to win the final and lifted their fifth IPL title with Dhoni masterminding each and every single triumph for his side.

Brendon McCullum vs Ricky Ponting | 2011

Finally on this list is swashbuckling New Zealand batter, wicket-keeper and former captain Brendon McCullum who was at his very best while dismissing Ricky Ponting. During the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup match between New Zealand and Australia in India, the latter were involved in a run-chase.

Despite chasing a strong total, they got off to a great start thanks to a wonderful partnership between Shane Watson and Brad Haddin. However, Australia’s captain Ricky Ponting was uncannily struggling against Tim Southee’s bowling during the game. He found it hard to read his quick inswingers and often tried to make his way just outside the crease in order to shorten the length of the delivery and get bat on it.

When McCullum spotted this, he moved closer to his stumps and at this point, Southee also started bowling around the wicket in order to take away any space for Ponting to hit. The plan eventually amounted to success as when Southee swung wide to the leg side, Ponting failed to make contact with it and his feet left the crease. McCullum was on hand to catch the ball, and brilliantly stumped the Australian captain out. This dismissal earned him the reputation of being one of cricket’s finest stumpers.


Who holds the record for the fastest stumping in world cricket?

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni holds the record for the fastest stumping in world cricket.

Which was MS Dhoni’s fastest stumping in cricket?

In a 2018 ODI match between India and West Indies, Dhoni stumped out Keemo Paul in 0.08 seconds which is the record for the fastest stumping in cricket.

Who are some of the best wicketkeepers of the modern era?

MS Dhoni, Adam Gilchrist, Mark Boucher, Brendon McCullum, and Kumar Sangakkara are some of the best wicket-keepers of the modern era.

How many stumping does MS Dhoni have to his name?

In 350 international matches in his career, Dhoni has registered 123 stumpings.


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