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What is the story behind Ishan Kishan tattoo? Find out what they mean

For star Indian batsman Ishan Kishan, tattoo is a way to express himself through body art. Just like his explosive nature on the field, his energy and charisma are also reflected in the tattoos that decorate his body.

The flamboyant Ishan Kishan is one of the most promising youngsters in world cricket at the moment. A prominent part of Mumbai Indians, he was the most expensive player in IPL 2022 after earning a contract worth INR 15.5 crore.

In IPL 2022, MI had a very disappointing season. They finished at the bottom of the table and were unable to make a major mark. However, they did end the season with a win over Delhi Capitals and are building for the future heading into next season.

He has also established himself in the Indian cricket team after making his international debut against England last year. Ishan Kishan smashed 56 against a fearsome bowling unit of England to announce his arrival on the big stage. Kishan played several top shots that wowed the crowd.

Ishan Kishan’s knock was one of the highlights of that limited-overs series. With him at the helm, the future of cricket in India is quite safe.

Now it is no secret that the batsman and wicket keeper is a big tattoo lover. He is a massive enthusiast when it comes to tattooing and there are quite a few attractive works of art on his body. Let’s talk about them in greater detail.

Ishan Kishan tattoo name

On his left forearm, Ishan Kishan has a tattoo inspired by Roman culture. The picture of Roman Sculpture portrait was done in 2019 by tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushani. Ishan is an art lover and he is said to be a big fan of the work of Sunny.

“I am absolutely in love with the tattoo artist Sunny Bhanushali’s fine work. He has amazed me with his creativity,” Ishan said about the tattoo in 2019.

Ishan Kishan tattoo of Sai Baba was inspired by his devotion to the religious figure. Ishan is said to be a big devotee of the Indian saint and his teachings on the ‘realization of self’ and he got the Sai Baba tattoo in 2015.

Just below the Sai Baba tattoo, Ishan Kishan also has a tattoo of roses on his right forearm. The rose is expected to symbolize deep love, passion, true feelings, and strong emotions.

Ishan also has a ‘Believe’ tattoo on his right arm. We are all aware of how important the aspect of self-belief and confidence can be in anyone’s life and this tattoo is one that inspires him a lot to push harder and achieve his goals. It is also a sign of hope that bad times will pass.

On his chest, Ishan has the ‘Trust your struggle’ tattoo. Despite being extremely talented, Ishan has had to go through his fair share of struggles in order to make it to the top and the tattoo on his chest is expected to keep him going.

Ishan Kishan tattoo process and description

Ishan Kishan got a wonderful Roman sculpture portrait done through tattoo artiste Sunny Bhanushali of Aliens tattoo. He had planned full-sleeved tattoo on his left arm and the idea of his art was inspired by the richness and heritage of Roman culture.

According to those at the tattoo studio, Ishan gave Sunny full freedom to bring his ideas to life since the tattoo he wanted was complex, large and filled with plenty of details. Sunny ended up delivering with a hyper-realistic tattoo.

The portrait also gets an edgy contrast through inanimate designs and the tattoo artist himself was full of pride and joy at the idea of gifting the promising India batsman Ishan Kishan a marvellous work of art.


What is the Ishan Kishan Tattoo on his Hand?

On Ishan Kishan’s left hand, he has a complex tattoo of Roman culture. On his left arm, he has the portrait of Indian saint Sai Baba and also has roses.

What is the height of Ishan Kishan?

Ishan Kishan is 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cms tall.

What is the meaning of Ishan Kishan tattoo?

The Roman culture is one of the most ancient and it was also the epicenter of revolutionary ideas, leaders, science, progress, and human development. The tattoo commentator on that legacy and hopes to build on that.

How old is ishan kishan?

Ishan Kishan was born on 18 July, 1998. He is 23 years old.


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